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The Examen by Ignatius of Loyola

Updated on March 16, 2012


The Examen

by St Ignatius of Loyola

St Ignatius of Loyola is a spiritual master of the church. In his Spiritual Exercises he suggests a daily review of one’s life as part of prayer. The following is an adaptation.


*Make time for prayer (It can be any time of day; start with 5 minutes)

*Find a quiet spot (any quiet place will do)

*Sit comfortably

*Feel God’s presence

*Be ready to enter a deep and intimate conversation with Jesus

Step 1. Recall the Presence of God; ask the Holy Spirit to help you look at your life with love this day.

Step 2. Look at your day with gratitude; remember the details.

Step 3. Ask help from the Holy Spirit to look at your actions this day.

Step 4. Review your day: When did I fail? When did I love? What habits and life patterns do I have?

Step 5. Talk with Jesus about what you did and what you did not do. Remember both the bad and the sorry and be thankful.

End with The Lord’s Prayer


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