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The Ghosts That lurk Around Us

Updated on March 5, 2013

Are There Hidden Eyes Watching....

Here is one of the many True to life Ghost stories that I keep locked in my mind. This story is really odd, because it starts with a book I had read a few years prior to moving into an apartment about 5 years ago. The name of the book is called " Every move you make",

So anyway my daughter lent me the book to read. She knew I would be interested in the book because the book was about a person that grew up in the city I live in, which is Troy NY. I read the book and gave it back to her, then she lent the book out to a friend, she never did get the book back. I did get the book back in an odd way, though it was not the book she had, The book more or less fell into my lap at my job via one of my residents. Which struck me odd and gave me chills... Also I must mention how as I read the book how even before and after down the line through some time certain things were just eerie.

So let me tell you a little about Gary Evans. He was born in Troy NY, on October 7, 1954. Gary did not have the best life growing up to say the least. He became a career criminal and serial killer. He liked to break into Jewelry stores, and loved antiques as well. He killed his best friends which were his partners in crime. His whole life pretty much was spent in and out of jails and prisons.

Okay now onto my story: I moved into this apartment right up the street where the old city jail used to be. It is now the Family Court building. So way back in the day a well known thief and killer escaped from the city jail, where he went nobody knew for a few days, but they did catch up to him.

So many years later there I was.. just getting settled in the new apartment. I was standing in the kitchen doing some dishes or something, and all the sudden I heard a voice behind me.. The voice told me I needed to go to the basement to a certain section. I asked who I was talking to, and he said it is Gary Evans. I knew which part he wanted me to go down to, and I asked why? He would not tell me. I told him I was not going down there unless he told me why, then I told him that I thought I was just imagining things. He then got mad at me, and I got mad and told him to go away. I actually yelled at him.

After that I told my daughter and friends, and asked them to go down to the basement with me, but nobody would go with me. I have since moved a few times since then .If you read the book you will understand the creepiness of this story.

Okay now here are the few weird things about this. I grew up on Stow Ave, Gary jumped off the Menands bridge, which is at the bottom of Stow Ave and killed himself ( back in the day) I moved from the said apartment on 5th to Stow Ave, then a year later I moved to Adams St. 3 houses away from where Gary lived with Michael Falco who he killed. Keep in mind that Gary lived on Adams st. over 30 years ago. He killed him self while being transported by the US Marshals..

And now back to how I got this book back, is just a mystery to me.. I have no connection to Gary Evans. Yes we both grew up in South Troy, but he was older than me by a few years. I never even knew him. Why do I feel like he is still haunting me in his own way? It is why I feel that the Ghosts lurks around us.., and are there really hidden eyes watching us, and better yet, Why?


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    • Tams R profile image

      Tams R 5 years ago from Missouri

      I believe in the paranormal, but I cannot imagine why he would choose you. Perhaps you have some connection to him spiritually. Interesting and creepy story indeed.

    • profile image

      Charles Hilton 5 years ago

      Hmmmm, a mystery for sure. I hope that's the last you see of Gary! :O