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The Dogma behind the Dog in Astrology

Updated on August 19, 2015

Importance of Dog in Astrology


Dog has always been a mysterious animal in Indian Mythology. They are known to be the manifestations of various deities, their vehicles or divine pets.Usually Astrologers suggest their natives to feed and take care of dogs to appease Saturn (Shani), Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node). But usually while upbringing or feeding dogs, the natives do not follow proper code of conduct and subsequently feeding or upbringing dogs don't bring them the results they desire, moreover at times, newer problems arise. In case you have decided to up bring a dog then take care of following points to bring the desired results :

Detaching a Puppy From its Mother Can Aggravate Your Moon


Avoid purchasing a puppy from the market because as soon as this puppy is purchased, it is automatically detached from its mother. Now, Mother is mother, no matter whether it is the mother of a puppy or a human being. Now what is your opinion ? Does detaching a puppy from its mother, going to appease any God or planet ? In fact, astrologically speaking, separating any living being from his or her mother can aggravate your Moon.

Amputating The Tail of a Dog Can Aggravate Your Ketu

Tail is a vital organ of a dog. It is like a display unit of his emotions under various situation. Don't amputate the tail of the dog. The purpose of bringing the dog was to appease the malefic planets, but how does it appease any God or planet to amputate a vital organ of an innocent animal ? Astrologically, it is only going to annoy Ketu, forget about appeasing any deity or planet.

Confining a Dog in a Small Place Can Aggravate Your Saturn


There are a few dogs who belong to hound family and you can not expect them to live comfortably in a house of 100 yards. These dogs want to run miles and miles to satisfy their instinct, but who cares ? Their necks are tied with a chain and they are made to sit at the door to protect the house. Does this really appease any god ? Off course no ! it only annoys the Saturn.

Not Allowing Dogs to Mate Can Aggravate Your Venus


Their are people who does not allow their dogs to mate. Astrologically, this annoys Venus. Subsequently the unmarried boys of this family may not find a suitable bride for them. Those who are already married will not get any pleasures from their wives. The female members of the family will experience gynecological problems or they will be disloyal to their husbands.

Keeping a Dog Unclean Can Aggravate your Moon and Venus Both


Keep your Dog clean and tidy. If you are upbringing a dog from an Astrological point of view, then keeping them unclean can annoy Moon and Venus both. From a practical practical point of view also it is important to keep them clean other wise it can be harmful for their health as well as for the health of family members.

Offer Good Quality Food to the Dogs


There are a few gentlemen who do feed stray dogs, but they offer waste food material to them and then these gentlemen start watching towards the sky waiting for a shower of good fortune from the heavens in return of their charity. But don't forget, "as you sow, so will you reap."

Dog Vs Other Animals


Now whenever a God-man suggests you to feed a dog, does it mean that he is asking you to disregard rest species of animals ? Obviously no ! every animal is a manifestation of the divine creation of the God, however there are special mentions about the dog may be because they are readily available everywhere. They are the best friends of human beings but meanwhile perhaps they are the most neglected also. You can find them wandering in any street looking into the garbage or the drain in search of their food. How they came to the streets from the jungles is also something for which human beings are responsible.

Serve Those Dogs Who Really Need Your Attention


If you really want to appease any God then don't separate any dog from it's mother, don't amputate it's tail and don't imprison him in a place which is too short for him. Offer them the type of food you eat yourself. Give them enough opportunity to mate. It is always better to adopt, feed and take care of any stray dog who really needs your attention. Don't be carried away by religious beliefs to malefic extents.


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