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The Great Flood - From a Polar Vortex Perspective

Updated on March 25, 2019

Mini Glacier - Picture of My Lawn and Snowbanks

Just like the big glaciers, except mini sized
Just like the big glaciers, except mini sized
Can you picture it with a boat and a taller snowbank? I have added a boat I made.
Can you picture it with a boat and a taller snowbank? I have added a boat I made.

Kind of Like a Picture of Alaska Isn't It?

It occurs to me, that I have a small ship that I could perch on the frozen puddle and take a picture that looks like an Alaskan cruise, floating near a glacier, to prove my point.

Musing about Snow Drifts and Sudden Snowfall

It rained, rained, rained, 40 days and 40 nights.

As I walk around my yard, looking at snow drifts melting. As I think about Nebraska, and the flooding and some cows perched together on an island of dry field. As I ponder these things, a thought comes to mind about something.

I have wondered about the glaciers ever since I learned about them in grade school. I have pondered why there would be animals stuck in the ice. After this winter, with many people I personally know, having ventured out on snowmobiles to enjoy the snow, ended up in dredge ditches with broken snowmobiles, broken legs and backs broken. Another, driving along, ran their snowmobile into an ice block that had frozen down to the ground. The snowmobile dead stopped and pitched the rider over the handlebars and windshield. The impact of her head to the ground, was enough to cause trauma to her head. Even with a helmet. She ended up in the hospital, and then, passed away. Another, car accident in the snow storm, ended up with almost freezing to death, intensive care, but living through it and losing vital parts like hands. Another person I know, was driving to work, hit a patch of ice, slid into the ditch, flipped over and while his car came to a stop, it filled up with snow. It was upside down, and he called on his phone for help. He was hanging there, from his seatbelts, upside down, wondering if this was his final moment. Eventually someone broke the back window and pulled him out through the back. But, he was very worried that he'd run out of air, that he'd freeze to death, and never see anyone again.

Now, as I ponder the fact that when the snow was falling, it was falling quite rapidly. A couple inches an hour. That coupled with the wind, collected together in random long piles, and resembled white lava. There was no travel advised, due to plows being pulled and not plowing the roads while it accumulated.

Now, when I ponder the animals stuck in the glaciers, I understand that when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, it was snowing where it was cold. Our snow, collects around the objects, and completely covers them. Then, after a few hours, fuses together, forming an almost gluelike bond. If that were an animal, it wouldn't be able to move. For that matter, where would it go? It wouldn't be able to get away from the falling snow, as it got deeper around their ankles. Then, as the chill cooled their body, and frozen their feet, they wouldn't have been able to move anyways. Then, the snow just covered them up. 40 days of snow later, that snowbank would be a large, solid, cold mass. And, being in a very cold place that doesn't thaw, they'd be stuck there, possibly forever, or until a global warming, like the current one we keep poo-poohing.

You know. Global warming, where everything heats up. Drys up. Blows away. No water. Total extinction, even for the people holed up in caves with 19,000 cases of water.

I read a lot, and an article came up, or perhaps it was some sort of a blog or tweet, where someone discovered that DNA of the human species, traced back to one couple. So, this either negates the DNA proving crimes, since everyone is from the same family tree. If the flood story is accurate, then, the story of Jesus is accurate, and there should be DNA from Jesus shroud of Turin, that confirms that his DNA was partially of a extraterrestrial kind. Unless, since we were created in the first place, by an extraterrestrial being, perhaps the DNA would be from the same tree as well, our Heavenly Father.

40 seems to be the magic number in the Bible. 40 days of rain. Jesus spent 40 days in the Wilderness. This number is significant, at least twice.

Well, where am I going with this story? I guess, here. I have gone 'there' and and am 'here.'

40 Days and 40 Nights Song

There was a song we sang, about 50 years ago, that talked about Noah's ark. Forty days and forty nights of rain, animals on the ark that were so afraid, etc. It made me think about the glaciers, -- and how we Minnesotans just got massive snowfall in a short period of time, and it makes sense that those creatures that are appearing in the ice, would not have been captured by water, but would have been captured by snow. It began as pouring rain, and then, just as quickly, turned to pouring snow.

They would have been eating their food, and probably ignored the snowfall, like usual. But, with one twist. As the snow grew deeper, it was too late. they were stuck. The snow continued to cover them, and then, they quickly froze to death.

Then, the snow hardened, like it does around here after a snowfall, and just became one, very hard lump.

Are You Listening to My Ponderings?

We were taught, in Bible study, that Adam was created from dirt and spit in God's palm. Later, Adam was lonely, so God took a rib from Adam as he lay sleeping, and created Eve. Adam named her when he woke up. God was apparently the first eHarmony site. So, that was that.

I don't have to remind you of the Apple story, because you've heard it already. You may not believe it, but you are probably aware of it. If not, read the Bible, it's in the first few pages. There are stories, upon stories in the Bible.

We read about Adam and Eve's children. Cain and Abel. Moses,

I don't know how many children Adam and Eve had. It truly doesn't discuss where all the extra people we have now came from. We know that there were stories leading up to the Flood with Noah. We know that, since there was a World flood, there were no survivors other than Noah and his family. Which, included his sons and their wives.

Exhibit B

Examine closely, if you will, the following picture. It is an example of a buried creature, with the snow melting until you can identify the object as being a duck. See the second duck? Granted, it is a duck decoy and it is decoration by my rock wall, but, what's the difference. It's an example of what snow can do, and glaciers for that matter.

Imagine, if you will, a large woolly mammoth emerging from the ice, or a woolly rhinoceros. Same difference.


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