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The Dream – As Deep calls unto Deep.

Updated on February 10, 2017

The Revelation of the Deep of God

The Face of the Deep

I am going to share a dream that I had last year that really confirms what our Patriarch Papa Sam Soleyn is currently dealing with in his present set of teachings. I am not somebody that would use dreams to confirm anything only because I have seen so much abuse in this area. However as we grow in the Lord He begins to establish truth that has been eroded over the years into frivolous practises by the immature and confirms to us in scriptures like, Joel 2; In the last days I will pour out my Spirit of all flesh and you Fathers will dream dreams and your sons will see visions...Abuse of good things should not be viewed in the dimmed light of its abused state they represent but we the mature are called to restore these once good practices and good things back to purity, wholesomeness of pure light again. The soul is very comfortable with treating things with the notion that "one rotten apple spoils the bunch" attitude but it would take the mature to just remove the rotten apple and preserve the integrity of the bunch. As a matter of fact I had an incident recently that reflects this very practise. I had bought 5kgs of large carrots for Cassidy (my 11 year old daughter) and I because we love to do pickling together, it’s our father daughter thing. The whole relaxing ritual of cleaning vegetables and soaking them in vinegar and then allowing them to marinade in the most aromatic blend of Indian pickling spices and finally to serve your masterful patient creation for the sampling palettes of your friends and family is just so rewarding. Anyway we had used about half the bag of carrots and left the rest in the spare fridge in garage to only discover a week later this awful odour and grey water dripping out of the fridge. The entire bag had turned black and it was my job to clean and dump out this spoilt bag, well Cassidy would not come anywhere near the stuff because she just could not handle the odour or the sight of the rotten vegetable. I carefully removed the bag from the fridge and dumped out its contents to only discover that there were actually 2 or 3 rotten carrots and the rest was perfectly fine. I flushed the remaining carrots under fresh running water and all was not lost. If it was up to Cassidy she would have just dumped the entire bag in the trash bin only because she did not pay for it and she does not understand its value. The immature never understand the cost or the value of ancient truths that needs to be restored and will therefore gladly with upturned religious noses throw out the baby with the bath water, without hesitation.

Before I continue, I need to just lay out the situation for clarity. Both Jennifer and I were really going through some very difficult financial times and we were behind with all of bills for 3 months running including our rent, we had to move house because our lease had come to an end and we had no money for the move itself. It’s been 12 years now that Jennifer and I had begun to walk out our sonship with completely accepting the process of His dealings in our life by Him processing us through everyday life. It got really bad when one night we had absolutely no food for both Jennifer and myself, we allowed the children to eat first and they had completely cleaned out the pots and that was okay, they had gone to bed and Jennifer and I had not eaten so she went down to see what was in the cupboards and found a half a bag of Chilli –Bite Mix. So we prepared the savoury balls of delight and we each had three chilli bites and went upstairs to our beds. Feeling very despondent and feeling very sorry for ourselves. I rolled into bed very heavy hearted and said nothing to Jennifer and she said nothing to me but I could hear her crying softly, sniffing not trying to draw attention to her moment of utter weakness. What could I say to her that would move her from the reality of the raw natural facts of that evening? I was at the end of myself and I was dying a million deaths, questions, devilish suggestions, doubt and emotions flooded my mind. Really now, really? Father! Are you kidding me? Whenever I reach this threshold in my walk with the Father I want to scream and cry and get mad and angry with God, but I am completely unable to bring myself to that state of emotional discontentment. I have come to fully accept that this situation is just temporary and this too shall pass. I just needed to fall asleep and deal with all of this in the morning, I reached under the covers for Jennifer, I needed to touch her...and I fell asleep.

I first heard the voice of my Heavenly Father say to me, “Son the place of your safety is about become the place of your destruction, if you continue to remain there. You must leave the now”. Logically it was not my safe place, how could it be a safe place, I was behind with payments on everything, so what safe place are you talking about Father? He was referring to my ability to cope under extreme pressure of the present and not let it affect my emotional state and behaviour. It was time to venture deeper with Him. I knew it was His voice because it was tender yet urgent, it was suggestive but yet very instructional, it was futuristic yet very present. If anything I have learned over the years is to ignore my current state and follow without question the voice of my Father, and to act without delay. I have learnt to ignore what my emotions are saying and to just do it. I have learnt to act in faith not just have faith because the just shall live by faithful actions.

