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The Father Knows (Us) Best

Updated on August 11, 2011


Not only does God know us better than we know ourselves, He knows other people better than we ever could as well. So, if God is keeping you from a friendship, relationship, business venture or some other "connection", trust Him, He knows and sees things that we can not. What may look "perfect" to us, and may seem to have the makings of an "ideal" situation, God knows us all far better. He knows that if person "A" and person "B" partner together, it's a toxic mix that WILL come to fruitation, although it may take as little as 10 days, or up to 10 years (or more). Trust God, don't be in a big hurry, and surely don't get so "worked up" that your willing to ignore God to satisfy your own thoughts & desires. Patience, as much as we all lack it, is imperative. I believe one of the biggest reasons many Christians are in some of the binds that they are in, is because of impatience. If you trust God, then TRUST His timing as well.


Abraham was willing to KILL Isaac, that is an intense story of Faith & Trust. Prior to that, Abraham was willing to move everyone & everything he had, to a new, unknown & unseen land, all because God asked him to. That is FAITH!

Sometimes we have to face this very painful truth & reality. Like when someone is cute and were physically attracted to them, but theres going to be a personality clash, or you'll be led down the wrong path (God knows). Maybe one is a believer and the other isn't. When your gut, heart, or spirit is telling you NO! - you better listen, even though your eyes & loins might be screaming Yes. This is especially a problem for men, when the blood moves within the body, the head (being at the top) seems to lose the most (blood). This causes the brain not to work at full capacity and wrong decisions can easily be made. It's known as "losing ones head over anothers tail". It's not all on the men though as to eratic decisions, I'm sure we've all seen many women get blind-sided too. In society today it seems no one wants to be "alone" or single for more than a second, causing people to settle for far less than God's best. I've seen so many settle or "take" what's there because of impatience, and this applies to more than just relationships. So, wise up, Pray Up, then Listen Up! (God's got a Word for ya!)


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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