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The Everlasting Love of God

Updated on March 20, 2011

I really want to write this piece because I want to share with people how our almighty God can touch everybody’s life, how He responds to every people who sincerely seek and accept Him to enter into their lives. God is so important to most people. Every one of us has different stories on how God touched our lives, how he made us to be the better person that we are now. For my 26 years of existence in this world, I would say He has a huge part of it, the decisions or in every move that I made in my life.

Ever since I was a kid, I already knew that God do exist, He hears every word I utter, He sees what is in our heart, and sees every thing that we do. Back then, I am aware that the best way to get what I needed badly as a kid was to pray hard and before I knew it, He already answered my prayers. Yes, He never failed to respond to what I have asked to have or to happen. That is how good God to me during my childhood days.

As I mature and became more aware about the facts or the reality of life, I still bring with me what I have learned or experienced about Him, back when I was a kid. Even though the things that we want or desire in life are more intricate as we grow older, I still believe He will make a way just to make it happen if we will just work hard on it and leave everything up to Him, and surely, He will answer those prayers. When I believed that he would answer my prayer, again, He never failed me. He answered what I am longing to happen at that moment. There was a time that I was about to give-up, and I feel that I am all alone, so helpless, I am in the midst of confusion and I didn’t know what path should I take, it was the lowest point of my life, but then again, He helped me. He made me feel that it was not the end of the world, all I have to do was to open my eyes for me to see the truth that indeed, I am not alone; I still have Him and my family. At that time, I thought I will be facing the challenges in life all by myself but He proved me wrong, because of His love for me I was able to stand up confidently after I stumbled and was able to overcome those trials

Until this very day, I am very confident that I could be able to face all the challenges that may come along my way and I absolutely believe that God will unravel it. I am not perfect, every one of us do commit mistakes, but what matter’s most is that at the end of the day, we will admit to ourselves that we committed mistakes and we confessed and cry out to him. By doing this, absolutely, we will be forgiven. I will continue to worship Him with all my heart because I know by keeping the faith, everything will fall into place and all the things that I hardly prayed for, will eventually be given to me. Even though God will not give it to me right away but I know it will be granted at the right time, the least I had expected. With hard work and faith in God, definitely, I will succeed and I always bear in mind that sooner or later, I will reap what I sow, that is how confident I am for the reason that God is with me.


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