The dream began like a fade-in scene...I was on a boat with oars on a very large open body of water of the ocean and I was just being rocked by the swells of the volume of water. All around me was just the ocean as far as my eyes could see and it was dawn and then it was night. Here I was in the open ocean completely engulfed by utter pitch black darkness and could not even see my hand in-front of my face and I was feeling my way around the boat. So I answered to the instruction by questioning God. I said, “Father but I cannot see anything if I jump into the black deep water, I have no way of knowing what creatures are down there that would gladly take a bite out of me and beside I am afraid of the deep darkness, I am afraid of the deep unknown darkness and you know I hate the cold”. It was not that I was afraid of the dark but of the deep and the cold. I had learned to accept the revelation that darkness is not evil but rather ignorance and light is made from light-matter and dark-matter. Day is light matter and Night is dark matter, and that night and darkness is not one and the same thing. I am a Son of the Day and not a son of the night. (see Genesis 1:3, 2 Thess 5: 1-9). But my personal experience from living in our current home was the cold, without exaggeration we had two years of winter in our Botha’s Hill residence and it was unbearable for me in particular. Reign, Cassidy, Keilah & Jennifer were able to deal with it better than Coral and I ever could, but more so me, I was like a sissy man. I know that my blood pressure was very low and my metabolism was very slow but my feet were always frozen, this was not normal for me and I just chalked it down has the dealing of the Father as the side effects of the pressure on my soul. I don’t know how one can walk through the baptism of fire and also not be changed in your physical body. I can tell you during this twelve year period in my life, I have suffered with certain conditions like hair loss, constipation, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, increase weight gain, extreme exhaustion, restless nights, skin conditions, joint pain, loss of libido, loss of body temperature, nerve inflammation, headaches, and boils, to name but a few. I also know that the Father will get my attention very quickly with the use of severe excruciating pain if I have ignored his instructions or brushed off as insignificant and minuscule character flaws or thought process flaws. He would leave no stone unturned in me.

Anyway, I took the leap of abandoned trust and plunged into the depth of the dark, cold water and allowed myself to sink to the bottom with my eyes shut, I was not trying to stay afloat, I just let go. I could feel myself sink because I could feel the water temperature slowing decrease. I opened my eyes, to see just the darkness and fear gripped me and started to panic. Then I heard the Father say, “Son, calm down, what you are beholding is the deep of Me, you are in no evil place but you are now in Me”. I looked up to the surface of the ocean and could see rays of light shining into the water. The Father sensed my fear and said to me, “swim to the light areas in me and stay there and the fear will soon pass”. The longer I stayed in the rays of light the less I felt the fear. These were the places in God that I was familiar with, his Word that was true for us, the times of his providence and protection, these were the body of evidence that He is a faithful Father of Lights in whom there is no shadow of turning and when I was fully confident, I just let go again this time with my eyes open and flung my hands back and spread my legs apart and just sunk deeper and deeper into my Father. The deeper I got the more relaxed I became until I was lost in Him but now very relaxed and very happy to just have His entire being swallow all of me, it was the safest place for me. I was in the unsearchable rich vaults of the Ancient of Days; I was inside the Sealed Scrolls of His Being and I had no fear whatsoever. It felt like I was in the amniotic fluid filled womb of my Father, it was a familiar feeling, I could breathe in the fluid and not feel like I was drowning. Then I hit a hard bottom and I look to see a water-slide under me and I immediately knew that I must ride the slide, so I did. The slide just kept on going down deeper and deeper with spiralling turns, just like any fun filled water slide, I was having a blast enjoying the acceleration as I descended into the abyss of my Father and then all of a sudden the slide reached a plateau and I began to slow down, I stood up to find myself on dry land again and the sun was shining and I stepped onto this field of green grass and continued to walk into the distance and the dream ended.

Up until this point I had not listened to Papa Sam’s teaching on the Deep of God and was still trying to make sense of the dream. After I heard the teaching it was complete illumination for the eyes of my Spirit as I began to understand what I was being prepared for in the days to come. This was in mid –December 2016, our leases had come to an end and we received a notification from our Landlord just after Christmas that He wanted to sell and that we needed to find a new home. There was no possible way that we could move at the end of December 2016, so I requested that we will leave at the end of January 2017. Our Landlord was tremendously gracious to us and allowed us to do just that, he even went as far as writing off the debt for the outstanding months and gave us January rent as pro-bono too. We had to trust the Father for double rents, water and electricity deposit and cost of the moving company which was approx. R35 000 for the new home. It was such a push to the finish with the doors closed behind us. We felt like Moses on the shores of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian Armies hot on his heels and the Red Sea blocking his way forward, only a miracle from God could save us and make a way where there seems to be no way. I am happy to conclusively report that today is the 07/02/2017 and I am completing this article from our new home, all of the bills were met and we made the transition with many hurdles along the way. We must by much tribulation enter the Kingdom. This whole stressful episode was just so that we can be found obedient to His instruction and pack up and leave and when we obey His instruction He went on ahead of us and opened the doors for us to move on. Our financial situation has not changed, but we have changed. I am recovering from 2 nights of excruciating pain from Kidney stones that totally incapacitated me. He is stretching me to the maximum and shaking everything that can be shaken off me for only the Kingdom to remain.

In conclusion I will take this time to boast of the goodness of my God and Father towards me, Jennifer and the children, and say of the Lord, “that He is my strength, my shield, my fortress, deliverer, my shelter, strong tower my very present help in time of need. I am His son and He is my Father. I will not be moved in this my identity, I am His responsibility; He is my exceeding great reward.

Leon Elijah

The Household of Elijah – Durban SA



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