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The Edge Of Devil's Garden

Updated on August 4, 2017

You can feel evil

 There is the old motto good verses evil. Good will always win, but evil will sure give you a run for your money. The verse in the Bible  says money is the root of all evil. I have seen first hand that the Bible sure knows what it was talking about with that verse. What the bible means is that when you have made enough money the greed for more creates the evil. I knew when I stepped foot on the grounds of this business, and I can not say exactly what type of business it is, only that it is tribal land that the evil  I felt around me was very strong. I felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over this place. One day I researched and found the satellite image of this building and the entire site was covered in a big dark cloud. I saw that the personalities of the people that were hired changed once they started working inside this place. While I was working late at night in one of the offices I heard the door open, and went to see who had come in, I only saw brief dark shadows that moved quickly. I know that people have died in this place could it be their souls? I know that the feeling would start as soon as I would drive in to the property. I am a devote follower of Jesus, and I should not have gone there for work, but I needed a job. It's funny when I think back, I had received a call to interview from another place and the date they wanted was for the same day as my hiring orientation. I think I was being told not to take that job, even though I was desperate for work, and I did not listen. One evening I was working in my office, and I went to unlock the desk drawer, as I had many times before. I had the desk key on my nylon necklace, which I wore around my neck. The floor is carpet over concrete. I was close to the drawer, sitting on my chair, which had wheels on the bottom. The chair was suddenly pulled with a force, that threw me on the floor and injured my lower back. The force was so strong that it bent the key in half, as it was still clipped on to the nylon necklace. How did the key come out of the keyhole bent in half, I do not know. If the key had stayed in the hole I could have choked myself. There were other strange things that were happening to me in that part of the building. The sudden sweating, heart palpitations, anxiety, the feeling that you were going to pass out, and you could not keep your head from falling to the desk top. I left that part of that building when I was transferred and those strange symptoms stopped.  I just felt the evil all around me. I was looking at my map, and I was very surprised to see that the place of business borders The Devil Garden. The tribal land consisted of about 600 acres,  right back to The Devils Garden. Did they own The Devils Garden? It is hard to tell because their tax records do not exist. They do not pay property tax. I was hurt when I fell, for about 4-5 weeks, a pain in the lower back. I felt that something or someone wanted me out of there, I went to work in a standing job, and I could not stand. I could stand at home, at the store, but not in their place of business. I went to their Doctor, to my Doctor, took medication. I tried 3 times to work standing, and I could not. The pain I experienced was so severe, pain I had never felt before. I believe that God wanted me out of there and made his point loud and clear. I resigned. I had to return once more, and I put it off for 5 days. The anxiety was building a day before, I drove out there and again had that same feeling driving on to the property. I rushed quickly to get it over with, and drove away never to return again. I know that the Devil tries to find your weakness, and plays on that weakness. I am self-supporting and I needed a job. I was surrounded by large amounts of money, yet my faith kept me straight and honest. A example of the strength of faith, happened last week when I received a refund check from the Hospital where I had  two operations last year. I am low on money, not much food, not being paid for missing work that I can not do anyway. The check was written for over $ 45,000.00. I checked just to make sure that a third party did not pay the hospital, I also checked that the Doctor and Insurance company were paid. I thought maybe there was a settlement on the implants I had been given, I moved maybe I did not get the notice. I called the hospital, and they said it was an error. However, they did not know that I knew they were lying to me. I made sure that they received their refund back. That was a prime example of the Devil tempting me to sell my soul to him. The same way I would not stay in a place of evil, and be a party to their unethical greed. I feel better knowing that I was right, about the evil that had surrounded me. I believe that God will put me in the right direction and I will listen. 


The location Of The Devils Garden

The Location of The Devils Garden
The Location of The Devils Garden


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  • lust maker profile image

    lust maker 7 years ago

    i like your hub it has quite the holy end as should everything should be you should see my hub http://hubpages/hub/thiswebsiteisgreatnadiwanttoma... tell me if you think it's okay its about the effects of demons and about them if your interested or wondering please comment it's a quite interesting to me :)