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The Formative (Platonic) Plane

Updated on May 11, 2017

Formative Plane

This is my speculation on the Formative, or Platonic, plane. I also refer to it as "Realm" and use these words interchangeably.

This is what I've deduced from my experiences with synchronicities, research into Canonical Numbers (especially in geometry), research into religions, and my own spiritual experiences.

The Formative Plane is the plane underlying and creating the Material Plane. The Material Plane is the realm of consensus reality, which most people believe in and live in. I do not believe there is actually any "materiality" or physicality on the Material Plane, but that is for another article.

The Material Plane is called Malkuth in the Tree of Life. It is the lowest and tenth Shekhinah. The Formative Plane is above this.

The Formative Plane includes all archetypes, including mathematical, physical, and conceptual.

This is akin to Carl Jung's archetypes and collective unconscious. Anyone can tap into this plane, as long as they are in the right state of consciousness. We can tap into it in dreams as well.

In the Formative Plane, there is no time, and no cause and effect. Everything is based on association of meaning. When we have a synchronicity, this is a small glimpse into the formative realm, which is breaking into the material realm.

I have had much experience with the formative realm, including synchronicities, visions, dreams, and seeing Canonical Numbers. I have gone into altered states of consciousness, mostly brought on by deep meditation. In fact, deep meditation is what brought me to these new ways of thinking, and experiencing the world.

The living Universe has given me numbers, visions, and direct spiritual knowledge (gnosis). God has also given me gnosis, but that is for a separate article. I think the living Universe is either a created being, or an aspect of God. I am unable to tell, so I can only make guesses.


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