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The Druids Apple

Updated on September 23, 2015
The Druids at Stonehenge. Priests and teachers of the old ways and the Judges of the people.
The Druids at Stonehenge. Priests and teachers of the old ways and the Judges of the people.

The Druids


When the first Christian missionaries arrived in North West Europe they encountered a people known as the Celts with a reverence for Apples.

Of course the people didn’t refer to themselves by that name. They used whatever their tribal designation was. Loyalty to the tribe was of first importance. Though they were divided as tribes they generally shared a common spirituality. A spirituality based on closeness to the land, to the seasons and a reverence for the forces of nature that could nurture them or destroy them. The Priests and Judges of their spirituality were the Druids.  The Druids believed that Apples were sacred,

So the Christians told the story of Adam and Eve and though their Bible held no reference to Apples, they told the people that the forbidden fruit was the same fruit that the Druids held as sacred. They spread the story that the Apple was the fruit used by their god of evil to draw Adam and Eve into wickedness and death. The story can still be heard today but that twisting of the tale was pure propaganda.

So why was the Apple sacred to the Druids? What was the secret that the Christians wanted to hide?

The Apple and the Pentacle.
The Apple and the Pentacle.

The secret of the Apple

It was believed in those days that the World was made of five elements; those elements were; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The fifth element that bound them all together was Spirit. These elements were usually represented by a Pentacle, a five pointed star. If you take an Apple and place it on its side and instead of cutting it from stem to flower, cut it through the equator. You will see that in the center of an apple is a Pentacle. Inside the Pentacle lie the Apple seeds so the pentacle holds the seeds of life. If anyone would eat the Apple seeds they would detect a somewhat bitter taste. This is because Apple seeds contain cyanide. A very small dose and quite harmless but a large enough quantity could be lethal. So the Apple contains a Pentacle with the seeds of Life and Death.

This was the secret of the Apple. The reason why it was so sacred and holds such an important place in the spiritual life of those of us today who seek the wisdom of our forefathers, lies in its symbolism. A simple fruit that nourishes nurtures and teaches a lesson that reaches out of our past into our lives today.


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    • It's just me profile image

      It's just me 7 years ago from Alaska

      Interesting article.

      The pentacle represents the Universe, being a five pointed star, and it represents the human being, the points represent the head and your extremities.

      Thus showing that human beings are made of the same as the rest of the Universe.

    • iantoPF profile image

      Peter Freeman 7 years ago from Sunny California

      It's just me;

      thank you for reading my article and thank you for your comments. may I ask the source of your observation?

    • It's just me profile image

      It's just me 7 years ago from Alaska

      The ancient Greeks considered it to be a "symbol of perfection." The Pythagoreans considered it a symbol of the human being (if you imagine a man standing with arms and legs outspread his head would be in the top point and the rest of the symbol would be where his limbs would be.

      Leonardo Da Vinci did a drawing of this. In Wicca the five points represents the four Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water plus the fifth element "Spirit," so they're woven together within a continous line, in wicca often but not always, the lines of the pentagram are woven rather than drawn over each other as in celtic knotwork, and are used to mean that all things are connected.

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 6 years ago from California

      Another nice hub. I think I read this somewhere a long time ago. I need to cut an apple open and check that out. That's just a great story. Christianity did the same thing to goats. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people with access to how the more modern myths originated in the earlier ones so rigidly ignore even the possibility of it. Good stuff, very cool. Life and death. Never would have thought of that.

    • iantoPF profile image

      Peter Freeman 6 years ago from Sunny California

      Thank you Shadesbreath. One of the things I have done with my family is to eat apples on Glastonbury Tor. A simple act but it has a bonding effect with those you love.

    • profile image

      pharmacy 5 years ago


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