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The Great Apostasy The Hub of The Beast

Updated on March 26, 2014

The Unpardonable Sin Do Not Make It!

It is written!
It is written!
It is written!

Have you not read?
Have you not heard?
Why do you not seek?

What is it that you do think?
Just sit back, relax, and order up
A pizza; a kitchen sink

Beloved I hope you do slumber
For behold the roles of thunder
Beware those woes of three

Beware here comes the tree
Satan that old dragon Beware
Beware not to get onto his wagon

His knowledge of
Both good and evil he sings
Oh Cherubim, Oh Lucifer

What hast thou done?
Woe, woe, woe unto those upon earth
Go, gather, and feast you wicked beast

The False Prophet is bad and dangerous because he pretends to be One of Us as he paves the road for the Devil,  But the Antichrist is the Destroyer himself. That Old Dragon the Devil, Satan the fallen Lucifer.
The False Prophet is bad and dangerous because he pretends to be One of Us as he paves the road for the Devil, But the Antichrist is the Destroyer himself. That Old Dragon the Devil, Satan the fallen Lucifer.

The Time Is at Hand Do You Under Stand?

Twice dead; no body no soul
Wicked from the days of old
With your musical pipes

Trumpeted up the hype
Oh so, so many types
That you have become

Ancient of days; though not my son
Oh wicked fool what am I to you
What am I going to do ?

With great swelling words
You have hated that
That which you can not have

Go reap your scoffers
Go reap your wicked sons
Go reap what it is that thou hast done

Thou hast been judged
Thou hast been sentenced
By thy lies; and thou without penitence

Ashes, ashes they all shall fall
Down, down, down
Princes without any crowns

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man

In My Humble Opinion Almost Right and Pretty Close to the Truth That I Believe

I Beg Your Forgiveness as I am Still Human Too

The Story; It hasn't been told or preached in decades in formal Churches and it is damn near erased, defamed, and/or discredited. As to make One believe It as mis-conjecture or as a fantasy.

In the beginning GOD created the Heaven and the Earth. My own words I'll use as would say the story teller of old who never read a single word let alone anyones Scripture.

This is a singular statement.

A reproof of GOD stating He is the Creator of ALL! All things Seen and Un seen. From here we see the story goes on to tell that GOD moved upon the Waters. Friends listen closely now GOD Creates and He expands. He grows and continues to grow and expand.

GOD was doing something in Heaven and was not seen of by HIS former creations for longer than they could remember. Just as we don't see Him here today. But as a good father does He made provisions and left Others in charge and then something Happened.

Now there is debate upon what it was still today that did happen in Heaven. Was It because GOD created Man before he left the area or was it the lust of Power, Pride, Perversions, or Fear? Maybe a combination of these all?

No I don't think it was GOD creation of Man. Why? Man is not prefect or as perfected as the angels were made. Man was not yet created in other words; not until after the fall did GOD make Man. Was It the Lust of Power to be in control of what GOD seemly left behind then? I don't think that the Angels truly believe GOD did that to them. Fear I believe was the biggest factor. Why because I believe as the Bible the Good Book and the Scripture hint to.

I believe that there was a Coup D'eta in Heaven that those who were left in charge played out or tried too. This is when the Katabole' took place. Better known as the Fall, the war in Heaven, or further still the Big Bang.

Which many believe has not yet taken place. But in fact this war or disagreement with anguish is still raging on.

People as I have so sorely stated time and time again the truth must be asked for from the Author. Pray upon this that you might see It [The Whole Story]!

I'll have to run down the story again here and maybe I have been to flip-pet with my descriptions in the past and the telling of the Story.

I beg your forgiveness as I am still human and suffer from much distress when people don't see or understand as I now do. Again please forgive me and pray for my continuity as I am very much fallible and lead to be flip-pet at times.

He will Judge the Saints, the Elect and the Prophets of GOD

This war is one of Powers and Principalities it is not like how we humans war.

Lets See to make this short The Story goes roughly like this. There was a war in Heaven and a third of It Fell and when GOD return to find HIS Heaven and HIS nursery destroyed. Earth being the place of new Birth became the place of rebirth.

Lucifer the One all this blame is placed upon doesn't deny It but instead reveled In It! Proclaiming himself to be the god of the Nursery (Earth).

Now GOD appointed Lucifer and many others to do a specific task which they failed to do or blatantly did not do.

And some of them sided with Lucifer over GOD because of his beauty and likeness of the Full Pattern. And he never left them. After all GOD chose Lucifer which was a gift. A gift to rule in his stead as He was away. The Gift that GOD would not repent from.

So now 1/3 of Heaven was cast out by the other 2/3rds and Separated from the other 2/3.

