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The Golden Age is nearing soon, do not be desperate!

Updated on November 1, 2015

Change is the order of the Day!

Cast off anxiety! The Golden Age is dawning soon!

A glorious time is in the offing in spite of the turmoil that happens everywhere in the globe. Many people might doubt this optimism. As the rising waves in the ocean have to subside again, the rising anarchism has to subside soon to give way to harmony and peace everywhere. Soon all the people on earth will feel happiness and joy at the ascendance of Divine Forces. Many still doubt that time will improve soon but they will witness the same within few months’ time! The evil has peaked and it can never ascend beyond a certain height. God, in his mighty power will reign on it and destroy the evil from earth.

All the people in all the countries will remain in peace and harmony and there won’t be any more atrocities on women and children however cruel the evil forces may threaten. The satanic forces of terrorism is going to end soon whether one believe it or not. Here we have to remember certain truths mentioned in the scriptures. God, the creator has willed the creation which is a mixture of positive and negative forces so that a balance is maintained. But, after the beginning of Kaliyug subsequent to the passing away of Sri Krishna, the great compassionate and love filled Jesus walked on the earth to prevent people from leading immoral ways. He has prevented a major catastrophe that was to fall upon earth by sacrificing his own life in the holy cross!

He is more remembered now for the supreme sacrifice and the subsequent raising from the tomb. Slowly people realized the greatness of Christ and started following his immortal teachings and thus Bible becomes a scripture translated almost in all the languages of the world and majority of the world population started adopting ‘Christianity”. But factions abound everywhere in the world and within the great religion, serious differences came to the fore and there were many groups adopting varying philosophies from the thread of Bible’s contents. Thus we have many groups of Christians who follow different churches. Hence it is not necessary that each religion hates another religionist. Even within the same religion, there are many subsects or groups who follow different ways of worship.

Likewise in the Islam also, there are many divisions like “Shia” and “Sunni” who follow different ways and who hates one another. Thus we have wars in different countries among the different sects of Islam. It is evident that no two people see eye to eye together. Now, the world is divided on many ‘isms” and there is no affinity between man to man. Even within a family we find no cordial atmosphere. Then, how can we find peace and harmony in the world? People must seek the unity amid the diversity of cultures, languages, religions and nations. All the religions teach only ‘Love, morality, amity and non-violence”. But it is rare to find such comradeship anywhere among the human beings. The main reason is greed and selfishness. If we shed greed and selfishness we can find harmony and peace among the denizens of the world!

To bring such unity, harmony and peace, great incarnations have strived so far. Now is the time for descend of great and grand powers from the sky to the earth. Wait with abated breath prayerfully, wishing for the emergence of “Golden Age” on the earth. May your wishes be fulfilled soon by the “Loving God”!

His Time!


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