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The Esoteric Order Of The Royal Futilier Anti-Establishmentarians

Updated on April 13, 2015


The Futiliers were formed long ago, the exact time and location is lost to the mists of history. All members of the order are very skilled, and brave, and noble warriors. Who have all taken a vow to lay down their arms and serve the greater good of humanity through peace. They all serve the whims of their masters, but are contemptous of them as well. Seeing through the lies and rituals of everyday man, led by evil men and forces that are in fact in total and utter control of all mankind. It comes with the decision to choose to be slaves, but whether they would serve a master of love and faithfulness, or one bent on the destruction of our souls is the key point to initiation of the order. Realizing that the machine cannot be destroyed from within, but through coolness and calm you can help steer the wheel of a machine headed to the abyss.

A legend of the founder, is he is said to have had over 1000 names, and forms, never being conspicous, but hiding in plain sight, being able to evolve into the one person you would never notice. Secretly, and silently never standing in the shadows or the light, but there on the very rim of both. Balancing an innate evil, and the innate divine spark that lies within us all.

And throughout all the ages members have come and gone, great beautiful people, and some that are not so reputable, some leave because of the weight of the burden of being an unknown hero, and since the choice brings no known compensation, the choice to join has become even harder. Things being they way they are who could blame them? Who now would, even if they did have time, choose to serve the same system that at the same is eroding our morals, our minds, and our souls.

Would you, would you? Who would, but somehow the order has survived undetected for over millenia. There are no bizarre rites, no weird rituals, no secret handshakes. Only a very bold decision to fight the fire without using fire. By not submitting to the enemy without allowing him to draw us in to his game.

They are not playing by our rules, so why not play by theirs? Not by violence or anger, that's what they would expect, but by eroding their evil empire bit by bit as they have done ours?

If the very founder of the order asked you today, what would your answer be. Slavery or slavery.

The only question is who would the slave choose as a master?

Now, one more question, is this story true, or a product of someones imagination?


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    • xxojokermanoxx profile image

      xxojokermanoxx 2 years ago from The Forbidden Funhouse

      And this was some kind of weird thing I apparently ranted about years ago

      Hope it's at least interesting enough to enjoy