Heaven for lack of a better description was broken up. GOD sought to repair this damage. Instead of striking it out and starting all over. Basically having to Kill or eliminate All of that which he loved up to that point. Time was created because of the War of Principalities and Powers which took place in His absence.

So GOD and Lucifer have words and GOD states that Lucifer's were false and that he had no grasp of the truth. So God renames Lucifer to Satan. But God hates this separation and Creates a New soul to repair the fracture or the wound in GOD side.

Adam a brand new, never seen before soul. Adam as we know him was going to replace Lucifer and teach those that Lucifer and his followers Beguiled and Lied to. The Ones that were pulled from Heaven 1/3. Part of those drug out of or thrown out of Heaven because of their association to Lucifer or their siding with him. Or because of this Dragon's Tale.

Adam in the Garden is After the Eighth Day! This is were GOD lost Lucifer all together for the first Time. It was Lucifer's Job to instruct, protect, and enlighten these that He and his; beguiled and deceived. So the New soul was given life. Placed in the same Garden. And in the same State of Being bodily speaking. Because at that time Adam was still innocent and Satan refused to repent.

This again gave Lucifer a chance to repent as he would not when It was required of him after the Fall. Why? He could of been Adams Instructor still. But instead Lucifer took Adam's creation as an Injury, insult and responded as an angry child would. And then proceed to do as he did before. He did the exact same thing all over again with Adam and Eve. He beguiled them and claimed them for his self.

Now there was a six day creation of Adams and Eves. This and these were on the Earth before the Adam of the Garden of Edan was.

And they were separate from each other (of different races) designed with their purpose in mind. As GOD designed them for different works. Then he said because Satan won't repent He needed some one to till the Soil? ( to teach and instruct).

Flesh beings are created from Dust which is fine soil. Again this was all done to get Satan to repent. As well as the New soul who was created on the eighth day and after God had rested.

The Sixth day creations were some of the 1/3 that Fell and were swept away. Former angels of Heaven who fell back to Earth and were reformed into living flesh. No longer innocent Spirits as before their fall but instead. Were those who were eagerly willing to repent after the Fall.

But God had Still had no one to teach them because of Lucifer's condition of falseness. To till the soil. Flesh is made from dust or fine soil.

So Adam and Eve become infected with Satan's Lust of Being gods instead of belonging to GOD. And then they too plus all who were in the Garden were cast out of the Garden and placed or sent to Earth.

The Garden was then sealed and is now guarded by an angel with a fiery sword that turns every which way. That Garden is now Paradise which would have been heaven restored if Satan would have repented. Paradise is now the holding place for all souls who have fallen and have died upon this earth in the flesh. There All there the good, the bad, and the Ugly ones exorcised from earth remain there until the Great White Throne of Judgment.

This is now the second age or the beginning of TIME. Then the flood and the Tower of Babel and so on and so on. Through out the stories within the bible we see Satan playing at being ruler, King, god, Pharaoh, and whatever else to keep as many as he had with him from the fall (from choosing to be reborn) of woman and into the flesh. There for giving them the chance to repent.

But being reborn of blood and water. Leaves one innocent or with out the knowledge of their falling. So Satan can easily sway their beliefs denying that they were guilty of falling. Or that they were sinners who needed to repent.

So GOD again intervenes and sends HIS only Begotten Son the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World.

There by Giving light to the fact that we are in need of being saved. That indeed we are falling angels who choose to be reformed or reborn into innocents to gain a chance at repentance and redemption. Because every one here on this earth who is not reborn can not re-enter Heaven or GOD's presence.

Jesus states this to an elder directly when the question was asked of him. Least a man be born again he can in no wise enter or re-enter Heaven. Return unto GOD's Heart.

When you are born of woman you are Born in to Bondage of this world our earth and the god of It Satan.

When you are baptized you are cleansed of the Blood of flesh and prepared for the Blood of CHRIST or spiritual Blood. The last rebirth is when the cleansing Fire of GOD devours all flesh. Revealing only the spirit within. At this Time every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is The Lord. Your First Estate Body that GOD gave you is then revealed. and the truth to this story is made known because you see It. And never again does this dust cling to the body that the GOD gave you.

Satan Once again was given the chance to repent

Right before and right after the temptations of Christ in the wilderness. But he again chose to disallow GOD to Heal him. This is the very reason Jesus before His Crucifixion Wept and Sweat tears of blood. Because Satan is now lost forever. He has blasphemed the Holy Spirit of GOD which was upon Jesus the Christ Our Lord Emmanuel which is to say GOD with US.

Now because of Christ's coming the truth is again known. The light has been shed onto the world revealing the lies of Satan. There is now but a short season left and I believe we are right smack dab in the middle of It.

