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The Exploding Hatred of Christianity in America: Why Now?

Updated on August 29, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Most Churches Work Overtime To Be Accepted By The World!

If you are loved by the world, you have NO part In CHRIST.
If you are loved by the world, you have NO part In CHRIST. | Source

As Jesus Drove The Money-Changers From The Temple - HE Will Separate HIS Sheep From The Goats!

The church in America has become a social club for those who want to feel as if they are doing something good or something right as they slumber along on their way to hell. It seems as if no one takes our Lord's words to heart where in Matthew, He makes the statement that, "...MANY will say to me, but Lord....". Most will equate that statement with those who follow false teachers or are in the cults, but our Lord said many. I don't think we truly appreciate the difference between the many and the few. Going to church has become an easy way to look and sound like a Christian, but the resident ignorance found among so many church goers these days speaks volumes concerning their charade.

The major difference today between Christ driving the money-changers from the temple, is that He is going to drive the true believers from the churches. There is a growing movement here in America of more and more Christians leaving the institutional church and seeking Bible centered teaching and fellowship in homes and other non-descript locations. I have personally been leading a home-based Church for the past few years and it is a world of difference. The people are hungry for the Word and work at it diligently, they have become true prayer warriors and there is a genuine excitement in gathering. The churches today are heaping up crowds who require a toned down Gospel, a feel-good atmosphere and as little required as possible from the attendee. To meet these needs, the seminaries are very aware of the public demand and are producing at an very efficient rate those who are qualified to fill the pulpits, youth ministries and the administration of these institutions that call themselves churches.

What is interesting is that several people I know have expressed their similar frustration with the current situation at their church, but because of their family's perceived need to maintain relationships based upon church attendance and youth group participation there is a division within the home. To keep the peace; maintain the status quo. Remember, our God is not a God of the status quo.

If you believe that our God is Sovereign and as stated in Daniel 4:35; He drives the affairs of man and NO ONE can stay His hand or question His actions: this growing hatred of the Church is His plan for His Bride in America and the world.

The Bride of Christ Will Be Presented to God Without a Blemish.

We seem to be more concerned by what another thinks of us, rather than God.
We seem to be more concerned by what another thinks of us, rather than God. | Source

The Seven Deadly Sins of the American Church.

To coin a phrase from Proverbs 6:16, "There are six, yea seven characteristics of a church that has lost its vision."

  1. Worldliness: who can tell the difference between their music, dress or language with that of the world. "Be not conformed..." has lost all relevance to a crowd that rubs elbows with the world and its values. The music is to attract first, so called worship is secondary. Modesty has long disappeared in both the adult and the child. Listen closely and you hear that a large portion of the church-goers speak a different language: scripture is now "sound-bites", out of context with no idea where it is found in the Word. To quote Spurgeon, "The devil has seldom done a cleverer thing than hinting to the church that part of their mission is to provide entertainment for the people, with a view to winning them."
  2. Apathy: the needs of the church outweigh the needs of the individual. The building must be kept up for appearance's sake and the staff's comfort cannot be overlooked. The leftovers, which are usually scant, if any, are for seeing to the need's of the people. Whatever happened to "..they will know us by our love for one another..."? James was not kind to those who saw a need and did nothing, yet every year churches pass budgets with little or no concern for the individual. People wonder why the ones in the know cater to the successful and keep their distance from the poor.
  3. Arrogance: professional holy men, deserving of large incomes, living off the backs of the lay people and being the final authority for all things spiritual. They have created followers of men with self-centered ministries (esteem others...??), having to be the center of attention. Their doctrine is the only acceptable one whether it is truly scriptural or not and control everything taught under their purview. Their parishioners quote their pastor first and if necessary, issue a sound-bite.
  4. Unfruitful: they appear to fruitful due the crowds that have been spoon fed easy believism, void of repentance and a new kinder, gentler Gospel. The more they baptize, the more successful they appear and a vicious cycle has a life of its own. They become well liked within the community, their doors are open to one and all; all the while the true sheep either starve or are duped into following the goat with a bell around its neck. Tozer stated, "We cannot afford to let down our Christian standards just to hold the interest of people who want to go to hell and still belong to a church."
  5. Self-righteous and cold: equate the rich and educated as blessed by God and look down their noses at those who struggle over sin or having to deal with a trial due to their own making. Leadership rolls only to those who have demonstrated success within the worldly arena for appearance is paramount. Those of other churches or denominations teach or hold doctrines considered borderline heresy and are not to be trusted; keep them at arms length.
  6. Form over substance: the center of attention is man, an entertainment atmosphere to allow freedom of one's spirit, for to be spiritual is to be emotional which becomes a ritual repeated over and over. To be led by one who is authoritarian rather than one leads by example contrary to sound scripture. Deliver what the leadership deems is necessary to keep the people comfortable and in "sheep" mode. "If you always enjoy sermons, the minister in NOT a good steward. He is not acting wisely who deals out nothing but sweets." - Spurgeon
  7. Lack of Wisdom: center the ministry around the youth (millennials), shelve the older adults who would oppose this new gospel being propagated upon the masses and replace teaching the Word with topical books and subjects relevant to church's core values. Becoming a believer is easy and the word repentance is seldom heard as they avoid doctrinal teaching and closely control or muzzle gifted teachers. Ravenhill - "If Jesus preached the same message ministers preach today, HE would never have been crucified."

As Society Has Gone, So Has The Church Followed!

The Truth Has Been Polluted For So Long, The People Don't Know The Difference.
The Truth Has Been Polluted For So Long, The People Don't Know The Difference.

Come OUT From Among Them!

The Word has never encouraged a true believer to fight the good fight within the failing system, but to remove oneself or be "forcibly" removed; the latter is very much needed in these LAST days. Only a dumbed-down true believer cannot read the signs of the age and know that our Lord's return is close at hand. As the Word is a two-edged sword, the delusion of 2nd Thessalonians sent by God has two purposes. First to seal the godless in their fate and secondly to create a hatred for the godly that forces the true Church to seek refuge with one another. It is an amazing thing to witness a true believer that hears the Word being faithfully taught for the first time: they are ravenous, as one who has been near starvation and they cannot get enough.

The "pastors" are going to pay a great price for their unfaithfulness to the Word: it is as if they have never read James 3:1, a passage which keeps me in check. Other than the Ephesian 4 passage, the word pastor is found only in Jerimiah; God was not kind to the teachers of the Law. In Jerimiah 2:8, God accused them of sin; 10:21 HE called them brutish; 12:10 they destroyed HIS vineyard, in this case Israel but it applies today; 22:22 the winds of change shall eat up the pastors and their followers will be confounded; lastly 23:1-2 they (pastors) will NOT go unpunished. There is nothing NEW under the sun; history WILL repeat itself.

WHY NOW? The age of the Gentiles is coming to an end and the focus of scripture will again turn to God's people, Israel. The Bride is being readied for a home-going even without her cooperation.


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