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The Father Of The Middle East States

Updated on July 26, 2016

Understanding The Mid East

Ishmael, The Father Of Many Nations

From Genesis Chapter 16, we learn of Ishmael's coming to being. He had been born through Abraham and Hagar, after his wife couldn't conceive any of her own. Many years went on, but finally Sarah, Abraham's wife was able to bore him a son, and he was named Isaac. Pleased with Isaac's presence, God told Abraham that everything of his would be inherited by him. Now as I understand, Ishmael, and also his mother were bitter because of this... and they showed no love toward Sarah and Isaac, only hate. After several incidents of Ishmael causing trouble for Isaac, Sarah had had enough. She demanded and ordered her husband to banish the wicked little boy and his mother from their part of the world, and live out their lives in Egypt, Hagar's original birth place.

God allowed Abraham to send them both away, at the command of his wife, because Isaac's life had already been set. However, Ishmael, the older brother of Isaac... his life too would be already mapped out, as the Lord God explained to Abraham, and he was to become a great man himself, who would father many children. In chapter 21 verses 8-12 tells of Hagar's journey as she led her son to his destiny. She was originally thought to have led a life in Egypt, her home country... but somehow, she had lost her way, and instead found herself wandering the wilderness's desserts under the hot sun and burning sand. When the supplies that Abraham had provided ran out, Hagar frantically panicked in search of water, for what looked to her like a dying son. She did the only thing that man could do in desperate times of great peril... she cried out, and even though the Bible doesn't state that she did so towards God, he heard her cry, the cry for water to give to her dying son. After the miracle was performed through the message of an angel, Hagar decided to setup hers and her son's life in the desolate lands, as she did not pursue her previous Egyptian life.

In these wild lands, Ishmael grew up, and he learned to shoot with the bow and arrow. It is told that he would grow up to be a strong man, and leader who would go on to create several nations known as the Arabian lands, what we call today (the Mid East).

Modern Mid East

One or two things to take note of are: (1) Ishmael grew up wild, so it is only natural that when he fathered his own children, they too grew up wild without fear and shame. In today's modern Mid East world, isn't it ironic that every last one of those countries, even though they may have laws and regulations... isn't it ironic how wildly they behave. (2) It is also stated in the scriptures that no one outside of these great nations of ancient would rule them ever. And isn't it ironic that no matter how much those outside of the Mid East try to seemingly help, and place their own laws and regulations, they never seem to care about them, because as it was foretold thousands of years ago, modern day Mid East or the many lands of Arabia would do as they please. Even their own elected leaders, kings, princes, and presidents do not fully rule the lands as the populous more often than not, seem to have more say than their own rulers themselves.

However, with the wildness that these people have coursing through their veins, comes a recipe for imminent disaster for some. Most notable is Syria formally Assyria of ancient times. Scriptures also tells of the imminent destruction of Damascus. Yet again look how ironic it is that the final city of modern day Syria happens to be Damascus, and the scriptures foretells ahead of time that when this city falls, it shall mark the end of it all (Damascus, Syria I mean). So Ishmael literally gave rise to the ongoing turmoil in the Mid East, he fathered men that would be free, living without fear, and doing as they please, and also they are doing so without much are any in some cases outside ruler-ship.


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    • Andres World profile image

      Andre Williams 20 months ago from Barbados, West Indies (Caribbean)

      All great questions, however, I'm only focusing on what was said of Ishmael. Though, they too could have very well contributed to the sheer war that continues to this day, no arguments with you there.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 20 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      It is odd that you should mention that Abraham had two sons (Ishmael and Isaac) and that Ishmael decendents are the cause of trouble we see today in the Middle East. But what you fail to mentioned is the fact that Abraham had fathered a total of "EIGHT" sons. Six of the sons came from Abraham's second wife named Keturah. This is noted in Genesis 25: 1-2 (NKJV) which states: 1 Abraham "again" took a wife, and her name was Keturah,. 2 And she bore him Zomran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.

      These other six sons also had MANY decendents. So, I'm wondering why you think the problems we see in the Middle East are ONLY from those WHO are direct decendents of Ishmael, when clearly Abraham fathered a total of eight sons.

      What do you think is happening with the decendents of the six others sons, that Abraham also fathered, who may be living today and what part they "might" be playing in the mess we see in the Middle East today?

      Have a great day.