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The Wicked Will Find That God's Judgment Will Not Be Mingled With Mercy.

Updated on July 30, 2020
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

Judgment Comes from the Throne.

 A sight beyond our comprehension.
A sight beyond our comprehension. | Source

In Heaven's Court the World Stands Condemned.

The sign (Gr. semeion - a miracle with an ethical end and purpose) from God to an wicked world. Judgment for the wicked will begin on earth for their lies, murders, perversions and worship of everything unholy. Even yet the worse is still to come. The doomed of this world will desire death at our Lord's return (Revelation 6:16), until death itself overtakes them. The sufferings of this world are nothing compared to the judgment that awaits those who are offended by the Almighty. Seven very special angels who have been prepared for this day and hour, deliver God's last plagues upon man, beast and creation; carrying out the bidding of the King of kings.

The scene:

A sea of glass: the ancient kings of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia, had their thrones set in a sea of polished stone, gold and gems. No one could stand upon this sea without the direct biding of the king for it could mean a death sentence. This is what Esther faced when she approached the throne of king Ahasuerus; had he not extended his scepter as token of acceptance she would have been put to death. The Beast being the power behind these kingdoms, copied that to which he was acquainted prior to his fall from grace: the glassy sea surrounding the throne of God Almighty.

God's promise to the Martyrs is fulfilled:

The age of martyrdom has come to a close; all that is left are the last seven plagues and the return of the King. Satan, the Beast and the following armies of earth now have their attention turned to more pressing issues. The Martyrs have been summoned to the throne room to witness the fulfillment of Revelation 6:9-11 "How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on earth? yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled." and per Revelation 13:10, this is "...the patience and the faith of the saints." They have awaited this day with much anticipation and their hearts erupt with the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb. The Jewish people sang the song of Moses for they personally had witnessed the saving arm of their mighty God. In this case, only the Martyrs can testify to the events that led to their deaths. The Church nor the 144,000 could testify to any of this for they were with Jesus; their earthly work complete. The one thing all men in heaven could sing was the song of the Lamb, for we have one thing in common; we have been redeemed from among men and He, the great I Am, is worthy to be praised. As judgment is passed, with grateful hearts, the martyrs are ushered from the presence of God Almighty for He desires to be alone.

God sits alone, for judgment is a most solemn and terrible time:

We cannot comprehend the full of the wrath of God; though the world is going to witness His wrath first hand. No man is allowed in heaven's temple of the tabernacle until the seven plagues are fulfilled: not the Bride, the Martyrs or the 144,000. I believe we will never witness His full wrath ever: judgment, yes. After these plagues are released, God will never send plagues and destruction upon man nor creation again. For even at the end of the millennium, it is a cleansing fire upon the rebellious followed immediately by the Great White Throne judgment. During this period, no man, even in our new bodies, would be able to stand in God Almighty's presence.

The World is Without Excuse.

The wicked will grow more wicked until God's wrath is poured out on man.
The wicked will grow more wicked until God's wrath is poured out on man. | Source

Bowl 1 - History Will Repeat Itself.

Impossible to do anything without pain, yet it is going to get worse.
Impossible to do anything without pain, yet it is going to get worse. | Source

The Mark of God Upon the Unrepentant's Flesh.

It was the 5th Trumpet judgment that finally addressed man's flesh with the locusts from hell. Now the first bowl full of the wrath of God goes directly at man's flesh; directly at those who sport the Mark and those who worship the image of the Beast. When the angels come to reap their harvests at the end of the age and the tares must be culled out from the wheat; the tares will not be able to disguise themselves, for God will have placed an indelible mark covering their bodies. These sores will be (Gr. kakos2556 - evil in itself) and (poneros4190 - malicious in intent). They will be disgusting, disfiguring and painful beyond measure. There will be no where to hide.

Bowls 2 & 3: Water, Water, No Where, Nary a Drop to Drink.

The seas and the fountains become blood.
The seas and the fountains become blood. | Source

Oceans of Death and Rivers of Blood to Drink.

How soothing it is to flush a sore, cut or abrasion with cool water. That option of relief no longer exists. The seas become as a dead man's blood which is almost black, clotted in appearance and looks much like coffee grounds: everything in them dies. The rivers and fountains of fresh water become blood: not like blood. As the angel declares; the wicked are worthy to receive blood to drink. I wonder what washing their sores in blood will do for them. A massive food source is now gone, they will drink blood for their thirst will drive them to do so and their hatred of everything holy will grow exponentially. When the sixth bowl rolls around, they will be ready, so they think, to take on our Lord and avenge themselves. God shall send them one last ray of hope before He crushes them with a rod of iron.

Bowl 4 - Global Warming is Coming!

A blast felt around the earth.
A blast felt around the earth. | Source

Bowl 5 - Darkness Befitting the Wicked's Hearts.

Exodus 10 - A darkness that will be felt.
Exodus 10 - A darkness that will be felt. | Source

Indescribable Pain and the Hardening of Hearts.

Open painful sores in a water-less world; how could it get any worse? Do you know of anyone that would treat a severe sunburn with a blow dryer? My guess is that you may try it once but you will never do it again. Their fleshly agony will definitely go up a couple of notches as evidenced by their blasphemy of name of God. At least they are now acknowledging Him on a constant basis but without repentance. Their inborn hatred of everything godly consumes them, even in the face of ultimate destruction, for they will not give up their wickedness. This bowl is not exclusive to the Beast and his kingdom as is what follows.

One more selective judgment upon the flesh of the Beast and his kingdom prior to the return of Christ is a darkness of unbelievable pain. How, is beyond me. Those suffering the worst, hope beyond hope that something miraculous will occur to relieve their immediate misery.

Bowl 6 - A False Glimmer of Hope.

Three frog-like demonic "miracle" workers.
Three frog-like demonic "miracle" workers. | Source

The Trap Has Been Set.

The kingdom of Satan has been brutalized by the first of the bowl judgments but now something seems to have changed. Miraculously, the Euphrates dries up and a great logistical problem has been solved: how to get all of the armies of the Beast's cohorts from the east into Israel. Feeling a new sense of power, the unholy trinity unleash three miracle working demons upon world to gather all their forces for the coming battle with the returning Messiah. The word miracles in verse 14 is the same word as sign in chapter 15:1 meaning: an ethical end and purpose. A cure for the sores; a solution to the water problem; a renewed vigor and hatred against God: all this remains to be seen. But whatever miracles they do work will mobilize the armies of the entire kingdom of the Beast and will draw them to their doom in the Valley of Megiddo and along the coasts of Israel. The pain of the sores and the water being solved would erase a huge practical as well as logistical problem for the Devil. How deceived the great deceiver has become, as he works the will of God while believing he is working his own will.

A challenging chapter for the preacher.

Have you ever listened to a messge from Revelation 16 being preached from the pulpit?

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