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The Ghosts of Disneyland

Updated on December 4, 2011

Disneyland is far from the "Happiest Place on Earth," especially for those doomed to walk the theme park for eternity. While the park is well known as a tourist destination and amusement park, stories about ghosts have surrounded the park for years. The next time you walk inside the gates, keep your eyes peeled for one of the ghosts spotted by employees and other visitors.

The Disney Gallery

What list of haunted spots in Disneyland would be complete without a mention of its founded, Walt Disney? Disney reportedly haunts The Disney Gallery, located near the Pirates of the Caribbean. Many security guards and park employees saw a tall man wandering around the area late at night and early in the morning, before the park opens. Visitors have also felt cold spots in the area, which does not seem very friendly of the Mickey Mouse creator.

It's a Small World

It's a Small World is a fun ride, unless you venture there after dark and after Disneyland closes. Suddenly those dolls take on a more ominous look. Imagine seeing the dolls twitch or move, even after the staff turns off the power for the night. It's a Small World also has reports of flickering lights.

Haunted Mansion

If one attraction at Disneyland deserves its own ghost, it might be the Haunted Mansion. Fortunately for the ride, it actually boasts three different ghosts. One ghost is that of an older man that suffered a heart attack and died in 1970. The park did not have a nearby emergency station and workers could not reach him in time. The other ghosts are that of a younger man and an older woman.

Visitors to the park have felt someone pulling their hair as the ride nears its conclusion, or feeling someone touch their arm or back. Other visitors saw disappearing people walking through the Haunted Mansion, saw faces where no faces should be and had a general feeling of unease. Employees working the ride sometimes see the same things and hear people walking around inside the closed ride.

Matterhorn Mountain

Millions of people ride Matterhorn Mountain every year. While the ride is safe, it wasn't so safe for Dolly, a young woman visiting the park. According to legend, she accidentally fell from the ride and landed on the track. The sled behind her could not stop and ran over her, crushing and killing the woman. Dolly supposedly now haunts the ride.

The Christmas Shop

The Christmas Shop might sound like a harmless place, but it too is haunted. Employees feel weird things happening early in the morning and late at night, when customers are no longer in the store. A photo displayed in the store shows a woman whose face changes slightly. Workers report a cold wind moving through the store and have an uneasy feeling when left there alone.

The PeopleMover

The PeopleMover is located in TomorrowLand, which is also haunted. Guests report feeling unexpected cold spots when walking through the park, even on bright and sunny days. Others claim that they feel uncomfortable when inside TomorrowLand, as if someone is watching them.

Disneyland no longer uses its PeopleMover, but that has not stopped the ghosts. The story claims that the park hosted a Grad Night for high school graduates and a male student was goofing off. He jumped off the ride, but his pants caught on the side and it pulled him onto the track. He tried grabbing his girlfriend for help, but only managed to grab her blonde hair. When the park still used the ride, some women with blonde hair reported feeling someone tug or grab their hair.

Fire Station

The Fire Station at Disneyland is supposedly haunted and might have the ghost of Disney. The second floor of the Fire Station features a small apartment. Disney used the apartment for overnight stays while working on the park. The apartment is not in use and sits empty, but workers have heard someone walking across the floor and knocking on the door.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has a sad ghost story attached to it. A little boy loved the ride and frequently made his mother ride with him. When they discovered he had cancer, they also learned that he had only a short time left. He wanted his ashes poured on the ride because it was his happiest spot. Disney refused the request, so after his death, his mother climbed on board and dropped the ashes over the side. Security workers and those running the ride report seeing a little boy riding by himself, but when they look for him, he always disappears.

Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island is haunted by several ghosts. Locals claim that three male students died in the water surrounding the island on different Grad Night events. The ghosts are often seen walking around the island after closing. Workers also report feeling cold spots and wind in the stock room of the Star Trader.

Maybe Disneyland is not haunted, but hundreds of people witnessed weird and unusual activity in the park since the 1950s. The next time you stop by, be on the lookout for one of the park's resident ghosts.

Space Mountain

Speaking of deaths at the park, Space Mountain is supposedly haunted by a man that died on the ride. He has a ruddy face, red hair, and a large frame and was unfortunate enough to die at the park during the 70s. Visitors report seeing the man climb into one of the cars, but when they get off, he is no longer there. He is also rumored to haunt the female employee locker room. Park workers refer to him as Mr. One-Way.


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