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Are miracles for today

Updated on August 18, 2013

Dear reader, if we study history we will find the living God moving and blessing his people with mighty signs being performed such as the 1906 Azusza Street revival in California where God used a young black preacher named Brother Seymore.

There are still people alive today that witnessed God use teenagers to administer miracles in that revival that would cause most skeptics to take another look.

God blessed a black man by the name of Brother Seymore who had a dark patch over one eye to out grow his make shift church in his home and ride a trolley car to a place in town late one night when there ws a curfew against blacks being on the street after a certain time at night.

He knocked on a door only to have a white lady open the door and cautiously ask him what he wanted for she and others had been meeting in that apartment asking god to send revival to their town.

He replied to the that God had sent him and they allowed him to preach.

The meetings grew and they were able to purchase an old barn.

They worked hard to turn it into a church and when they did let me tell you that Heaven came to Earth.

This is based upon a story concerning a mighty tent revival in one of the southern states and the people involved were given character names to protect their identity.

The scene is that a local pastor came by a radio station where a young evangelist that was in a tent revival had just finished his message and was preparing to leave.

The local pastor asked the young trucker evangelist to travel with him to another city to pray for a lady on life support who had taken her life.

The hospital had informed the family that her vital signs were deteriorating and she showed no brain activity on their scans and she was dead. Paul can recall the incident like it just happened.

This young lady akin to some folks in this Pastor's congregation had taken an overdose of pills. She was brain dead and the hospital was waiting for the family to sign the release papers to unplug her life support.

The young evangelist asked the pastor what he wanted him to do?

She’s dead!” He replied, “PRAY! She died in a bad way.

Who can tell where she will end up! Just pray for her, Preacher!”

The young evangelist asked God to have mercy on the lady and restore her to sanity.

He also asked god to send her spirit back into her body from wherever it had gone to.

The intensive care unit allows 4-minute visitations only.

The pastor wanted to visit other church members in the hospital so the young evangelist waited for him in the lounge and stood near a small end table meditating on the LORD and began to quietly pray for revelation.

The lighting in the room was subdued and the young evangelist was trying to read a Gideon Bible opened on the table when suddenly a bright light beamed down on the Bible to highlight this verse:

Isaiah 60:1

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”

The pastor walked in shortly afterwards to exclaim, “MY GOD! Preacher, God is in this place!”

The young evangelist replied, “I know He just walked in a minute ago."

They both began to praise and worship God together.

The Pastor wanted to pray once more for a man in ICU before they left.

On their way back to the room, the young evangelist noticed a lot of activity around the curtain of the woman that they had just prayed for and wanted to ask a nurse what was all the activity.

The pastor tried in vain to stop him stating that they had probably taken her off life support and that she was deceased.

The young evangelist asked a nurse what was going on and she replied, “She’s alive! She regained consciousness pulling the tubes out not knowing where she was and she wants something to eat. We don’t understand. Emotions run high when God moves in a personal way.

The medical personnel were unable to explain her recovery and were convinced she would have permanent brain damage and many physical problems from the overdose.

Jesus had a different ending to the story and she was able to fully recover both physically and mentally.


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