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The End Of Voting For This Traditional Christian...

Updated on June 26, 2015

The End of Voting For This Traditional Christian…

Years ago, through my vistas, I saw where the respective political parties were heading vis-à-vis maintaining and believing in sacred Biblical ideals and knew that my days of voting were coming to an end. When I told this to my beloved mother, she was irate… resulting in her chastisement and furthermore… her scolding of me about the import of voting - but even my very mother has seen the light and realized that now both the Democratic and Republican Party are becoming closer and closer on the moral issues like Abortion and gay marriage and simpatico in throwing out the Traditional Christian principles for the coveted seat of power at1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Contrary to what many may believe, many Traditional Christians only voted or vote Republican for its stance on Abortion and gay marriage; and now with the two recent political defeats for the White-House… all around we can now hear the clarion calls for the Republican Party to change its core moral positions or risk losing the White-House again in four years and beyond.

Every Christian who knows his or her Bible understands now what the Christ was warning us about in the Gospel of Matthew when He said we are going to be hated because they hated Him too. Tell me if this prophecy is not being fulfilled as I write for I call my interpretation of the Bible’s tenets, traditional, but pejoratively, the world calls it Right-Wing-Fundamentalism. Look around you, we have more empathy for dead whales than we do for the babies we murder through Abortion everyday and those who voice an opposition to the murders of said Babies are the ones being hated - yet, this stance, among others, of abandoning these Traditional Christian principles is what Karl Rove and his ilk are positing for the Republican Party to regain worldly power. Perhaps, I cannot blame Karl Rove too much because there are even seasoned preachers like Joel Olsteen whose position on certain topical moral issues is no different from that of the secular queen, Oprah Winfrey… and so since we have preachers who are watering down The Gospel to be popular with the world… so too will the Republican Party abandon the Traditional Christians.

Those who are new Christians and are not versed in core Biblical principles are going to be surprised, if they aren’t already, on the secular devilish positions many so called pillars of the Christian faith have taken and will take on the moral issues… mirroring those of the secularists who at the latter’s core believe “anything” goes and, moreover, that it is sanctioned by Jesus’ Gospel. I will not vote for anyone who believes that there is more than one way to God or believes that Jesus’ Liberty of Salvation and His attendant Grace are licenses to engage in all sort of perverted vices. I say to my Traditional fellow Christians, root your beliefs in what the Bible says and know that if a given position is hated by the Hollywood crowd or the world at large, more than likely, you have Jesus’ take on the moral issues. I know friends who used to sniff cocaine, should they not tell their children of the danger of using drugs simply because they used to do so or should they leave them be because perhaps it will help them to fit in among their peers. In the same vein, I say to the Republican Party that some of us once followed in lock-step with the Nazis… because it was popular and doing so afforded them amenities at the time… conditioned on believing that it was ok to kill Jews, Gypsies, and Blacks, among other attributes of the Nazis dogma.

There are even Traditional Christians who voted for President Obama - twice; and, so, there are those among the Traditional Christian ranks who are going to abandon the tenets of the faith for earthly power and its amenities - you know like in the past those from the Bible Belt (The South) who embraced Christianity, but hated Blacks and Jews and could not tell or show you the Biblical passages that countenanced such hatred. They did so because it was in vogue and such beliefs were where the power lies. What was wrong then… is still wrong now for what shall it benefit the Republican Party to gain the whole world and lose its soul. The Democratic Party is well on its way of losing its soul because, almost every behavior that the Bible is against, they have embraced and even have compounded such an embrace by saying God/Jesus is for it. I am afraid that more of us Christians will follow both political parties and join in the lambasting of those few, who, even though are not perfect, but believe that the Lord’s take on any issue is sacrosanct. We must remember that we were warned by The Christ that the love of many will wax cold… in the last days and that many will abandon the Traditional teachings of the Gospel (Matthew 24:12).


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    • shofarcall profile image

      shofarcall 5 years ago

      Hi Verily,

      What is good shall be called evil and what is evil shall be called good.

      We are living in those days right now. Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasars and unto God what is Gods.

      We must hold fast to the righteousness of Jesus. Stand strong and firm in what we know to be truth by the Word of God. Thank you for voicing this very difficult decision you are in the process of making. God Bless. Voted useful and up.