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What Is The Evil Eye and How To Protect Against This Magic

Updated on February 22, 2014

The Sign Of The Horns - Evil Eye Protection

“The Sign of the Horns: Protection against the 'Evil Eye'
“The Sign of the Horns: Protection against the 'Evil Eye'

A Hex For Protection Against The Evil Eye

A Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Hex Against The Evil Eye
A Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Hex Against The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye Is A Magical Attack

A type of attack that I do not usually speak about is the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is more of a lesser magic type of attack. The victim defeats or damages themselves with very little if any at all energy expended by the predator. Those practitioners that would put the evil eye on a weak minded victim know that their target will usually worry, be paranoid, and psychosomatically hurt themselves.

Many practitioners of attack magic have a flaw, they need to see their results in order to gauge if the effects or energy that they are throwing at their target is taking effect. This of course is a huge deal to those that wish to know about defending themselves.

One of the best possible defenses against Psi Vampiric type of attacks or people is disallowing them contact with you on any level. Those of you that open up those fun letters that they might send you or emails that are in your inboxes. Those of you that can't resist speaking to them over the telephone or Instant Messaging devices you may own. An attack of this type needs to have some kind of contact or way that they can reach you. This is both to monitor that their effects are working and to keep you connected to them.

I have always said that I have no worries about a person that needs an article of clothing, blood, a picture, or any item of mine in order to direct energy against me. I feel that if there is a need to worry it is against some practitioners that needs none of these things and can do without simply by using my resonance. However lets face it, most practitioners these days are severely outclassed in that their attack skills are hindered by their conditioned morals that society has placed upon them. Therefore they haven't had much practice in effective attack techniques.

That isn't to say that some are deadly capable, but it is to say that the probability of you being attacked by one such individual is low. Therefore 90% of the time you can easily bypassed any attack simply through non contact. Disallowing the links or bonds to be made in the first place with your attacker denies them the ability to hit you with any precision.

The same can be said in the effects of those that use lesser magic to gain certain victories. Most lesser magic is simple insults or activities that get into your victims head psychologically. A statement that will completely devour the opponent with their own doubt, remorse, greed, or any number of other all consuming emotions that are passionate to the individual. Once again the attacker using this method will need to monitor closely their victims and look to see what is being the most effective in order to keep future attacks efficient.

The Evil Eye and You

Have you been a victim of Evil Eye Magic?

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Author Does Not Encourage The Practice Of Evil Eye Magic

I am not a practitioner of Evil Eye, and do not encourage the use of such magic. This article is simply an attempt to define how this type of magic works. As with any spell work or magic, we need to remember that key aspect to not harm another, as well as Karma, which is a Universal Law. Good actions bringing good Karma, bad or hurtful actions bringing bad or hurtful Karma.

How To Protect Yourself From Magic, Evil Eye & The Jinn


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  • Dale Hyde profile image

    Dale Hyde 5 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Hello Pam! Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. I would agree with what you have shared including the emotional abuse as well as the last paragraph referring to a "personality disorder."

  • Pam Euangelion profile image

    Pam Euangelion 5 years ago

    I remember all my Italian relatives wearing the symbol of a hot pepper to ward off the evil eye. Also a symbol of a hand.

    From my perspective, this sounds an awful lot like families where one person is emotionally abused by the other. The abuse often relies on "training" the abused person to be compliant. Something that is particularly easy for parents to do to children.

    And, as you say, the ultimate solution is No Contact: cutting off all contact with the abuser.

    In modern parlance, we might call the "practitioner of the evil eye" someone with a personality disorder. And someone who receives the evil eye and allows themselves to be hurt, as compliant/avoidant. Ancient wisdom and modern wisdom using different terminologies, I think!

  • Dale Hyde profile image

    Dale Hyde 5 years ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

    Greetings Daughter Of Maat! I do agree that a certain amount of weakness needs to be in place in order for the Evil Eye or other form of psychic attack to work effectively. I have also heard of wearing the Eye of Horus for the reasons you mention.

    Thanks for reading, commenting and of course, voting up along with sharing with your Pagan Facebook group. :)

  • Daughter Of Maat profile image

    Melissa Flagg OSC 5 years ago from Rural Central Florida

    Thank you, Dale, for those who may not have a good idea what the evil eye is or how to defend against it. Personally, I think psychic attack can only be successful if the victim is weak minded. I have found much of the psychic attacks directed toward me have been unsuccessful because I did not let the attacker have that kind of power over me. Not that I've been the victim of many psychic attacks, but many times the attacker unknowingly attacks someone. New practioners don't know that a simple thought about someone can easily be directed toward that person unconsciously.

    I wear an eye of Horus if I think I might come in contact with someone like that. The eye of Horus allows the wearer to see who might be a potential attacker, and it also deflects attacks. Kill two birds with one stone!

    Voted up of course and shared on my pagan facebook group. Not many people talk about the evil eye!