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The Emperor Neros In Waiting

Updated on August 11, 2011

The Emperor Neros In Waiting

The bodies, much of them children, were not yet cold when the biased, liberal media were quickening their Political Correct narrative by deeming the loon who murdered over ninety souls, as a ‘right-wing-fanatic,’ The modern media are like Emperor Neros in waiting to burn the Traditional Christians for atrocities they did not do or condone, while at the same time, said seasoned Neros, are coddling many of those, who practice ‘the religion of peace,’ whose mission statement is to do grave harm to so called apostates, in their perverted adherence to the tenets of their faith.

This media’s salivation to brand Traditional Christians as certifiable loons is a constant refrain on their part; you remember during the shooting of the Arizona Senator how those fair minded denizens immediately started blaming right-wing-fanatics, Traditional Christians, among their main culprits. Why do the media do this? It has to do with what you and I know is true and they know it too… that we will now be and for the foreseeable future be under constant attacks by many of those who practice the ‘religion of peace,’ And although many in the media may themselves be victim of such attacks, they think that they or we deserve it because of what the West has done in the past under the auspices of Christianity. It is why you always hear about the atrocities of those who took part in the crusades to justify the jihadists’ modern day wanton violence.

Now every time a plane is blown out of the skies or innocents are lost through jihad, the media will say that those who commit those religious atrocities are no different than Timothy McVeigh or the loon in Norway. It is why Rosie O’Donnell, with a straight face, can compare Traditional Christians to Muslim fanatics, and even more frightening, was witnessing many in the O’Donnell View’s audience thunderously applauding... tacitly assenting to the specious comparison. Incidentally, I read that the Oslo murderer manifesto read like a carbon copy of that of the Una-Bomber – I could just picture good old Ted Kaczynski genuflecting and giving Jesus props.

I say to the media that your forever comparisons of us Traditional Christians to the worse of humanity is of no concern to me because your judgments do not matter… Emperor Nero is dead, but he will be judged by those whose lives he unjustly snuffed out. To paraphrase the great, late Coach John Wooden… when they come to charge me, let me be Divinely convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of being a Jesus Freak.


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