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The Secret Life Of The God Pleasers

Updated on April 1, 2016

Pleasing God is the act of exalting His will above every person, condition and circumstance in the entire world. Without God pleasers, the world cannot exist. The earth would have immediately returned to darkness and chaos after Adam and Eve fell from the glory of God. But God cannot fail. God knew He could raise up righteous men and women who would be eager to please Him. In fact, God had ordained it from the beginning. Man was created to please God. That is the very reason why man still walks upon the face of the earth. Take away the God pleasers and man will cease to exist. It is only because of those who delight in pleasing God that the world still turns.


Christians across the world operate as lights shining in the darkness. They display the glory of God by acts of unselfish giving of themselves to others. Wherever there is a need, a sorry or a loss, Christian believers are there to comfort others with the light of Christ. When believers walk in the light, they are pleasing God by showing and sharing His peace, joy and salvation in a world filled with desperation, sorrow and loss.

God’s kingdom on earth is accelerated when Christians commit themselves to pleasing God. One year, for example, I remember going out into the community with a local church around the Christmas season and praying for people and passing out spiritual flyers. But before we reached out, we, as a church,

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submitted all our heart and soul as well as efforts to God and sought His guidance and direction. We blessed and prayed for the community. Our submissiveness to God resulted in an outpouring of salvation and long lasting peace in the community. When Christians please God, transformation of people, conditions and circumstances must occur without exception.

The divine choice is to commit to pleasing God. But when you first make this commitment, you may experience a sense of uneasiness. A sense of fear and dread may come over you. What if you fail? Don’t worry about failure. There will be many setbacks until you fully trust in His presence and power to do all that He requires of you. We can never please God in our own strength or with our own human wisdom and ideas. The kingdom of darkness is too wise and deceptive. It will certainly destroy a self-willed believer.

In order to please God we must operate in His strength and power. We must embrace several divine rituals and performances:

The Ritual of Never Ending Prayer

Our prayers go a long way in protecting those around us from hurt, harm and danger. When we pray for others, the power of darkness will be limited as to what it can do to them. The purpose of the kingdom of darkness is to destroy as many people as possible. Individuals who are not being prayed for are easy prey for Satan and his demonic host. Every day, tragedies occur at every level of society without discrimination. School shootings, drug violence, robberies and murders, suicides and natural disasters are all the work of the kingdom of darkness. That is the reason why there is an overwhelming need for God pleasers in the earth today. The more we offer up prayers for those around us, the more peaceful and secure our environment will become. According to scripture, the word of God promises that “my people shall live in peaceable habitation, sure dwellings and quiet resting places”. Is 32:18 It doesn’t matter what is going on over in China, Russia or Africa, wherever the saints of God are, the environment surrounding them is made peaceful by the faith and prayers of the God pleasers.

Prayer and the Judgment of God

I experienced this sought of divine victory several years ago when I lived in an environment infested with gangs, drugs, robberies and murders. Even though a police headquarters was in operation in the area, the crime and intimidation continued. I did not realize that God had placed me in that environment for a specific purpose until I was robbed by five or six young men while walking home from a bus stop. This unexpected event somewhat shook my faith until it dawned on me that I was too passive in pleasing God. I wasn’t taking the rightful authority over the environment that God required of a God pleaser. I had been too concerned about myself. However, after the robbery I got down on my knees and prayed for the destruction of the Satan’s activity and work in the community. I did this until I felt a sense of peace arousing deeply within my soul.


A week hadn’t passed by before a swarm of law in enforcement officers descended upon the whole community. The officers, detectives, swat teams, U.S Marshalls and others who enforced the laws numbered in the hundreds. The operated with swiftness, kicking down doors of known gang members and arresting drug dealers, rubbers and murderers by the hundreds. All those that oppressed the neighborhoods with fear and intimidation were finished and gone. God had heard my prayers and was pleased with my response. As a result, the environment became very peaceful and people felt safe enough to stroll through the neighborhoods, sit outside and watch their children play in the yard.

God pleasers don’t engage in impossibility thinking. They know that all things are possible to those who truly trust in the power and authority that God has invested in them. They watch over their environment with the mind of a king and priest. They are aware that this status is their heritage from the Lord.

Pleasing God Well

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The Ritual of Reaching Out

God pleasers are always looking for ways to help those in the community. The light of God cannot shine when it is hiding within the four walls of the church. The light is more effective when it shines in a dark place. The darker the place the more the light is able to illuminate the surrounding space. We must not remain strangers to those whom God want us to reach. Sharing the gift of kindness with those around us is the same as sharing the heart of God with the community. In any community, people may possess a verity of needs, such as a need for a blessing, prayers, an encouragement, a healing or a helping with cutting the grass or painting the fence. The purpose is to display the love of God where an environment of selfishness might exist. In the light we manifest God. He gets the praise and glory. We please Him.

Impact of Spiritual Neglect

When the Christian believer refuses to please God, the world around him suffers. The kingdom of darkness expands its territory in the environment. Because of fear and oppression, people become disenchanted with good values and ethical living. A sense of disunity and suspicion sets in among neighbors. Soon, such satanic activities as drug and alcohol abuse, gang activity, crime and violence and fear and intimidation take control. People become prisoners in their own homes, creating a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Our connection with God must be earned everyday through prayer, mediation and occasionally fasting. These rituals open up the supply line for God’s strength and power to take effect within our lives. The more we practice these rituals of power, the more of the presence, power and love of God is instilled within our hearts, minds and souls. As a result, our potential to please Him becomes immeasurable.


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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Thanks for an interesting article. As we're human, I'm sure we don't please God all the time - we all make mistakes. Thank God for giving us his Son, Jesus, so that we can be forgiven.