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The Accurate Final Prophecies of Mother Teresa

Updated on February 22, 2013

Here the nuns who comment on the vision..." we want to present this prophecy of Mother Teresa below. One reason to be afraid, but there is no way, for we are a

Mother Theresa died at 21:30 clock on the evening of 5 September 1997 in the mother house of her convent in Calcutta. At about 20:15 clock woke Mother Theresa and called on the other nuns themselves.

She said: "I have had a vision of things to come, Our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded me to reveal it to you, so that you can prepare for a time of woe be protected from evil and since..

The 'Four Horsemen' that are mentioned in the book of Revelation (Rev. 6, 1-9) have risen to their horses, begins her ride. Within a span of five years, you will hear the hooves.

The first three tabs correspond to the description given in Revelation, but the fourth horseman of gloom of death is transformed into a beacon of light and hope. The first tab - the 'plague' - riding a white horse, and is equipped with a bow. The second on a red horse and brandishing a sword represents the 'war' represents the third rider has mounted a black horse. He wears a scale for weighing, and called 'famine'. The fourth horseman rides (initially) a dull horse and rides at the head of the armies of hell. His name is 'death'. "

Pestilence, war, famine...

Mother Teresa was pretty determined with respect to the time specified in the first three scourges. Pestilence, war, famine

The plague first in Asia in August 2002. First, it is ignored by the World Health Organisation, but it spreads and the victims will multiply rapidly. (Note from the editor: Perhaps this is the lung disease "SARS" meant that predicted by Mother Teresa, for months prior to the announcement, erupted in southern China.)

If the plague is raging, then the true identity of the beast, which is called in Revelation revealed. It is a creature that would be the death, pain and misery. This man comes from Iran and proudly displays the number 666, probably in some symbolic way on his clothes or on his forehead. The beast will initially welcomed by the United Nations as a "man of peace". It takes a full year before his true identity is shown. With arrogant ease the beast Saddam Hussein murdered in 2003 by means of a murder plot, involved in the Arab sheiks are. He extends his power through Iraq and Saudi Arabia. During the plagues of rage, he begins to reach world domination. War breaks out in the Middle East in October 2003. He begins with the assassination of an important figure in the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is now underway.

This horrifying event provoked a wave of suicide attacks against the United States. Fanatics decide that they can be torn in pieces, as long as they can bring death to many Americans. Your goals shopping centers, apartment buildings and stadiums will be. As part of a two-pronged attack by terrorists overthrow flown aircraft down in government buildings and national monuments, including the Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore. (Probably saw Mother Teresa here in their future show the collapsing World Trade Center in New York. Other such attacks were indeed planned, but that could be prevented.'s Note)

Like the plague escalates, it will happen with the war just as quickly. Iraq unites with the Palestinians, and Iraqi troops are supported by Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt. In the first week of November, President Bush will tell the nation that American interests are threatened, "We can no longer hold us in the background!" Russia and China adopt similar attitudes. Russia joins the U.S. to China and the Arabs. A heavy, bloody, global confrontation follows. America will emerge victorious, but. With great loss of life and the ruin of the economic system

Then occurs the third horseman: the famine. With the destruction of the world trade in the plague and war go hand in hand, decomposition of crop in the fields. Hunger exists not only in the Third World but also in the richest nations. But if the situation is at its worst possible state, then there will be a severe winter in the northern hemisphere.

The fourth tab is visible. This tab was not "death" as in Revelation, but it is for "hope." In his hand he holds a stone tablet on which is inscribed a prayer. Mother Teresa said that this prayer will be a spiritual armor: all those who were praying there, protected by the first three riders devastation caused.

Millions of New Yorkers will be witnesses of a miracle that will be at the site of the Twin Towers. The towers seem to get up and all those who died there will be seen clad in white robes.

The vision lasted for almost a full day before at dusk the evening disappeared. This is a message of hope to the United States and the entire world. "Hope" will be the promise of a new message of Our Lady of Fatima. Hundreds of people are in the sanctuary to witness the virgin shall announce the victory of the war on earth. Then she reveals a 2000 year-old mystery: the return of her son!

Mother Teresa said that the second coming of Christ in the life of most believers who are now less than eighty years old come, must! Mother Teresa then gave the prayer of salvation, which follows at the end of this article. She clasped her hands, closed her eyes and with a look of great peace and great composure, she gave up her mind to be united with the saints and martyrs.

Mother Teresa did not disclose what would be the final result of the disaster, but they left their testimony without doubt that the prayer that she has given, have an immense power that prayer, which was inscribed on the carried by the fourth tab stone tablet , that rider, whose name was of "death" changed to "hope."


"From Death to hope"

Mother Teresa

saw a vision:

Lead me from death to life,

of lies to truth.

Lead me from despair

to hope

from fear to confidence.

Lead me from hate to love,

from war to peace.

Let peace fill our hearts,

our world and our universe!



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    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Blossom: You know I think Mother T. is someone we can all learn something from and I agree that the whole world should be concerned about what she says. We are all in this is so important to remember that. The world is something no one of us asked to be born into, but now that we are here, we can make it a better place at least, for ourselves and those who follow after...the way our own grandparents and so on did for us.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      What an interesting hub about something that concerns the whole world. Thank you.

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      janta: I am very pleased! :)

    • jantamaya profile image

      Maria Janta-Cooper 5 years ago from UK

      Thank you for writing this moving and interesting hub about a great woman of our time. Enjoyed reading it.


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