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The Goddess: The Divine Feminine Incarnate: Part 1, The Mists of Avalon.

Updated on December 26, 2012


I recently watched The Mists of Avalon, and what the vast majority of the world would deem as fantasy, I now know very differently. You see, I dated a man who was a Chaos magician. Everything my original patriarchal training claimed as fictitious, was, in truth, a different form of the same reality. I cannot speak to the actuality of the location called Avalon. But, I can speak about the goddess. She was/is no impotent, idol or figure. She is life embodied.

As a former Christian, I like that the end of The Mists of Avalon brought forth a new incarnation of the goddess: Mary. It is no accident that the Madonna and the redeemed prostitute were both called Mary. This is a split of the One goddess: a virgin devoid of man's handling and a woman touched by man for the material. The Christ did not defile the goddess in the movie. The Old Religion was Syncretic and embraced Christianity as a brethren faith. Avalon existed deep within the Christian borders. Magick was at its heart.

I find the contemporary threat to Christianity by the Old faith pitiful. The two faiths stand to empower one another. Christ felt no shame or unholy desire in the presence of the former prostitute. In fact, she was revered as one of his closest followers. She went to his grave after his crucifixion.

Prior to meeting the magician that could mold and shape consciousness, I spent 7 years as a charismatic Christian. Prior to that, I spent many years as various types of Christians. I was christened and confirmed in the Lutheran church. Charismatic Christianity is distinctly different than mainline Christianity. It involves the movement of the Holy Spirit. Many psychic giftings are born out of the praise and worship services. I call them psychic because having spent time developing my energy bodies, I recognize that there is little difference between what goes on in the church and what existed within the Old Religion of the goddess.

I will spend time developing a fluidity between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.



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