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The First Chakra: Muladhara

Updated on February 12, 2018

The First Chakra

The first chakra is called the Muladhara, meaning mula-root and adhara-support or base. It is also called the root chakra. The Muladhara chakra is the foundation of the chakra system.

Muladhara chakra is the first of the three lower, or "material" (as opposed to spiritual) chakras. The three highest chakras are the spiritual chakras, and the middle chakra is a balancing chakra.

1st Muladhara

2nd Svadhishthana

3rd Manipura

4th Anahata

5th Vishuddha

6th Ajna

7th Sahasrara

This article will describe the aspects, correspondences, location, and the symbology of the first chakra. This material stems from my research and years of experience with the chakras.

Where it is Located

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, at the coccyx bone. Some consider the location of the first chakra to be at the pelvic floor. From personal experience, I have found that chakra activity takes place in either location, sometimes going up the middle of the body, sometimes going up the spine. Wherever the exact location is, the Muladhara chakra is the lowest of the seven main chakras of the subtle body.

The root chakra is where the three main nadis emerge and go upwards. The Shushumna, the Ida, and the Pingala. Nadis are subtle channels for the prana, or vital energy. Prana is what keeps us alive. Nadis are SUBTLE channels, not physical. The Shushumna is the main nadi, which runs from the coccyx to the top of the head, touching each chakra as it goes upwards. The Ida and Pingala are the second most important nadis, going upwards from the root chakra to the sixth chakra at the forehead. They wind around the Shushumna in a double helix formation, crossing over at each chakra center.

It is also the seat of kundalini energy, where it is considerded to be lying dormant, coiled three and a half times around the coccyx.


The common symbology associated with the first chakra is a follows:

The color red, which can symbolize vitality, the life's blood, and passion. The color red is the first color in the rainbow, and has the lowest frequency of all the colors.

The root chakra's main symbol is a red lotus with four petals. Inside is a square, which also symbolizes EARTH (as the element, not the planet). The number four is associated with the square.

Sometimes inside the square is the symbol for the LAM mantra. Other times, there is an inverted triangle, also known as the "chalice", which is a feminine symbol. The possibility crosses my mind that the root chakra is associated with skakti, which is a female aspect. Thus the chalice symbol.


The mantra associated with the root chakra is LAM.

The emotion associated with the root chakra is fear. This is an emotion that induces the fight or flight response when a person is in danger.

The root chakra is associated with basic instincts involving survival and self preservation. Also mental needs such as security, safety and stability. It is also associated with physical needs such as shelter, food and water.

Words associated with the root chakra:













Each chakra has correspondences associated with them.





Each chakra also has a correspondence in the seven stages of spirituality.

The first chakra corresponds to the first Nigredo(or Blackening) stage of spiritual alchemy, which is called Calcination. This is the first stage of spiritual awakening, where the ego is destroyed to make way for higher stages of consciousness.

This is a process of deep introspection and self evaluation. When everything about you is broken down and shaken up, so it can rise to the front of our consciousness where it can be dealt with.

This is the beginning of an inner revolution of the psyche, where you can begin to conquer the less respectable parts of yourself. This is the phoenix burning up, before it can rise anew out of it's own ashes.

The root chakra corresponds to the lowest Sephirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is called Malkuth. It is associated with the "material" and Earth.


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    • Mek Kamongmenan profile image

      Mek Hepela Kamongmenan 

      10 months ago from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

      Great post


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