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The Flow of creation

Updated on August 26, 2011
colored Sky
colored Sky | Source

Calm in my world produces a lethargy that quenches the creative juices. I find it hard to write paint or be creative in any way when there is no upheaval. Why this is I couldn't explain, but it gives new meaning to the phrase Life Interrupted. To me an interruption is a break in the flow of things, and my flow is the creative side of my life. When there is nothing happening in that area I feel as though I have lost part of who I am. I am a right brained individual and when I am not functioning in that area I feel as though I don't exist, there is just something missing in my life.

How does one make it thought the day without creating something of beauty? I know women that feel that keeping a spotless home, or cooking the incredible gourmet meal is the height of their achievement and they feel fulfilled in that accomplishment, which is wonderful. Sometimes I wish that I could feel that way, but to me this type of endeavor is mundane and I find it hard to get excited about that. To me the creation of a poem, article, painting or even to sing a song (even if it is only for my enjoyment) is an accomplishment that leaves me fulfilled and gratified.

What is it that fulfills you?, Gives you purpose?, Makes you Whole? Whatever it is find it and pursue it, for without that feeling of fulfillment & and accomplishment you are nothing. There is a hole in each of us that needs to be filled, and only God can fill it, and in doing so He completes us and makes us what we were meant to be. Become the beauty of His creation, become whole in Him. What creates the flow that makes you Whole? Find your flow in Him and go with it. You are His Child and you are special to Him. Go with God My Friends, and realize that your Life does not have to be interrupted.


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