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The Errors of Our Lifetime.

Updated on August 29, 2012

This Is Error

Cast your vote for Vagabond spirit ,Errors of Life, Abortion and killings,

I Pray Thee Oh Lord.

Don't Pass Me Bye.
Don't Pass Me Bye.

Must Be Prayed Out.

In the book of John 10;10, the bible alerted the young and old believers over the devil's manipulations, that the devil does nothing else than to steal, kill and destroy. He performs this wicked acts through delegated authority to his prince and princesses, rulers of darkness of this world. More over the ancestral strong men and women who sit- tight in the various families ,are making his work easy. Furnishing him[Satan] with the background of the families, they assist him to oil and keep the trouble -shooting covenants that translates into hindering spirits.

That is why poverty is seen in the lineage of many families ,even where hard work is being held up and respected, the lineage still remains poor in treasures ranging from money, housing, clothing, food, cars and others.

Sicknesses and deceases becomes hereditary because the ancestral messenger of the devil like the athlete, maintains a straight course that every member of the family must follow giving each one of them a circle of defeat.

It is an error when there is noticeable vagabond anointing in the family, which tends to destroy the youth. Children's destiny in this respect is destroyed ,they stumble and stagger over conditions they would have defeated .

Is it an error when a family is spiritually blind, not even one is saved? This promotes generational curses and other forms of curses attracted by members into the family.This family is bound and chained by the idols of their father's house.

It is an error when a family that should be respected, is caged and given the garment of shame and reproach to wear. Their dreams are manipulated and blessing quickly thrown to the highest bidder.

It is an error when in a family no woman is given to marriage, even when it is done, they must have crossed the age line- of- respect. While in some, when they marry, they are quick to call it off , others may marry even quickly and remain on the look out for babies for many years.

It is a big error when in a family, the men marry "today" and chase away their wives "tomorrow".In this family, almost all the men have done so. If there is one that did not toe that shameful line,it must be that he has received Christ as his Lord and personal savor.

It is equally an error when in a family or group of people, no one, not even one, crosses a particular line of worthy endeavor to breast the tape of victory,on the other side of the line. The devil in this respect, sit pretty comfortable on the progress of the people and dictates who goes there and achieves a feat and at a given time .

It is an error to find in a family, that no one, not even one person is educated above average, every body man or woman in the family is educationally backward.

It is equally an error to discover that all members of a family, man or woman, suffers the same fate their mother or father suffered in various lines of life notably education, business ,child bearing, ministry, etc

It is a big error to say, my mother or father suffered the same fate, so I must suffer it. This as a result, gives the devil more room to operate since you the victim is supporting the error.

It is an error to claim particular sickness or situation as your’s. For many, as soon as a particular season approaches, they in turn will expect a particular illness to begin. some people are often pregnant with bad omen, each situation be it economic or social gives them blows on the face.

It is an error to refuse to follow God’s will in marriage ,or other issues pertaining to life. It is equally an error to decide to do things the way you like irrespective of whose axe is gored.

It an error to marry and divorce on the excuse that your father or mother did same or because you can't live with one woman all through your life or because there are many women or men along the streets.

It is an error to steal what does not belong to you and kill ,because your ancestors did same.

It is an error to struggle for properties your father struggled for and died, first search for the truth to know which party in the dispute is saying the truth before wading into any dispute.

It is an error to impregnate a young girl and force her to abort the baby and even threaten her life.

It is even a big error to do eye service and cheat your employer.

It is equally a big error of life if you have formed the habit of going late to church services or generally forsaking the assembly of others.

It is an error to belong to any gang involved in the destruction of lives and properties.

Count it as an error of life,if you see good and refuse to do it, if you see the truth and refuse to say it and if you give false witness to downgrade another.

It is error for one to refuse to pay his or her tithe and offerings in the church or refuse to pay his or her tax to the government.

Count it as error of life when your life is full of bitterness and rancor ,strife, envy, hide and seek, etc

Endless is the list of the errors and activities of the wicked ones, all in a bid to entangle the children of God but today you must pray this prayer with the seriousness it deserves, you must claim victory over all the evil occurrence and errors from the enemy which you found operating in your life and your family.

For behold Christ has given you powers to tread upon lions and scorpions and all the powers of the devil and nothing shall by any means hurt you.. Luke 10 :19.

For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people ,he will beautify the meek with salvation, Psalm 149;4. He will save you after this prayer session.


Pray these 21 prayer points without ceasing.

1. I claim victory in every thing I lay my hands on through the power of the holy spirit in the name of Jesus.

2. I claim victory over Satan and his agents day and night in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. I claim victory over sickness and the devil, the father of sicknesses and deceases .I claim absolute victory by the power of the holy ghost.. Amen.

4. I claim victory through the holy spirit, over any weapon formed against me, they will never prosper because the holy spirit will raise a standard for me in the name of Jesus.

5. I claim victory over satanic powers around me, they will never be able to function because the holy spirit is activated in me.

6. As the Lord was with Moses ,with Joshua and with the saints of old, I claim His promises that no one will be able to defeat me while I live,

That as He was with Moses, He will always be with me. That He will never abandon nor forsake me as far as I remain confident in Him

That the Lord will be with me all the days of my life especially when troubles and temptations comes[.Joshua 1;5-6]

7. I claim that the super natural power of the holy spirit covers any place my feet steps unto, I will continue to dwell under the victory of the most high God through the anointing of the holy spirit.

8. When ever I am at the point of loosing hope, the anointing of the holy spirit will lifts me up, to claim victory ,not defeat, in the mighty name of Jesus.

9. When the arrow of failure comes upon me, I worship the Lord and claim my long won victory over the powers of darkness in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. I claim victory over the wicked people around me, may they be blinded and never see nor remember me anymore, may the Lord disappoint their enterprises against me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

11. I claim victory over the messengers of darkness, for the anointing of the spirit is most powerful, darkness will never prevail against it in the name of Jesus.

12. I claim victory over the yoke of the enemy in my finance, I claim my miracle financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

13. I know that financial bondage has been broken and I receive financial blessings upon my life in the name of Jesus.

14. Solomon’s blessings was great, my blessings are also great because though he was rich, Jesus was made poor that I might be rich. As a child of God, His blessings are all over me in Jesus name.

15. Holy spirit of God, release more abundant financial blessings upon me, increase my tithe and offerings and other vows in the house of God .

16. Holy spirit, you are the comforter, comfort me with spiritual blessings Comfort me with financial blessings,

Comfort my life with material blessings

Comfort me with children / and or more children,

Comfort me with academic excellence,

Comfort me with Joy and peace, wisdom and knowledge.

Comfort me with your will in my life, etc.. in the name of Jesus.

17. Because of the anointing of the spirit in my life, who ever plans evil against me, whoever plans to run me down ,must stumble on Jesus [my rock] and shall perish.

18. Father, no problem nor man can stop me from worshiping you because I know that your love towards me is great.

19. No man can stop my vision, no man can stop my projects, no man can shut my mouth from worshiping you because you made me more than conqueror.

20. The God who can move the stars, the wind and even the tidal waves to another direction, move me away from any uncomfortable direction I am found in, in the name of Jesus.

21. Oh God, I am laid under the foundation of your anointing, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, I march from strength to strength . May you continue to prevail in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Christ came for the sole purpose of destroying the works of the devil and his agents, therefore I thank you Jesus for answering my prayers, thank you Jesus for pleading on my behalf, thank you master Jesus for the blood you shed on the cross of Calvary for me and me alone.



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