Christ has ordered Satan back to Heaven to await the finally Battle of Life or death. And the earth still needs to give up her dead or the lost souls that fell with Satan as they have not all had the chance to be reborn of woman. When GOD decides that they have all gotten this chance. He is sending Satan back to earth as he was when he fell. In his first estate body designed in the full pattern.

Satan As the Antichrist Will Judge You Before the World

Finally we are here to were this Unpardonable Sin now again can take place.

Why Can It Take Place?

Because as you are tried as a son of GOD. GOD's Spirit, the Comforter, or the HOLY Ghost is standing there with You.

And In that Same hour before Your confession or conformation to Satan and the world (Earth) and Men. As to who you choose GOD or Satan.

The Spirit will tell you how to answer the devil.

You are even told in scripture not to even try or meditate on what your answer will be! This is a warning! Because GOD has sent One to speak for you through your voice.

Who you follow will be given to you from this Holy Ghost.

Is it Possible for the Elect or Saved Son of GOD to be pluck from HIS hand?

No, I don't think so. For none shall pluck you from my hand.

But It could take place here and now at this time.

How? You still having free will can still choose the Devil.

I don't believe in my heart any of these will.

This is the ONLY Time when Satan is returned to earth to try and pull all the Fallen back to him. Or Is It?

No Satan will get another chance at ya when he is released from the Lake of Fire after the Millennium.

This can be or take place again at this time for the same reason. You will still have free will or the right to choose. Because for these Sons this will be their first death and if they follow GOD it will be their last death.

And the Good book says he deceives the whole world. Not every one but all people everywhere in the world.

Now Satan has a short period of Time and he knows It!

As he returns there will be Christ loving people who will deny him and call him out and there will be Two witnesses as well. Who reveal to the world that he is not the true Lamb of GOD but the Devil who is here to kill and rob them of their souls. These Two Witnesses will be a thorn in his side just before and after he arrives.

This is why Satan starts these world wide Trials of faith. To Accuse the Saints, the Elect, and the Prophets, and to do so before GOD as he Satan Plays God. This will happen It must Happen. It is written.

These are the ones who are capable of committing this Sin known as the UN pardonable Sin Why? Because these Know the truth as the rest of the world is deceived. Their State is cleansed without choosing because GOD selected them from the beginning of Time or the foundations of our world.

Any repented soul who is Saved and tried can make the same choice. To who It will choose.

Satan will seek these people out and hold them up on trial for the whole world to see. These are the last hold outs. The final testifiers in Flesh bodies to who GOD is and who the Devil is.

But God sends His Holy Spirit to Speak or answer Satan for these His chosen people as he questions these Saints, Prophets, and the Elect they'll all be martyred. They wont be harmed as GOD is right their with them in the spirit. But some may seek to save their lives.

But Jesus states by doing so they'll Lose their Life. Why? Because they have already secured It by accepting Jesus.

The Spirit tells them how to respond and act as they are being Questioned by the Antichrist who is Lucifer the Devil the Old Dragon etc. Playing at being GOD. These people are the only ones beside those who never were reborn of woman that can blaspheme the HOLY Spirit.

These ELECT or chosen can because they did fall but were chosen of by GOD from the Beginning of Time. So if they deny GOD again or for their first time. They would in turn side with Satan again or for the first time.

They repented once and/or were found not guilty of the first offense.

If they deny to say what the Holy Spirit tells them to at the time of their trial. Their innocents / repentance was a lie. Those who never took on the flesh by being reborn of woman. Have already lost and hold fast to their decision of death or Satan.

The Unpardonable sin can only be made by These Elect who are put on trial by Satan. Publicly or in private at the Time of the Antichrist and his rule which is near to the end of TIME and before Christ the Lamb of GOD returns. Why? Because we are still in our flesh bodies. This is why it is called the first death.

The same thing will happen After Christ and the Saints teach the Spirits who lost their flesh when Jesus the True Lamb of GOD returns. Why?

Because God releases Satan from the Lake of Fire to do the final Sorting out. And then God will Judge the Whole World both Heaven and Earth with the White Throne of Judgment. Then the Wedding. The Engagement has taken place and is playing out the whole time before this Seat of Judgment will you be found worthy?

Remember the Marriage is the Last thing That takes place It restores Heaven to the likeness of the former Heaven.


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      8 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      I agree God, has given many the gift of slumber and they shall be taught in the Millennium, I have one at wikinut that is more a teaching poem the sea of learning is its title but this is only a poem and not a teaching. thanks for the read and comment Apostle Jack Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • profile image

      Apostle Jack 

      8 years ago

      Not all of humankind is predestine to be written in the Lambs book of life.Not everyone is suppose to believe.Everything is as on course,and it will all come out in the wash.


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