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The Earh Patriot's Survival Guide: What To Do In The Event Of A Declaration Of Martial Law Or An Illuminati Takeover

Updated on September 15, 2012

WARNING: Do Not Start Riots After Reading This. I Repeat, DO NOT RIOT!

Those of you who have already been reading and following me are aware that most of my recent articles were written with the assisstance of what is called channeling or divination. This is a process that I have learned where I talk to spirits and they warn me of future events, most of which have to do with mistakes I am about to make in my personal life but in this case it has to do with the world at large. In the the few years that I have been practicing this I have gone through different levels of maturity and have arrived at the state of approaching total unconditional love for all life which is where I am at now. In the beginning I was unaware that I was channeling Lucifer himself who was encouraging me to take up polygamy and a number of other unsavory endeavors. I fell for it at first because he disguised himself as the Seceratary General for the Federation of Orion and said he was trying to raise awareness on Earth about a coming extraterrestrial invasion. Eventually, a much more highly trained psychic helped me dismiss the dark lord, which was when I began talking to a group of spirits who knew me when were all part of the Ojibwa Nation a couple hundred years back and helped me to explore the studies of shamanism. Since then I have been communicating with a Hindu love god and his goddess for the purpose of finding a life partner. They gave me a variety of details to look for in a woman knowing I am very particular about what sort of long term mate I want to have but were encouraging me to move very, very quickly.

Why do you wish for me to move so quickly? I asked. Am I (at 38 years of age) approaching a point where reproduction may become an issue for me? No, they said, we know how much you love younger women. Am I going to age poorly? Nope. Am I living too carefree a lifestyle? Am I in danger of having a heart attack or a stroke? Not a chance. Well, what then?

They went on to tell me that a very sinister plot was being carried out on this planet. Here we go again, I thought, Lucifer was now pretending to be Shiva and Shakti. Get out! I yelled inside my head. Wait, they said. Don't discount what we're saying just because of past experiences. We're telling you the truth. Skeptical, I decided to channel my sentinel to get some clarification. My sentinel is my own spirit energy and it had explained to me what I was really going through when I was inadvertantly channeling Lucifer. My sentinel won't lie to me, I thought.

Remember, hummed the sentinel. Last year you had so much pent up anger, frustration and fear weighing you down that you could not help but channel reptilians and parasites and other spiritual entities that are unfit for human interaction. You have since abandoned fear and all that other crap, made the journey Wisconsin and came back, recognized some other issues in your own head and postulated against attracting promiscuous women. I was the one who told you that you were being influenced by Lucifer and now I'm telling you that this is different. So, listen!

Okeedokee, I figured and gave them a listen. They told me the reason I need to hurry and find my life partner is because the human existence on this particular frequency of Earth is getting shorter and shorter. A few months are left and that is it. But don't panic! This is so because humans don't belong on Earth at this particular frequency anymore. It is close to the time where you must prepare for your ascension to the next frequency. Your new age friends call it Higher Earth. If you pick an appropriate mate and marry her you will both accelerate your vibrational frequencies and access Higher Earth.

Okay, I said. But what is this sinister plot of which you speak?

They went on to explain to me (actually, for the purpose of acurately retelling the experience, it was more like an audio/visual experience like watching a narrated documentary) that Lucifer and his reptilian invasion force aboard a mothership located outside of the Earth's atmoshere and invisible to the human senses due to technologies that Earthlings such as yourself would have difficulty comprehending, are preparing to beam most humans up to their ship to use your bodies as fuel for the ship and also use your spirits as food. Christians will believe this is the rapture, Jews will believe it is Yahweh's final judgement and Muslims will believe it is the Haj. In a way, it is all of these things since Judaism was created by Lucifer's teachings just like the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Celtic belief systems were and the other two aforementioned faiths, Christianity and Islam, were taken over by treacherous leaders over the years and in turn fell sway to Lucifer as well. The Romans, whose mythology was copied directly from the Greek's Luciferian belief system, co-opted Christianity and turned it into a blood cult in order to further distort Yeshua's great message. It wasn't enough that Paul submitted to Lucifer when he fell to his knees in Damascus, they also needed an imperial army the size of that of the Roman Empire to wipe out all of the Gnostics because they had held Yeshua's message up to the standard he had intended. Of course, the book you are now reading, A Course In Miracles, is the unadulterated version of Yeshua's message and it is helping you and many others accelerate your frequencies. Unfortunately, the traditional distorted message known as Pauline Christianity still dominates the world. As for Islam, the violence that has endured in that region for so long has produced a community of fundamentalists who fell for the same old trap. Lucifer told them that Jews and westerners are to blame for their problems and they fell for it because of their anger, fear and frustration. They, of course, thought it was Allah who was speaking to them which is why they fell for it so easily. But Allah is just a non-English word for Almighty God and Almighty God does not intervene in the physical universe, as you know from reading A Course In Miracles.

