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The Great Foreshock Earthquake in Japan

Updated on April 15, 2016

Earthquake Japan

Earthquake & Tsunami of Japan 3/11/ 2011

On March 11, 2011 the people of Japan endured a 6 minute earthquake of a 9.0 magnitude. It was the most powerful recorded earthquake in the history of Japan.

The tremors were felt across the entire country of Japan - more than 1500 miles North to South. The violent aftershocks continued long after the first quake occurred and then the tsunami - 16,000 deaths and 3,000 missing.

The people of Japan received a "Foreshock" earthquake on March 9, 2011 - a magnitude 7.2 earthquake which had struck the same region before the 9.0 magnitude hit less than 3 days later. They were expecting aftershocks and they did not realize that this was a foreshock instead.

A foreshock earthquake means that the pressure is building up for a Mega-earthquake which is much bigger instead of smaller. Usually these large magnitude earthquakes trigger smaller earthquakes called "aftershocks" but often a large magnitude quake can be mistaken as an aftershock and it is actually a foreshock. Dangerous!

People will not prepare or evacuate because they are not aware of the imminent danger of a greater magnitude mega-earthquake arriving.

Five to six days before Japan's 2011 Mega Earthquake and Tsunami I had a vision of a great destructive earthquake - tsunami upon their land. Yes, China will have great destruction coming as well. GREAT DESTRUCTION!


The destruction and wisdom given to me with these words on a huge billboard in my vision!

When I watched the news of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami I realized that this was NOT the great one that will cause the destruction that I had been told would be coming! Not maybe...WOULD BE COMING! EXPECT IT!

Tsunami Devastation

Japan Mega Quake

Recently on February 1, 2016, I had a vision of Japan again - earthquake - tsunami - the very same earthquake/destruction/tsunami that I was told about in 2011. Frightening!

It is very difficult to articulate to people what I am seeing in these catastrophic events in my visions. These two visions of Japan's great destruction are of the very same event. How do I know? I just do. The knowledge is just given to me and I know that this 2011 devastation is not the one that I am seeing. There is a bigger one coming!

I have been cringing since the very first earthquake yesterday and I was not surprised to see that the second earthquake arrived today with a greater it building up for a mega-quake?

I believe that Japan should prepare and consider these as "Foreshocks" immediately, as well as the Pacific ocean "Juggernaut" that I saw in another vision - West Coast - Hawaii. Is this the juggernaut the Lord was speaking of? Something very bad is happening underneath the water and it will cause the 'vultures' to be scattered - a great multitude of death in more than one region - not 10 people - thousands!

Matthew 24:28

"Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather."

Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami


Vision December 20, 2015

The word "Juggernaut" was given to me twice. This is an unstoppable event of great destruction - expect it.

A very huge earthquake and tsunami coming in the Pacific ocean. After looking up the word juggernaut and the definition I was stunned.

Juggernaut means a literal force which is merciless, destructive and unstoppable. It can only be that great earthquake and tsunami that is to happen in the Pacific ocean.

Japan - Hawaii - West Coast areas. Great destruction is getting ready to take place and it is unstoppable and merciless.

Japan Tsunami

Vision on February 1, 2016

I am continually having tremendous visions in the past week which is very rare and they are all of destruction. I believe this to be because the impending destruction is coming! Judgement! Imminent!

February 1, 2016 I had 2 visions; One of Japan! A map! Rushing water! Tsunami!

The second was USA! Blast! Destruction!

A Dark Puzzle Piece of Destruction to Japan

The Wisdom of the Lord is Mysterious

Often I will have visions and they are of the very same event. Even years later another vision will arrive and it will hold more information about the very same event. This mega-quake in Japan is going to be extremely huge and catastrophic. This earthquake and tsunami in both visions are of the same future event. That event will make the 2011 Japan's earthquake and tsunami seem very small. That is what is so frightening about these foreshocks. It makes me tremble for them.

