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The Essence of Trusting GOD...Truth Is...

Updated on August 2, 2012

What Does it mean to Trust GOD?

As we now move to part two of the discussion of Trusting God, let us discuss the meaning or essence of trusting GOD.

In the first writing we learned that one of the key aspects of trusting GOD is that we Love him. If you love GOD you will obey his commandments; the bible states. If you love GOD you also will trust him. Often we get caught up with worrying how we are to eat, pay bills, house ourselves, or even our relationship status and so forth; these concerns can often overwhelm us and choke out our sensibility and service to GOD.

Most often, the church tells you to:"Let go and let god!", or" all you need is prayer and to praise his name!"; but given the fact that they rarely if ever use GOD's true name praising him would basically be impossible, and further, they them selves(the church in general) doesn't have a true and proper trust in GOD it's self! If in fact the church had true trust in GOD they wouldn't hound their members for tithes and offerings, but rather would know that GOD would place it upon the hearts of those that are able and the church's needs would indeed be met. Instead, they use scare tactics such as threatening that you'll lose blessings and that you are somehow cheating GOD because you don't give a large portion of your earnings to the church in honor of a pact GOD had with ancient Israel that Jesus' coming did away with.

So what does it mean to trust GOD?...

First off, in order to really trust GOD, one must be aligned with his will in or to some degree that HE deems you are capable of meeting. Each individual has their own personal relationship with the Creator and HE does deal with you as to and according to your abilities spiritually, mentally, emotionally and so forth. One also need sot be giving to themselves to and for and in his service: What do YOU do in service to GOD? How are you endeavoring to further his work of drawing people into a relationship with him? How are you promoting the kingdom?

If you mention anything that you do in church, you are off the subject. Choir, deacon and deaconess boards, ushers, organizers, none of these has anything to do with kingdom work; but rather the comings and goings of the performance hall known as church. Most churches aren't even occupied except on Sunday! Throughout the week members only may see one another in passing at the store or driving etc.But that is not the way of the first century christian congregation which was in fact the template or example for us today. Kingdom work was an on-going endeavor taken up daily, the news of GOD's kingdom was spoken about to others, particularly strangers everywhere they went. THAT is service to GOD, that is furthering the Kingdom work, not singing, leading people to rows of seats, and throwing a blanket over Sister So-and-So's legs when she falls out faking the "Holy Ghost." has her.

Once one has established them self as serving GOD through teaching and preaching the kingdom(not just pastors), or ministering to the needs of those less fortunate and again teaching them about GOD's kingdom; them one can entertain the notion of really trusting GOD. This is what Jesus and his disciples did, they ministered to the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of the people...they didn't refer them elsewhere.

Also, in order to truly TRUST GOD one must have genuine LOVE for all mankind. This goes against patriotism, partisan-ism, cliques, "inner circles and circles of friends". As Jesus said at Matthew 5:46, 47 :..."if you love only those who love you(or are your friends)...what difference is there between you and the rest of the world..." This is the biggest sticking point for so-called christians; they stubbornly refuse to love others selflessly and unconditionally. Yet we turn to GOD and expect him to love us that way! GOD says in his word that if you don't love your brother, you can't say that you love him because it's not true. (1John 4:11). When GOD spoke of loving your brother, HE didn't exclusively mean those in your church or circle of friends; HE created all mankind from one source and thus we are ALL brothers.

Loving others entails again, ministering to their needs spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. You may not like it, but it,s the way to pleasing GOD and to salvation. Remember, it's not YOU who decides what GOD wants from us and HE doesn't defer to you and your thinking nor does HE consult any man(Proverbs 3:5). Many often speak of "being burnt", or taken advantage of by people in need but that was never menti9oned as a concern with Jesus nor the first century Christians, so it should not be a concern for us today. We are responsible to only do what we KNOW GOD wants and not worry about the motives etc of others. Look at it this way: If you have the mind of Christ and the Love of GOD and you extend aid to someone and minister to their all around needs and they not only need it, but also appreciate it you're happy why? Is it because YOU did something you feel proud of, or because you know that you were being obedient to GOD? On the other hand, if you extend these same things to someone who neither appreciates it nor uses it for what you wanted them to, should you not STILL feel happy that at the least YOU were being obedient still?

If your fear of people's motives outweighs your devotion to GOD's will then you are not of GOD as it is YOU that you seek to please, not him.There is no fear in Love, thus no fear in obeying GOD's mandate to love others. (1John 4:18-21) Do you trust GOD to sort the issue out or not? Do you trust that HE can and will effect the person's heart even if they deceived you? We get so caught-up in the thinking and fears of this world that we often deny proper care for those who genuinely need it; we are to be different from the world, this includes our way of thinking.

Today's so-called christian also has an issue with being taken lightly or for granted and advantage of and seeming weak. But is it not the meek who inherit the earth? Did the first century Christians fight back? Did Jesus?

This is but the introduction of this discussion of Trusting GOD; I hope that you will be here for the following articles...Until then, Be-Blessed

...Truth Is...


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