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Will The Foolishness of the World Really Confound the Wise

Updated on August 10, 2020

Foolishness or Wisdom

2nd Century Papyrus 1 Corinthians 1:24 -2:2
2nd Century Papyrus 1 Corinthians 1:24 -2:2
Roy Blizzard III at work
Roy Blizzard III at work

The Foolishness of the World to Confound the Wise

2011 © Roy Blizzard III

2nd Century CE Hellenic Papyrus of 1 Corinthians 1:24-2.2

While this papyrus that was written 200 years after Yeshua is a nice Greek work, it does little to shed any real light on the proper translation into English of this passage in Corinthians due to mistaken belief that the New Testament was written in Greek or Aramaic. Many people have for years used this passage to browbeat intelligent individuals who have questioned the stupidity of those teaching error. It has also been a favorite tool of the Church to keep individuals from pursuing actual scholarship in favor of denominational teachings which lead to slavery to dogma instead of the Freedom of the Truth.

This passage by Saul is speaking about the Sophists. They were men and women in Greece and the Hellenic world who would gather together at a designated place, like at the Areopagas or Mars Hill in Athens, to discuss all the newest and beautiful wisdom in the world. They were absolutely worthless as they did nothing constructive but simply argued about what was the latest and greatest thing. Socrates made fun of them for this reason.

In today's world we would likely call them "Irrational Idealists". People who honestly hold to the belief that the world should or even must function according to the way they think it should function. This however is actually bordering on the insane because the world doesn't function that way. This has given rise to what I call Misplaced Social Justice which in turn gave rise of the secular governments due to the influence of this insane thinking and its ability to control others. This subject is much too long to properly discuss here but you need to think about this situation.

In this light, let me render a translation from the Hebrew which may help you to see what this passage is actually talking about.

1:24) But to those being called (to service as ones set apart to God) the one’s of the Jews, the one’s of the Greeks, to Yeshua - Jesus - which is the strength of God (Yeshua sits at the right hand of power) and the wisdom of God (Yeshua is the Torah made flesh - the embodiment of wisdom),

25) Because that the foolishness of the study of God and His knowledge is (Ecclesiastes 1:17) more wise than that of men (fleshly studies) and the weak ones of God are stronger than men. (Joel 3:9-10)

26) For you truly see your calling brothers, how that not many wise men of the flesh, not many mighty or noble (in the flesh) (are going to see and act on their calling)

27) But if in the foolishness that is in the world (the study of God’s word) God has chosen in order to shame the wise (in the flesh) and the weak that are in the world God has chosen to shame the strong. (Jeremiah 2:26ff)

28) And the set apart and the despised from the world(the rejected) God has chosen (Isaiah 53:3, Psalms 188:22) in that which isn’t (in a worldly sense doesn’t need to exist) in order to cease those things that are (grow old and will perish)

29) In order that all flesh (the wicked) will not boast before him (Psalms 10:3)

30) But from Him (from the source of / of His species / as the author of an action) are you in the anointed one Yeshua which became for us Wisdom from God (the living Torah) and Righteousness (the embodiment of righteous acts) and Holiness (the embodiment of all that is Holy of God) and Redemption (the embodiment of and the 1st born of the Redemption)

31) And as it is written, “The one giving Glory, in YHWH let him glorify.” (Jeremiah 9:23ff)

2:1) And also, when I came to you my brothers, I didn’t come in pride (or self exaltation) of speech (as a Sophist would do) or wisdom (earthly wisdom which the Sophist would be proud of and desire to know) but declaring by a story to you the witness (testimony) of God.

2:2) That I didn’t think to make known anything among you except Yeshua the anointed one and Him delivered (or saving, it has nothing to with Yeshua being crucified, it has to do with Him Saving!)

I hope that this translation can help you understand that Saul was writing to correct erroneous thinking of his day, which still exists today. When we dwell on God and His wisdom, all blessings will come to us through the embodiment of His Salvation. Do not fall prey to the insane teachings of this world, but seek the mind of God and His existence and all wisdom and truth will begin to exist in you.

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    • profile image

      David Morris 

      10 years ago

      I see nothing has changed in nearly 2000 years

    • profile image

      Steve Robb 

      10 years ago

      Amein Dave~ I agree :0)

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      10 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Royblizzard: Of course Paul was writing to correct those new followers of the time, yet as you also point out the same teaching is in need of application to man today also. Thank you.


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