But if Almighty God does not intervene in the physical universe then who was Mohammed channeling? Obviously, he wasn't speaking off the top of his head.

Just a familiar spirit who was sympathetic to humans because of the spiritual prison Lucifer was and still is keeping you all in. You see, Lucifer is the king of an ancient race of reptilians who is misenthropic to the point where exterminating the human race would mean little to him. However, because they feed off of human energy, that is, human spiritual energy they wouldn't kill off all of you at once for the same reason a rancher wouldn't slaughter a whole herd of cattle just to feed his family for one meal. Now, however, with ascension day approaching, too many humans will escape that fate. You take for granted your kundalini energy because you were born with it, but many others have had to evolve to such a point.

What would stop Lucifer and his invasion force from ascending and coming after us?

Because the Orion reptilians can't ascend. They are coldblooded, hateful, savage and parasitic. They cannot evolve past this dimension. They even had to wait until their civilization had developed supremely advanced technologies in order to artificially evolve into the fourth dimension, which is kundalini or ethereal energy in addition to the organized body of particles and the intellectual mind. You see, they cannot create anything. If you gave them a piece of paper and a pencil, they wouldn't even be able to draw a line. But if they see that which has already been created, they can manipulate it indefinitely because of their parasitic nature.

Now you're starting to sound like David Icke.

Well, you should give him a more serious listen. We know how you love to ridicule him as a drunken buffoon when you watch him on You Tube but most of what he says is quite accurate. The familiar spirits he talks to are also sympathetic towards humans and their plight. Of course, most people in the western world are under the sway of a Luciferian blood cult and therefore dismiss his research as conspiracy theory and imaginative fabrication.

You say people in the western world? What about the eastern world?

Well, many easterners have fallen under sway of Luciferian manipulation in a sense, but not nearly to the point of advancement as those in the western world. Just as there is a small percentage of people in the west, such as yourself, who have accessed kundalini energy and embraced inner peace, there is also a growing minority in the east that practices materialism and violence and other Luciferian rituals. Communism is a great way to get masses of people to march like robots and submit to the hive mind which is why China is a disgrace to true easterners. Of course, the solution to that in the west is to get China to submit to the western way of thinking, which will only solidify their hivemindedness. After all, giving people a lot of silly gadgets to play with is a much more efficient and effective way to control people than to maintain a totalitarian state. Twenty-five thousand of your years ago, the Orion reptilians came to Earth in a warship disguised as a trade ship. The chiefs of the tribes in what is now India, China, Japan, North America,, didn't fall for it. The barbaric, cave dwelling Europeans did.

When you say 'hivemindedness', do you mean collective consciousness?

No. Collective consciousness is the opposite of the hivemind. Collective consciousness is what we experience in our realm. Yeshua, Vishnu, Buddha, Shakti and I, as well as many others, think cooperatively and equally in order to communicate to you and others of the dangers humankind faces. The hivemind, however, is Lucifer using his superior energy to feed off of the energies of others. He penetrates the minds of those susceptible to it to use them as robots to follow his orders. Your president, his opponent in the upcoming election, the Senate, the British royal family, the faceless bureaucrats in the Federal Reserve are all under total mind control. They wouldn't know how to think for themselves if they tried. This brings us to your current drama. Soon, that is before the upcoming election in your country, the president will declare martial law in order to rein in an epidemic of rioting sparked by propagations made by the American white supremacist communities. This will quickly be combatted by ethnic minorities who are being targeted during these riots. This cause and effect action and reaction will then justify the president declaring martial law on a national level. This will happen roughly a week before the so-called election which, you may have guessed by now, is nothing more than an amusement to give the illusion of participatory democracy. For about a week before this, governors of the states of Louisiana, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana will declare martial law statewide where the violence that has suddenly errupted is much greater than that in the rest of the country. So, you have about a month or so to find your mate. Don't waste time doing the silly things you used to do.

What is the propagation white supremcists will spread to cause such riots?