On Sepetmber 14, 2014 I I had a spiritual experience and I knew that a great tsunami was coming. A few days later Chile had a great earthquake and a tsunami but I knew that this was not the tsunami that I was given the knowledge about. The explosion of water was so powerful and great that I knew that it had not arrived YET.

I had a vision of two huge tornadoes and death when I lived in Texas. I had spoken to one of my church group friends about it. While we were in class somebody's tornado alert went off and he said that Texas had a few tornadoes alerts. My friend looked at me wide-eyed and a bit frightened and I shook my head no - reassuring her.

After class I explained that these tornadoes in Texas are not the ones that will cause great death and destruction from my visions. She did not understand how I would know the difference and I have the inability to articulate how I know - I just do. It is the Holy Spirit and the gift of discernment that are giving me the wisdom and I have no other explanation than that. I barely understand it myself.

Very soon after that Oklahoma had two huge tornadoes tear up communities and the children's schools and one was quite deathly. 'Yes, this is what I saw in my vision." Sad but true.

So with that being said, I clearly know that these two visions of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have not occurred YET. This is why I cringe. It is impending and when I interpret my visions I can clearly see that the effects of this great mega-quake will have great effects on the Pacific ocean.

The "Juggernaut" is imminent and the Lord calls it "The Great One."

Prophetic Destruction Earthquake & Tsunami Japan

Two Puzzle Pieces Placed Together

Due to the fact that I had both of these visions within 24 hours and that is so rare - Japan's destruction & then the United States destruction. I am interpreting that Japan's destruction has a great connection to the earthquake and tsunami - the JUGGERNAUT- in the Pacific ocean as well.

People of Japan may want to take this very seriously and not consider these earthquakes that they are now experiencing as "AFTERSHOCKS" but 'FORESHOCKS" to a MEGA-QUAKE in Japan! I pray that many remove themselves from these areas immediately!

This earthquake and tsunami that the Lord has spoken to me about two times is so catastrophic and so deadly that I shake inside thinking about it. It will be worse than the Tsunami and 9.0 magnitude earthquake of 2011.

I have been checking the earthquake tracker since the first earthquake because I have the worst feelings inside over this. I wince every time I open it - expecting to see a magnitude of greater than 9.0. The running and screaming and yelling down the street feeling has come back to me again. I am very worried for the people of Japan at this time.

I pray that the Lord give each one of them a warning in a dream or while awake and that their spirits are stirred to take their families and step away from this area at this time. May God have mercy on those who do not heed the warnings that the Lord has given to them. This imminent earthquake and tsunami is just that catastrophic and very, very deadly.

Shalom, JG


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    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 2 years ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Good morning Jeanne.

      Yes. It is getting bad and it will get much worse...I am still wincing-not good. I pray the people in the U.S. wake up as well because what Japan and Ecuador just experienced is nothing compared to West Coast and LV. The JUGGERNAUT is coming from the Pacific Ocean-something real bad going on under the water. It is going to affect many countries. I had a vision of India's tsunami in the Indian Ocean as well. I have been sitting here for two days wondering if they are all connected together in this 'juggernaut?' A chain reaction of plates moving-slipping? Yeah, the Ecuadorian people are awesome. I was on a 10th floor w/4 parking levels (13) in a 5.8 earthquake while in Guayaquil. 11 miles from epicenter. Creepy feeling way up there and the building shaking the way it did and the windows and steel twisting and screeching. I can't even imagine what a 7.8 feels like. Pretty freaky experience.

      Be safe and be blessed sister. Hope you are feeling better :) JG

    • jeannefentress profile image

      Jeanne 2 years ago from Washington State

      Joy, just read the latest on earthquakes this morning. The people in Japan must be many quakes. Hopefully a lot are turning and crying out for Jesus. They all have been in my thoughts and prayers.

      I also noticed the recent quake in Ecuador. I read your hub on your vacation there and your love for the people.

      It surely looks like this will be in the news more from now on. Thank you for your words of prophecy to help us in the times to come. Much love to my sister in the Lord. Jeanne