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The Ghost Of James A Garfield

Updated on October 27, 2010
President James A Garfield after his death. Garfield was a Civil War General and the twentieth President of the United States.
President James A Garfield after his death. Garfield was a Civil War General and the twentieth President of the United States. | Source

The Ghost Of James A Garfield

President James A Garfield served a brief 200 days in office as President of the United States. He was in office from March 4th  1881 until September 19th 1881. Garfield was born in Moreland Hills Ohio on November 19 1831.

Garfield was a Civil War General on the Union side. Garfield had a very active military career and he is credited with helping the Union Forces to win the Civil War. In October of 1862 Garfield was elected to Congress by the republican party and he resigned his military commission on December 5th 1863 to take his seat in congress as the Congressman from Ohio's 19th Congressional district.

Later Garfield went on to win the office of President of the United States by the squeaking margin of 2000 votes. Garfield was sworn in as a republican president of the United States on March 4th 1881. Only 7000 people attended the inaugural of President James A Garfield.

Above is the passenger terminal for the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad where President James A Garfield was shot. The building was torn down in 1908.
Above is the passenger terminal for the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad where President James A Garfield was shot. The building was torn down in 1908. | Source

The Ghost Of President James A Garfield

President Garfield however had a very short time to savor his win as President of the United States. Charles J. Guiteau shot President Garfield in the above train station on July 2 1881 at 9.30 A.M. Guiteau was distraught because he could not obtain a job in the federal government.

Guiteau shot at the President twice grazing his arm with the first shot and the second shot lodged in the spine of President Garfield. A lot of people don't know that Todd Lincoln who was the son of President Lincoln was with President Garfield when he was shot.  Over the next several weeks the President became increasingly ill as infection spread over his body from the bullet lodged in his spine. He was bedridden in the White House with extreme pain , chills , and fevers.

On September 6th 1881 the ill President Garfield was moved to the Jersey shore with the hope that the fresh ocean air would help him to recover. However President Garfield was never to recover and he died of a massive heart attack brought on by his injury at 10.35 on September 19th 1881 in Long Branch New Jersey. President Garfield died exactly two months before his 50th birthday. It is now believed by most medical researchers that President Garfield would have survived his wound if he had been treated by more competent doctors. The doctors attending him even inserted their unwashed fingers into the wound of the President. And it is now believed that it was the infection that contributed to the death of the President.

The Garfield Monument in Washington D.C. today.
The Garfield Monument in Washington D.C. today. | Source

The Ghost Of President Garfield Is In Hiram Ohio

It is believed by many people that the ghost of President James A Garfield haunts his former house in Hiram Ohio. Garfield had been the president of the Western Eclectic Institute in Hiram Ohio and he lived on the campus in the house for six years before he went off to fight in the American Civil War. It is interesting to note here that while living in the house Garfield later told friends that he quite often had conversations with the ghost of his dead father. So it is really quite possible that their was paranormal activity in the house before the death of President Garfield. President Garfield also told his wife and friends that the six years he lived in the house were some of his happiest times. So it is easy to theorize that since Garfield was happy there then it is to there that his ghost returned to after his death.

In 1961 the house was almost demolished but it was saved at the last moment and was moved off campus towards the edge of town. It was after this move that strange and mysterious things started to happen in the house. People reported cold spots in the house , the smell of cigar smoke , lights switched off and on by themselves and heavy footsteps are often heard walking around the house. Some people have offered the theory that President Garfield did not like the fact that his house had been moved.

A psychic was hired and asked to investigate the house and the paranormal activity going on there and the psychic claimed to have received a message from President Garfield that he was unhappy because friends had him killed.

There has never been any evidence of a conspiracy involving the death of President Garfield but President Garfield may have been talking about his doctors who many medical researchers now agree killed President Garfield through incompetence.

There are many people who believe that the restless spirit of President James A Garfield still roams about his former house in Hiram Ohio. Paranormal investigators who have investigated the house have found evidence of paranormal activity in the house.

Though the ghosts of several U.S. Presidents have been reported in the United States White House President Garfield has never been reported there. So if he's there he has stayed well hidden so far.

What do you think about the ghost of President James A Garfield. Post your comments or questions below and thanks for taking the time to read my hub page about the ghost of James A Garfield.

Post your comments or questions about the ghost of President Garfield now. And thanks for reading.

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    • profile image

      Tom Higgins 

      9 years ago

      In the A&E production of the life of Alexander Graham Bell called "The Sound and the Silence" there is a scene showing Bell bringing his newly invented metal detector to Garfields bedside in the White House.Bell told the doctors to remove all metal from the room.Curously, the detector,which worked fine locating bullets shot into a side of beef in Bell's testing lab,malfunctioned at the white house. The scene shows Bell approaching Garfield's bedside where the stricken president, cigar in his mouth,pulls Bell by the collar close to him and says, "You've got to help me Bell! I'm surrounded by idiots!" After the malfunction, Garfield is removed and Bell sits on the bed wondering why the detector didn't work. Then he lifts up the mattress revealing the coiled METAL springs below!

    • Granny's House profile image

      Granny's House 

      10 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

      I found your hub very interesting. Thank you also for the info. I did not now some of the facts you have listed.


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