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The Gemini Child

Updated on April 30, 2011

The Gemini child is the chattiest kid in the entire zodiac. He's also one of the most easily bored and changeable children in the world. Naturally, other aspects in his or her astrological birth chart will have an effect on the full personality, so it's impossible to say all Gemini children are exactly alike. They do, however, all share some similar characteristics you can bank on, and that is what we'll be having a look at in this article. To learn more about the Gemini boy and Gemini girl, please read on!


The Gemini child has an interesting personality. They are constantly needing to experience new and exciting things, and this is the child who will learn how to walk and talk before the other kids, because he simply can't wait that long to speak and have walkabout, even if it's only to explore his own home! The Gemini child is typically happy and carefree, but there can be a temper there if their need to experience the world around them is impeded for any reason. Of course, rather than pitch a fit, the Gemini child will probably explain to you in eloquent language that limiting his time playing video games is infringing upon his or her right to develop mentally, emotionally and physically -- so be prepared with a clever comeback, if you can. Though I warn you, it can be difficult to outwit a Gemini, even when they are young. They were born with a silver tongue, after all, and they will be able to talk themselves out of nearly anything from the moment they learn to speak!

Always On the Go

The Gemini child will need lots of activities to keep themselves entertained. This child needs to talk and experience everything he or she can, on an ongoing basis. They will get bored of one classmate one minute, but develop an interest again in a few days time. The Gemini child will probably be very popular in school because they will be able to make everyone laugh with their witty jokes. The teachers will probably less fond, as the Gemini child is also likely to be class clown -- but, then again, they can be highly charming and the teacher might find them as entertaining as everyone else does! This child will probably respect his or her parents, but at the same time this is also a child who may develop a rebellious streak in the teen years if said parents do not allow the Gemini child his freedom. This is not a kid who can sit around the house on a Friday night, so it may be best to allow freedom, but implement some firm ground rules, such as curfew, because the Gemini is almost never, ever on time!

Boys vs Girls

Gemini boys and girls are pretty much exactly the same, apart from the most obvious. Both are capable of winning anyone over with their charming, eloquent speech, and both tend to be very popular and successful. They will both have a very good chance to succeed in life, because both are able to adapt in almost any situation.

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