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The Goodness of People

Updated on June 19, 2011
Mr Don Reed
Mr Don Reed | Source
Shaneka Brown-V.P Sharmayne Bolling-CEO Phyllis Bolling-treasurer Tamara Harris-Sec.
Shaneka Brown-V.P Sharmayne Bolling-CEO Phyllis Bolling-treasurer Tamara Harris-Sec. | Source

Have to have faith

I'm not a highly religious person but I do believe in God and I do watch religious programs.Sunday I was watching "Crossing Paths" with Gene Blackmon, Dr. Ernie DePasquale and the host and founder Mr. Don Reed.To my surprise their guest were two woman from Youngstown,Ohio.This caught my attention because I live in the same town.

Shaneka brown,27 years old and Sharmayne Bolling 26 years old were the guests. They are best friends and meet in church when they were younger.

Shaneka attended church frequently with her grandmother.Her father was a pastor,her mother and bother were musically inclined.At 14 she was baptized by her uncle Robert Parks.Then at 16 tragic struck the family.Her sister died from breast cancer and at 17 her grandmother passed on.As she tells it she felt a void in her life so she turn to God and ask him to fill the void which he did and He eventually removed the void from her life. You see when she met Sharmayne they became close because they both knew how it felt to lose a sister and to share their belief in God.

Later these two woman created their own ministry,Pretty ministry helps girls love themselves,understand that no matter what you look like on the ouside God still loves you and will always be there for you.They are taught,just as Shaneka and Sharmayne had learned, to put your trust in God and to wait patiently for him to act.

Shaneka loved to sing and was told by another highly religious woman that she would go on to do great things,so in asking God to let her know what to do her answer came when she was asked to travel overseas to spread the gospel through her singing.

Today Shaneka lives in Califorrnia and is attending Strand College to get her bachelors degree.

One point i want to make is that not many young people make it out of this town due to murder,drugs or early teen pregnancies.They had the right guidance,the right beliefs and the courage to help those in the process of helping their self.

You have to have something or someone to believe in.A tither of hope and desire to move on and up in life. You need faith in a power greater than your own but you also have to have faith in your own power to do good and righteous things for yourself and for others.

Do you believe

Is ther a greater power?

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    • profile image

      lisa calloway 6 years ago

      you did great with this one and it is an inspiration

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 6 years ago from Ohio

      All life and belief is a matter of understanding. Tahanks for commenting and have a great day!

    • profile image

      newday98033 6 years ago

      Everything is true. Everything is right. We are made in the image of God so how could we do wrong? The key, I think, is in understanding. That is work, but worth doing, if you want to understand God better. My opinion.

    • profile image

      roshall ford 6 years ago

      Yes you are oh so right.Wish everyone felt the way we do,think the world would be better place.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 6 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Thanks for sharing this awesome story! God does wonderful things for those who seek him in an effort to find themselves. I believe that everyone has a mission that they can accomplish with the help of God.