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The Goatman Attacks!!!

Updated on September 16, 2019
Dillion Ray profile image

I have extreme knowledge of cryptozoology as well as holding a doctorate in paranormal sciences and a love for the unknown

It was a week ago today

Me and my friend/cameraman Steve jenkins, we took a road trip down to Maryland to see the sights, est some food but also.... To hunt the legendary goatman. I brought all my normal equipment it was a very hot day, steve and I set up base camp then went to talk with some locals about the legend.

I came across a pawnshop owner named Jared who told me he had his own run in with the creature "it was me and my girlfriend we were doing alittle making out when I hear out of the silence of the woods my window shatter, it startled her badly I remember getting out my gun and her pleading to not leave her, I fired a couple of warning shots in the air and I heard a loud inhuman screeching it was then that i decided to get out of the woods" I asked him if he had any remaining evidence and he took me to see the busted window and there even was an axe mark ontop of the car trunk. This fascinated me I wanted to know more but the pawnshop owner simply told me "u face hell if u stay in those woods boy for your life don't" then told me to leave as he was closing shop, so I did and we went around to numerous other places in the small town and it really seemed like the Goatman was a taboo subject in the town except one lady who profits of the legend, the divorced wife of the pawnshop owner although she refused to give me an interview.

So night came and Steve and I set up camp, made a fire and roasted some marshmallows after about a hour or two we didn't hear anything so we got the night vision camera and set off into the woods. We searched for hours it was then when steve used a occult summoning chant that the Goatman showed himself a rock was thrown at us nearly hitting Stevens head and my camera he was holding, steve not to happy about this walked up and called out threats to the creature (although I warned him against this he just kneed me in the dick).

Now steves threats must have piss the creature off as a after a minute of silence steve was physically tackled down a hill I didn't clearly see what tackled him as I fell backwards as the rush of air was so powerful. My camera broken, however I ran down the hill to see if my friend was ok but found no trace of him, "steve!!, Steve!!!" I called out to him.... But nothing, then when I was walking up the hill I heard a scream I turned around right in time for me to get knocked on my ass by a big heavy rock hitting me square in my face, as I fell something ran past me and into the night, I got up slightly disoriented and called out for steve again who came speedily limping towards me "dude we need to get the f••• out of here" he told me steve was pretty bruised up it was like someone took a pole and beat him over and over and over then scratched him with hooks, I grabbed steve and together we went back to camp not even bothering to put out the fire we both slept in the car that, night safe to say we had our guns loaded, cocked, and ready to fire.. do I know what attacked us that night, no but from the bits I did see it definitely did not look human and from Steve's recounting it definitely wasn't human " a man like figure about 6ft tall goat legs, muscular human torso with a horned head, sharp teeth, wielding an axe whose reflexes were fast, inhumanly" that was steves description, so I warn if anyone tries going into the Goatmans woods like we did always bring loaded guns and don't mock the creature like steve did as that well will not end well.


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