That's not important right now, but let's just say that some nationally prominent white supremacist woman will give birth to a baby with dark skin. In order to avoid the disgrace of her white supremacist ideological compatriots, she will invent a story of the government kidnapping her and articially inseminating her by force. Of course, there is what you call the Illuminati whom most of your world's leaders have been party to as part of the hivemind controlling your fellow humans, but this is not part of their plan. Most U.S. citizens, however, especially those who espouse to white supremacism, are dangerously ignorant enough to believe such an obviously fabricated story. Thus, the ensuing reaction by whites and the counterreaction by non-whites will allow the Illuminati the justification for what they have wanted to do for a long time. They just couldn't seem to find a good enough reason for it, yet.

So, what can someone like me or likeminded Earth patriots do to combat this?

Well, you can tell people not to riot or engage in violence, but they're not likely to listen. You can write an article about it and display it on the internet, but very few will read it. The best you can do is find your love partner and you two then become intertwined within your own electromagetism and accelerate your frequencies. Don't forget to conform to a strict vegan diet, however, once the two of you meet each other. And drink only water, or else the electromagnetism the two of you create will be very weak.

Doesn't the Luciferian Orion reptilians have any enemies?

The Angelic Human race descended from Earth humans millions of years into the future and light years away from Earth in the star system you call the Pleiades, but they will not tell you anything we haven't told you. In fact they have been telling you that for years and it's not as though you haven't listened, you just thought you could take your sweet old time getting around to it. We are telling you that you don't have the luxury of time.

So then you're saying our future selves in the Pleiades are non-interventionists?

No, they would be happy to intervene and have. I mean, they talk to you and many other Earthlings. For them to intervene on a military level would require a stressful journey through time and space, not to mention a dimensional shift. This they would be happy to do, but only if asked by the majority of Earthborn fullblood humans. So far, only a tiny minority of you have.

Would they even stand a chance against the reptilian mothership?

Certainly. Quite a good one, in fact. The blue flame, which is their only weapon of war for they are a very peaceful species, would incinerate the reptilian mothership about as quickly as it would take you to swat a mosquito. However, it would expand towards your planet's atmosphere and create something much like a solar flare. This would kill off many they would mean to save and it would cause them great sadness. And sadness is a menacingly deadly disease for their species.

There is no other way to fight them?

Fighting is not the path to inner peace my friend. However, since you insist on asking, if you are one of the unlucky ones and a reptilian devours your spirit, your consciousness is in that spirit energy. You can then tap into your own parasitic frequencies and devour the reptilian in question from inside out. Just like a colony of maggots or slugs would do to you if you had eaten some rotten meat. Many human spirits may actually do this for lack of any option.


Of course, you as a seeming individual create your own reality. So, continue postulating to find your one true love, continue frequenting the hiking trails and beaches to find her. Don't forget to send your own energy to her heart chakra in order to identify yourself, of course. And then do what is necessary to accelerate your frequencies in order to access the Higher Earth vibrations. Then, when the reptilian mothership enraptures your fellow humans who have been left behind to make the planet safe for their Illuminati servants, you and your beloved will be safe from them at a higher frequency.

Okay, but what about the Illuminati? What do I do just forgive them for feeding my parents, friends and fellow Earth patriots to the reptilians?

Well, if you did that would be an accomplishment to be proud of, for sure. However, everyone creates their own reality, and the Illuminati being the most savage, servile cowards on the planet are creating their own reality of guilt, self-hatred and spiritual death.

So, what? They just end up feeling guilty about assissting in a massacre that makes the holocaust look like a roach spraying?

Well, they will probably feel guilty if they have time to. However, ascension day is December 21st on your calender. And Mother Earth wants to give all of her children the oppurtunity to ascend. However, once the reptilian mothership leaves your atmosphere, she will be aware that all of her human children have gone, leaving only reptilian hybrids behind. Knowing that the reptilian hybrids have an ethereal energy made by Luciferian technology and not created by natural evolution, she will simply demagnetize their energy and leave them vulnerable to the elements of nature. Then, on December 22nd, she will erupt all of her volcanoes, break all of her earthquake faults and upset the rythm of her own rotation. If that doesn't wipe them all out, she will flood every inch of land under a mile of salt water with as little effort as it would take you shed a single tear during a sad moment. Does that comfort you?

CLOSING DISCLAIMER: I will be the first to admit to being guillable or even jump for joy if December 21, 2012 comes and goes and we wake up on the 22nd living our same damn boring lives. However, this message was very clearly illustrated to me and I wanted to spread the word in case it is to come true.




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