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The Feast of Saint Lucy

Updated on December 8, 2012

Shedding Some Light on the Patron Saint of Blindness

This Thursday, December 13th marks the Feast of Saint Lucy. Lucy's name means "light", rooted in the same word as "lucid" which means "clear, radiant, shining or glowing".

Born in Syracuse, NY in the year 283, information pertaining to Lucy's life is somewhat sketchy, however her incredible bravery and unrelenting faith in God has compelled religious historians to shed light on her 21 years on Earth.

Vowing to devote her life to the service of Christ, her mother prearranged a marriage between Lucy and a pagan. Lucy of course had other plans for her life and when prayers at the tomb of Saint Agatha miraculously resulted in the curing of her mother's long, grave illness, both Lucy and her mother were suddenly on the same page, and the dowry that was previously earmarked for her pagan bridegroom was donated to the poor. Wise beyond her years, Lucy remarked "whatever you give away at death for the Lord's sake you give because you cannot take it with you. Give now to the true Savior, while you are healthy, whatever you intended to give away at your death."

This of course did not sit well with her jilted bridegroom, who betrayed her to the ruthlessly notorious Diocletian by revealing her to be a Christian. Sentenced to be defiled as a prostitute, legend has it that Lucy was so filled with the Holy Spirit that the guards who were charged with taking her to the brothel were literally unable to life and move her.

Ultimately put to death, Lucy was said to have had her eyes gouged out prior to her death, this due to her chosen bride groom's alleged infatuation with their beauty. In artist depictions, Lucy is frequently shown holding her eyes on a golden plate. In keeping with the Christian Theme of eternal justice through a kind, loving and merciful God, many of the faithful devotees of St Lucy believe wholeheartedly that God restored Lucy's eyes with an even more beautiful pair after her death.

Now recognized as the patron saint of those afflicted with blindness and eye trouble, be sure to remember this incredibly brave and intensely loyal martyr this Thursday as she is celebrated as a true role model for Christians everywhere who seek to serve God and love they neighbor as themselves,


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