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The Experience of a Mystic

Updated on October 31, 2009

Throughout history, what we call mystics have spoken of the incredible truth that underlies reality. It is one of those experiences, that only makes sense through the experience of it. It is probably experienced more commonly than realised. It isn't the experience of a mad-man and it isn't some kind of psychosis.

Because the nature of the experience is so intertwined with consciousness itself, strange things happen to a sense of self-identity. And those who experience the truth, find themselves in the strange (but true) predicament, that no explanation really makes any sense. Because everything - literally everything - is contained within their experience of things, and so, there is no real external person or persona to please or not to please. Maybe this is also why the experiencer has so little to say to the scientific mind. The same scientific mind which can only devise instruments that reflect a particular level of consciousness development (there is no such thing is 100% true objectivity).

Mystics will speak of love, and bliss. Of a wonderment that underpins reality. Of an incredible force that governs all activities in the universe, and that functions from a state of love. The contemplation of this, is an extraordinary thing. In many ways, it is the only thing that is truly worthwhile. All things pale in significance, when even a small glimpse of such an improbable reality, is perceived.

It has always been the nature of a constructed world or universe, that those people - who think of themselves as people! - whose consciousness has been narrowed through the aperture of a body, actually doubts the validity of things that go beyond the body. It is a true state of objectification, being in matter, where the most valid thing is seen as 'objectivity'. Fortunately developments in quantum dynamics is creating fissures throughout this structure.

But the mystic knows about the fluidity of consciousness itself, that flows like water, through all things. That flows through the cynic and doubting mind and the mystic mind, equally. That flows through all the events in history, and resides in the dramas of everyday lives. That permits movement of all things, both healing and destructive (both of which create conditions necessary for development).

This is the experience of the mystic, who has forsaken some aspects of his or her identity, for the sake of greater knowledge, called by the higher pulse of love. That all things return to their point of origination, and that creation itself resides inside of the superplane that created all things. Those who enjoy humour will see the funny-ness of non-belief in God (or belief in God, for that matter), when both inclinations already exist within the greater Being. That there is only the possibility of things (including points of view), because of reality that allows them. Ultimately, there is no such things as true free will. Free from what? From being existant and part of something?

That is the experience of the mystic. Bliss and Love. And of the hierarchy of worlds, orchestrated to help the progress and evolution of all divided consciousnesses, towards an identification and knowledge of the ultimate.


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    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      d.william thanks for commenting. Have a great day.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Great article; thought provoking and well written.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      Mr.Happy thanks for reading and commenting. Always fascinating to get feedback. Thank you!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      And those who experience the truth, find themselves in the strange (but true) predicament, that no explanation really makes any sense." - I would agree here and say (through my understanding/perception) that this is because the truth is complete and we do not see/understand ourselves as complete. We indulge in this three-dimensional perspective so much that we usually ignore the Spirit. The Spirit world cannot be explained through words because it is beyond this three dimensional perspective. Hence, we cannot like You well said, find any explanations for the Truth.

      I appreciate this article. We are All connected; We are All One: it is the "Law of One". Cheers!

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      msorensson thanks for visit and comment. Have a great day..

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      Wow..your words flow seamlessly..Great hub.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 6 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks loua for the acknowledgement, and thanks for reading

    • loua profile image

      loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

      Simply bravo, you have succinctly and successfully expressed the fundamental concept of our Being - The energy of the life-being-expression is but the function of existence as humanity is part of that expression as a force of that energy by which consciousness communicates its expression...

      Well done..

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 7 years ago from Wales, UK

      Belated thanks for dropping by Mike Dennis!

      Thanks Michael Shane, still laughing at the humour in one of your hubs

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Awesome hub my friend!

    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      I truly enjoyed this thought provoking well written article/hub. Those mystical moments truly transcend normal consciousness and the written or spoken word in my opinion. I attempt in some of my poems to catch whatever glimpses of the magical mystical moments via the written word, but feel they barely touch the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for writing this hub!