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The Gospel as Anti-Terrorism

Updated on January 1, 2016

The Issue

Sitting down in a popular restaurant, I dared a glance up to the flat screen that seethed the national news. Unavoidable were the large red letters warning of yet another threat of terrorism. It seems that today we are preoccupied with keeping ourselves safe from the remote terror threat that certain news outlets always force upon us. As a result, the “manly” men are carrying two concealed guns, old women spending half of their monthly income on security systems, and everyone is terrified to cross paths with a Muslim. It would seem that the terror that was planted in our culture on 9/11 has blossomed into an untrimmed bush of thorns.

What are we to do? Bombs, bullets, spies, and concealed guns can stop living men from killing, but it cannot stop an idea. Terrorism spreads like a virus among young, disenchanted youth around the world. The blunt instrument of American military might and the tough talk of its only inflame the fires of terrorism. For every terrorist killed by a drone, all the more disenfranchised youth that flock to Twitter accounts and forums that aid in their radicalization. It would seem that force is proving be counterproductive. After all, violence generally begets more violence.

The Response

Ironically, the “Religious Right” has been the standard bearer for the anti-terror policies that have yet to work, while they possess the one weapon that could destroy Islamic terrorism once and for all. While the right has advocated for more guns, more military, and no refugees, they have neglected the very thing that they claim to hold dear and would actually win the war; the Gospel.

Incredibly, as the Republican primary stirs strong rhetoric against Muslims, the International Mission board is recalling missionaries due to lack of funds. While we worry about losing our earthly lives to a very unlikely terror act, we virtually guarantee the damnation of men, women, and children by misallocating our focus from our Gospel call to the fear mongering of profiteers. If those that desire to protect America and the rest of the world would simply embrace the Great Commission, the entire world would let out a sigh of relief as the Gospel removes the threat of terrorism.

The High Cost

Undoubtedly, it would come at a price. We are called to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and suffer accordingly (2 Timothy 3:12, Matthew 28:19), people will be abducted, some will be beheaded, and others will die in attacks. However, it is a small price to pay to see the Gospel penetrate the depths of the dark depravity of human souls throughout the world. Don’t think security, think mission and watch terrorism be destroyed for the first time.


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