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The Egoistic and ego less individuals.

Updated on December 21, 2015

What is Ego?

Ego is the cause of all troubles in society!

There is marked difference between an ‘egoless individual to egoistic one’. Everyone here is quiet aware that the big ego lands us into more and more troubles. For instance, a football puffed up with air get the kicks from all the players of the football match. It is the condition of egoistic individual in life. He will be kicked in all directions by all the people who are either related or befriended by him or by the bosses and co-workers in an organization or the members of a society. Imagine a situation wherein the football is punctured and lie flat on the ground. None will care even to trample over it. This is the condition of egoless individual. Just like that, deflate the ego and find out how much peace you enjoy in your being?

Ego subsists on a body. It is body conscious or body attachment which is the nursery for the ego. As the baby grows into youth, his ego too grows further. Hence it is very much vital to quell the ego in the roots, once you become aware of the nonsense it creates. Because of the ego, all the vices enter man with impunity. There is no gate to stop entry of vices and evil into one’s conscious. Look at the newspaper today or watch the media everywhere. It is only the exhibits of ego which is depicted in the news media or visual media. Are we becoming wiser by reading the news or watching TV? You may become an expert in ‘current affairs’. You may score high marks in general knowledge by reading newspapers and watching TV. You may be able to update your knowledge about world affairs.

I don’t deny that information is vital for day to day living. We need not gobble up the entire news column. Read only relevant news which is required for our day to day living. Knowledge news will be useful to students everywhere. I have seen people surfing through many newspapers a single day. They may differ in presentation of news but the core news remains the same.

Now let us see how the big egos clash and create sceneries which are fodder for the news channels? Now almost all major newspapers and magazines have started reporting on varieties of subjects which attracts various readers. It is National, International, political, sports, religion, finance and stock markets. There are opinion columns which start a debate, Letters to the editor and finally cinema and entertainment pages. Almost majority of newspapers adopt this to remain in circulation. It is natural that each one is attracted to different sections of news. Only retired people and senior citizens spend their time reading from top left corner of first page to the bottom right of last page. Even if one is not concerned, some senior citizens have the habit of going through various advertisements including the names of editor, subeditor and other stuff meant for the editorial department.

These are acts of play of ego to print, publish and sell the news. Some people make a cursory glance of all headlines and throw the paper away. They are the busy category of professionals and others who cannot spare even half an hour out of their busy schedule.

Egos are the reason for strife and hatred. Ego starts even aggressions and world wars. No battles would have ensued without ego which asserts, ‘my and mine’. Differences are highlighted in ego clashes. Ego creates the superiority complex which gives rise to capitalism as well as communalism. Yes, it is the ego which perceives differences in society and many forms of political philosophies evolve. Of course, it is the big ego of the leaders which gives rise to strife in society and war among nations. Ego craves for more and more which breed greed to alarming proportions. In contrast to this the ‘egoless man enjoys full freedom of existence. He has none to fear since he is like the deflated football which can’t be kicked by anyone anymore! The egoless man is calm and contented and he will go to any length to help the distressed and downtrodden in society. We have many such examples in history. Mostly, the egoless one was the cause for freedom of individuals and society from tyranny and other evils of society. The egoless are naturally ‘god fearing’ individuals. They excel in practicing noble virtues that stem from absence of ego. Since they don’t have a personal ego, they will be selfless. They will love everyone equally and they are the real saints in society. Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi are such noble souls who are real leaders in all aspects.

A message on ego!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 24 months ago from london

      A big one, Bro. One of the Big five in the East, and also one of the 7 deadly sins in the West. Here we call it vanity or Pride, not much in the words, I don't think.

      I'm working on it Bro. 33 years of meditation and selfless service, and I'm still going. Great and essential reading, this Hub.