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The Fields of Thunder

Updated on October 15, 2010

My Story

I was born in the middle of great turmoil. You might even think of my birth as a frightening event. The night I was born there was a terrible storm. Lightening flashed all around, and the thunder roared with all of its might. The storm raged with all of its furry for many hours. Most people don't remember their births but I am special. I can vividly remember my birth.

I can remember being whipped by the wind, and tossed to and fro in the air. The thunder was so loud that you couldn't even hear yourself screaming at the top of your lungs. The wind raged, and the lightening lit up the night sky as if it were daylight, only to disappear as soon as it appeared plunging the world into a terrible darkness. This storm seemed like the worst storm that the world had ever seen. The power of this storm could tear a giant oak tree from the ground and send it crashing to the earth.

Although it was terrifying it was also an amazing spectacle. Like watching something that you knew you could not prevent. You would just stand there with your feet frozen in place wishing you could move but you couldn't.

Yes that is how I was born. You see I am a simple raindrop, and I was born on the fields of thunder. The storms are always loud, and frightening. The wind howls the lightening flashes, the thunder booms, but eventually the life giving rain is born, and falls to the ground. The rain is what the earth cries for. It gives life to all living things, and every one needs it, but without the storm we couldn't have the rain.

Sometimes that is how life is. We are afraid of the storm, but out of the storm is born the very thing we need. Though we get tossed like a cork on the ocean. Even thought the winds whip us into the air, and the thunder shakes us to our very soul. The lightening may seem to pierce us with its power until we think we will melt from the white-hot heat it delivers. We may quake in the awful presence of the mighty storm. It may feel like our soul is melting from pain or anguish. We may feel as if it is burning with the fires of hatred or jealousy. We may think we will die in the storm. That God has sent this storm to kill us. We may cry out to God to save us from this terrible tempest that has beset our lives. "It is unfair what is happening," we cry. But our prayers seem to hit the ceiling and bounce back in our faces. You may feel like God has deserted you, and left you to die in a wilderness of solitude, and despair. Like you are the last person on earth, and you can't ever die. You are doomed to a life of utter loneliness and heartache.

But all of this is not the case! Take courage my friend because this storm is exactly what you need. This storm is delivering to you some form of life giving rain. Just like that raindrop a Christian is born on the fields of thunder. We are tossed, and buffeted many times. We will be many times to come, but it is all a part of the master's plan. We cannot avoid these storms. We can only weather them, and lay ourselves in the everlasting arms of the Savior.

I have recently been shaken to my very core by one of the most terrible storms that most of us have ever seen. I am not saying this lightly. I know many people have faced worse things, but I don't know very many of them. I am not bragging about my scars. I am simply testifying of the grace of God. I have done nothing to deserve or warrant His grace in my life. He chose me for some reason. I am no supper Christian because of what I have suffered, but I am a changed person. I have learned to have more understanding for my fellow man.

Sometimes people do things they don't want to do but they do them out of pain or suffering. We all should learn to have more tolerance for our fellow man. The person who is rude to you might be going through one of these terrible storms. People who are in pain will often lash out without thinking like a wounded animal. I think patience and understanding is something that all of us could use a little more of. Just remember when things are stormy and turbulent that life comes from the storm.


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    • profile image

      Jeana 7 years ago

      An amazing story of life indeed.

      I feel as though this is a universal story, one where the minor details need only be changed, but the outcome remains the same. Life changes us, but we are brought new life with each passing storm. New life bringing change and diversity, growth and connection.

      Beautifully written and speaks poetically to the heart.