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The Great Mahabaratha War!

Updated on October 29, 2011

Mahabarath war was fought with the Lord as the Charioteer!

Many readers may be wondering "What is this Mahabarath War? I will try to explain the myth about the War fought between cousins around 5000 years ago in Kurukshethra(Haryana India). The war is a great eye opener for the warrior Arjuna on whose side Krishna stayed. In fact, Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the charioteer for Arjuna's chariot. Originally there was a dice game between the cousins. In a fraudulent way, the dice game was won by Sakuni who played on behalf of the Kauravas(100 brothers, the eldest one is Duryodana). The other side is only five brothers headed by Dharmaraja, the eldest of Pandava brothers. Dharmaraja, though an expert in dice game was won over by Sakuni by fraud. Hence Dharmaraja last his kingdom, his brothers and even his wife whom he pledged in the last game. When she was own by the opposite party, she was dragged in the court of Duryodana and the second brother Duschasana tried to misbehave with her. He started unrobing her. But she remembered Sri Krishna and Krishna never failed his devotees. He has sent an inexhaustible bundles of saris! When Duschasana tried to remove her sari, one more sari started wrapping around the body of Drowpathi, the wife of Pandava. The mysterious quantity of saris exhausted Duschasana and he stopped the indecent act. Then Bhima pronounced one vow that He would dash the head of Duryodana and kill him in combat. Their possessions leaving them, they all left for the forest as per the condition of the dice game. They have to remain in the forest for 12 years and they have to remain 'incognito' for another one year. If this is not followed, they will have to undergo the forest life for another 12 years. Somehow, with great difficulty the princes of Royal Kingdom underwent all this and they remained incognito as prescribed. At the end of the 13th year, the Pandava brother claimed for their share of Kingdom but Duryodana flatly refused. Then the brothers asked for at least "Five villages". But Duryodana, the eldest of Kaurava clan told them, "Not a needle edge worth of land will be given. Thus the foundation for the great Mahabarath war was laid.

Plans were drawn for the great war. Still Dharmaraja never wanted such devastating wars which will annihilate millions of soldiers, horses, elephants and many warriors. He wanted to negotiate "Peace" and Sri Krishna himself has consented to be an ambassador for peace. He went to the Kingdom where the wicked Kauravas lived. He taught them the virtue of peace and brotherhood. But they would not listen. They gave scant regard for the words of Sri Krishna and the war was inevitable. So the final stage was set for commencement of the great War. Friends, relatives and well wishers for each clan pledged their support to each cousins in the war. Sri Krishna had a huge army of Yadva warriors. Hence Duryodana taught it wise to ask for the help of Krishna in the war. Krishna asked the Pandava Arjuna first, "Do you want Me or my huge army? Choose! Arjuna has chosen the Lord himself but Krishna said, he will not fight in the battle and hence he was requested to be his charioteer. But the Kauravas have chosen the big army of Yadavas and got it from Krishna. The Pandava army was less in strength compared to that of Kauravas. But during the war which lasted for 18 days, all Kauravas were slain by the Pandavas and they emerged victorious due to the blessings of Lord Krishna. Just before the commencement of the War, Arjuna was in deep sorrow since he has to fight the war with his grandparents, preceptors, uncles, cousins and friends. He told Krishna, I am not willing to fight this war, the result will be the slaughter of all my kith and kin. What is the use of the Kingdom got over the grave of such ghastly murder. But Krishna consoled him and taught him the importance of doing one's duty without bothering about the result. Sri Krishna told him, "Fight since it is your duty as a warrior" Fight keeping Me in mind. You will not incur sin and the war was thrust on your head by the wicked Kauravas. Hence the only righteous thing is to fight the great war without caring for the outcome. After illumining the mind of Arjuna, the aim of Life on earth etc, Krishna made him to fight and guided him to victory. Rest in next hub.

That Krishna is This SAIBABA!


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