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The Fear of Freedom

Updated on April 27, 2013

Freedom is not a pretty girl with flowers in her hair
Or thawing snow waters under Aspen trees
It’s a feeling
And yet you never fully understand
We thank others
And make our choices
But are you truly free?
Is freedom a wall surrounding only those deserving?
Or surrounding the fortunate?
What price have I paid for freedom?
What was asked of me?
For the place of my birth was set in motion long ago
In a time before freedom was written onto paper
And defended with the blood of strangers
As I walk along each morning
I think about my place
And who it is I should trust with the idea of America
Is it those who we elect
Or the people they neglect?
And can America extend its hand to other nations
And other people who risk everything to come ashore
Crossing oceans of dreams spread between freedom and tyranny
Yet what grows in one’s own garden waits for the night
And as we guard the fortress against desperation
The seeds of betrayal have taken root in the mouths of those who are afraid


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