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The Ghosts Regius (The Royal Ghosts)

Updated on March 31, 2017

Ghost of the palace of Versailles

This classic case of the realm of ghosts is maybe the most frequently told. This is a case, consisting of The Gardens of Versailles, Palace of France. This is an 18th century palace. This bizarre experience happened with two school teachers of England named Eleanor Jourdain and Annie Moberly, in the year 1901, and which remained an unforgettable memory in the minds of both of them forever.

It all started when both Annie and Eleanor visited this garden. As they were loitering in this area a weird looking man clad in black clothes which were characteristic of the 18th century, talked to them. After this person went his way both the teachers started seeing visions of people wearing eighteenth century dresses. They also saw a woman who was sitting in the garden making a sketch. Both the teachers were overcome by strange feelings and felt sick. The lady they saw sketching was probably Louis XVI’s wife, whose name was Marie Antoinette. The women had seen things in those gardens that never existed. Both of them were shocked to see people moving freely in and out of the palace that had been abandoned for more than a century.

These experiences of the two women were seriously criticized, as they were published because of the image of Annie. She was considered to have such experiences often. Both women took this criticism as inevitable and in return gave very clear details of the gardens, the dresses and the palace itself. The sketching lady had been seen more than once by people living nearby. Thus it cannot be claimed that Annie and Eleanor were the only ones to see the ‘Ghosts of The Gardens of Versailles Palace’.

After this event had happened with the two teachers, there were more incidents of sightings of people wearing eighteenth century dresses, for about 25 years starting from 1930 and ending in 1955. Another teacher named Clare Burrow had experienced an unusual phenomenon of passing through one of the gates of the garden, which had been sealed shut for many years.

Both the teachers Annie and Eleaner came to the conclusion that they had seen the ghosts of people who inhabited the palace in eighteenth century because there is no other logical explanation of this event except that both the ladies had travelled back in time, to the time of revolutionary France.

These sightings by the two ladies cannot be called fake because of the details imparted by them regarding the palace and the garden. There was another fact that reinforced the tale related by the women. The day they saw the vision was a day of strong electrical storms, in the presence of which such visions are seen by many people even today near the Versailles Palace.

The Ghosts of Hampton COURT (U.K.)

Hampton Court was built by Cardinal Wolsey in the year 1515. This was given by him to the king, Henry VIII in a bid, to regain his favor. This court is flourishing with frequently seen ghosts. The most often seen of these is the ghost of Cardinal Wolsey himself, first in 1966. This is quite a recent sighting as compared to 476 years of age of this castle. There are other sightings though, which are not as recent. These are those of two wives out of the total of five wives of King Henry VIII.

Catherine, the fifth wife of Henry VIII was married to him, forced by her Catholic family in 1540. She was thought to be immortal, and a witch. She was arrested in 1541 and after three months of her arrest she was decapitated, in February 1542. Her ghost has been seen since then screaming and running in the outer bounds of the castle, complaining of the injustice done to her. Catherine’s ghost disappeared sometime in 1918 but later a sketcher who was making a sketch of a tapestry saw a hand in front of the tapestry many times. The ring in a finger of this hand was later proved to be the ring of Catherine Howard.

Jane, Henry’s third wife, has also been seen, though less frequently. Her ghost has been seen in the main courtroom, bearing an intensely pensive expression on her face as she had died after giving birth to her only son who became the successive king named Edward VI and who died of smallpox. After her grave was disturbed in 1830, frequent sounds of somebody speaking loudly as though to oneself, are heard, coming from St. Mary’s Church where she was buried.

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    • klidstone1970 profile image

      இڿڰۣ-- кιмвєяℓєу 3 years ago from Niagara Region, Canada

      These old buildings are rich with tales like these. Very interesting and somewhat eery. Thanks for sharing. Kindest regards, Kim.