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The Great Breach

Updated on August 11, 2014


A breach is a break, sometimes In things such as was in the Jordan river during the exodus from Egypt, often in relations between family members, or possibly among friends or business associates, it can even occur in an individual as “a breach in the spirit” as is written of in Proverbs 15: 4.


There are many breaches we can see in the world today that are tearing it apart. These are some physical, such as the many earth quacks in diverse places as are happening all over and in the earth, some psychological, as we see in the craziness that is plaguing the world and very visible right here in our own country.and communities, and spiritual breaches which are the more damaging. The most harmful and even dangerous though is a breach in the body of Christ as we have now, and it has been present for long many generations. This is bringing the wrath of God upon us. Men have cut off the very head of the church, even Christ himself, by the sin they allow, choose and teach.

Man,s Sin's

One of the worst sins imaginable to me, even though sin is sin, that could be committed against God is to put other gods before him, and men have gone one step even worse than that. We expect our Lord to share his holiness and sovereignty with devils, that men have set up as gods and made idols to worship on the holy days of men, which they have created. I don't know what anyone else believes in this matter but my God is a jealous God, as is written in the second commandment as well as multiple other places throughout the Bible. This alone is more than enough to cause a break in relations between Jesus and his church but it doesn't end there.

Men have set up priests that we are supposed to call father, contrary to the word of God as Jesus himself condemns that practice in Mathew 23: 9, that teach the worship of the creation and everything under and including the sun rather than the creator, God. These same men having set themselves up as gods have done away with the sabbath of the Lord which should be a delight to us as is written in Isaiah 58: 13. They are best described as comparable to the priests of Baal, and anyone that has read or studied the word knows what happened to them, and if you haven't studied on it you need to, They were put to death horribly.

Our world is truly in a sad state and it is only getting worse by the day now. Our nation especially is turning not only more corrupt, but now it is rapidly becoming as perverted and depraved as Sodom and Gomorrah and proud of it, boasting itself of its perversions, calling wickedness good and condemning righteousness, and now trying to discredit God altogether, wanting to take him out of the picture completely, so they can feel better and less hindered in dragging more souls to hell with them.

Hard Truth

All organized religions that I have come in contact with follow Catholicism to one degree or another and are all therefore, in the eyes of God guilty of the same sins, starting with idolatry and including murder, child molestation and who knows but God what all else. How ever much farther each person or organization goes beyond that will only measure the difficulty and/or chance, when or if you try to separate yourself from those sins in search of redemption through repentance, because if you condone one sin, your justifying all of them and if you compromise with devils, well join the resst of the world on the broad road to hell, and by the way don't look for me on that trail, I'll be the guy trying to stick to the straight and narrow. Don't get me wrong, I hope to see you all on that plain path that God has given me ears to hear and eyes to see, that’s why I chose to risk all to tell as many as possible the complete truth. Don't forget, “ The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them”, Proverbs 20: 12. I truly pray, and hope to see a great multitude repenting while there is still time. Look around and then try to tell me its not getting close. May God's mercy open your eyes and ears, Amen

Final Facts

Though I know that in fact the body of Christ is still alive, it only lives that I have found in individuals as myself who having separated themselves, "seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom" Proverbs 18:1. There may be groups of followers of all truth whether in hiding or being silent I don't know but it is time to speak out in all boldness and God has shown me this. I have written other Hubs that tell of some of the primary needful things that will be followed by those that truly love and seek the Lord with all of their heart. If you look as a child would, you will see the truth, but if you look through eyes blinded by the lies taught by those wise men that are blind, then God help you, because I can't. You are my neighbours and I love you all as myself, and above all I love the Lord, his truth and his righteousness, that is why I do this not for my own profit or glory but for the Lord's alone, Amen.



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    • profile image

      Ted 4 years ago from The Desert Mountains of Prescott, Arizona

      Thanks for your comment, and in fact in part you are right in that the true body of Christ is in tact. But if you look closer you'll see that many of his very elect are truly being deceived by the many false prophets and pagan ritualistic followers and leaders which flood our heathen society with their doctrines of devils And the fact is that the full truth is only being preached in pieces by some of the organized religions and It is time for the whole truth to be told boldly as is written of to be done in these last days. Thanks again