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Seeking the Higher Reasons of Why Things Go "Wrong"

Updated on November 1, 2012

When things go "wrong"—whether it's a toaster breaking down, a relationship ending, being let go from a job, a flat tire, or bad weather ruining fun plans—all these types of occurrences can have big reasons behind them no matter their apparent level of significance in your life. It behooves us to look at things from a higher perspective to determine the reasons and higher meanings being illuminated.

I was reminded of this weeks ago when I went to open my garage from the outdoor remote opener, and it didn't work. Upon keying my way into the garage I found that no electricity was coming through at all. I flipped the garage's circuit breakers. Then I went into the house and flipped the circuit breakers leading to the outside (to my unattached garage). Still, no electricity was coming through, so I called for an electrician to come out, followed by a heavy sigh of frustration over having to deal with yet another "hassle."

While waiting for the electrician, I changed my tune a bit and decided to make the most of it. While he is here, I thought, I'll have him look at the light switch by the front door in my home, something I've been wanting to have someone tend to, but I also didn't want to hire an electrician for such a little job. When one turns on the switch, the lamp plugged into the correlating outlet is supposed to turn on, but for some reason it hasn't worked for some time. Ironically, the switch on the actual lamp also stopped working around the same time, and this caused me to have to plug in and unplug my most used lamp every single day and night. Kind of curious, eh?

It turned out it that the situation in the garage was a crazy simple fix. I merely didn't think to flip the breakers controlling electrical flow leading from the outside of my home to my garage, the third option I "should have" checked. Oh dear, what a costly mistake, I thought. It took him a few minutes to solve the problem and I wondered how much this visit was going to cost me!

The electrician then started working on the light switch in my home's vestibule. He took off the plate and saw that the connector was hot and had melted, probably because of a loose connection. I said, "That could have started a fire, couldn't it have?" He said, "Yes, it definitely could have." So there was a huge blessing that came out of this "hassle". He installed a new connector, my lamp turns on fine now, but much more importantly, I'm in a much safer situation now.

They say "don't sweat the small stuff." This is so true, but it also benefits us to be aware that life's inconveniences and challenges can have deeper meaning; it can prevent hardship or even save one's life. Things going wrong can sometimes swiftly lead to things going right. So looking beyond the surface of things can not only save you inappropriate frustration, but find yourself in great celebration of the blessings that life holds, often in unexpected ways. Was it angelic intervention that led to this whole unfolding? I most certainly believe so.

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    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 5 years ago from Colorado

      I'm so glad it helped, Cathy! And thanks for your wonderful support, as always...

    • Cathy profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago from Oregon, USA

      This is great Mary. Good example of how things really do work out for the best. And today I was driving to get keys to my new office and your message one day (I think it might've been in your video) about seeing the higher perspective of things came to my mind. I want to practice this and of course will ask for it.

      Thank you Mary!