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The Effort is from Within

Updated on February 11, 2019

In life’s journey we encounter countless challenges and sometimes problems and situations that never go away. There are lots of happy moments alright but they are just incidentals such as celebrations of various types like birthdays, graduations, Christmas, New Year, among others. But the real celebration should be from within, something like you always have reasons to celebrate life regardless of situations.

Life continues and it should be lived by the moment rather than just floating with the waves of time without concrete direction. The journey itself is the destiny, it’s a moment by moment living, the here and now.

What life situation are you in now? Do you have reasons to celebrate? to be happy in this very moment? Or does your mind dwell on poverty, your bills, your unsatisfactory job or financial difficulties? Do you feel insecure with your romantic relationship? Is your mind full of worries just about anything? Such mundane worries as what to cook and eat in the next meal, what to wear in any given momentary situation?

If you allow your mind to worry about anything then you are not living life, you are pestering yourself with all the miseries that life could find, there are millions and billions of them because they multiply by the moment. Once you start worrying about something that worry will invite all its relatives and clans and they multiply by the moment until you are drowned into the abyss of helplessness.

Take for example a young person who had just graduated high school and desires to proceed to study in college but his parents are poor and can’t afford to send him to school. He had this strong desire to become a degree holder because he thinks that this is the only way to improve his life situation, but his problem is he had no money to support such a dream; he was thinking of maybe to work and study at the same time but another problem comes up, what work could he find, will the employers be kind to him, will it be possible for him to do these at the same time, where will he stay since college is far from his hometown, will the money he would earn be enough to pay rent and bills and his daily needs such as food, transportation among other expenses and to support his study...and so forth and so on. Before seeing himself in his mind’s eye his graduation day he is already blocked by all the worries that multiply themselves by the moment, therefore the decision would be just to forget about such foolish dream, it’s just impossible in his situation then he feels undeserving for anything he would dream of and that he is just a failure in life. He accepted his defeat before he can even try to do one step towards the achievement of his goal.

Let’s now survey the fate of another young man with the same dream and financial difficulty in the family. This man has a very strong faith that is rooted in his soul. He knows the problems surrounding his dream but he does not focus on them. He gets a pencil, color sticks and a big board and draw a young man wearing the toga on his graduation day. He writes under the drawing “Congratulations ( writing his name, let’s just call him’s your graduation day today, you are a successful man that you deserve to be” Then he posts this board on a wall inside his bedroom where he can see it all the time that he is in his bedroom. He smiles every time he sees it and he feels happy looking at his drawing. Then one day their family had a visitor, an old family friend of his parents. The bonding was wonderful where in the end the visitor asked John if he is interested to work as his assistant in his business while he goes to college at the same time. Lucky John? Well we won’t know what our soul would do for us. John’s soul sees his colorful drawing of himself as a successful young man and every time John smiles at his drawing and feels happy seeing it, the soul feels the same and will do everything to make such a dream come to reality; that is how powerful the soul is. Our soul knows another soul who could supplement your need and it causes these two souls to meet. Just have faith in your Higher Self, which is the soul, it knows something that we do not and cannot. Humans are shortsighted but we have a soul that knows everything because it is connected to the spiritual realm of our existence.

Life should be full of joy from within regardless of any temporal situation.


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Eric Dierker,

      Thank you more.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A nice piece. Thank you


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