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The Great Reveal from Jesus Christ to Saint John

Updated on November 12, 2014

A Nondenominational View Point of the Book of Revelations

First whenever we read a book or chapter of the Bible. We are to know where and when it is taking place within the story of the Gospels. Not our Story or {History} or [his-story]. But HIS (GOD's) story in other words the Truth of our story. The (flaming double edged sword) which comes out of the mouth of Christ. Is, but the truth.

I have about three years ago; stopped playing Satan's Game, of Scripture Lawyering. I now tell the story as best I can. So a brief recap of the Story before we begin with the Book of Revelations.

In the Beginning GOD created everything. The seen and the unseen. Remember GOD is the only Perfect Being and always has been; and always will be. I say this because it is a fact He GOD tells to us. Many people believe the Angels have no freewill; which would make them, more or less robots or slaves. I never did nor do I still believe this malarkey. So the story makes perfect sense to me now as It did not a short time ago. Note: GOD also stated that the Word (Jesus) was with Him.

The Gist of It All

Because GOD is perfect or the most perfect; we all, deferred to HIM. As to how we were to live in HIS World. For this reason there was a "Seat of Forgiveness" or rather a Seat of Instruction. Some refer to this as the Seat of Mercy or the "Mercy Seat". It is unclear to me; as If, It is a separate seat from the Throne or not. Here we would come for instructions and forgiveness. GOD is a Creator and HE never stopped Creating. It is the purpose He deemed for HIMSELF. It is what He loves to do and He does so for HIS creations.

So as GOD was creating He decided hat HE'd create new children or more children. Which those angels who already existed did not fully understand the meaning of. So the story splits in many directions here. I prefer to tell this version of It. GOD gave instruction to certain Higher set of angels and even to one specifically of what was about to happen. As GOD went a far off and started creating for HIS new Creations; these instructed angels; were to care and nurture, these newly created free will babes.

Somewhere and in the space of time that passed; as GOD was no longer insight, of that what HE already created. The Instructor; (Lucifer) decided to take the place of GOD, and then ensued the "War" in Heaven. Between those in Heaven. There for the "Fall" took place; a separation of beliefs and instructions; a division in the family which was in Heaven as one.

After the Fall the Call to Repentence

So now we have a dilemma here; at HOME. Someone set the House a flame and GOD was called HOME again. Here now we begin again with the book of Genesis. Why? because as it was in the beginning so will it be at the ending.

Some surmise that GOD was testing Heaven all along. And This May Be The Case, but I don't think so fully. Anyway; GOD reorders everything again, and Calls those who did this to repentance or re-instruction. Then once again set out to do what HE started.

God the little God who is Not the GOD reconstructs what he has broken and destroyed and sets off again to finish what he started to do; as did GOD again leave the presence, of the Heaven and the Earth. And GOD sets a TIME limit upon those who were re-instructed to get the Job done.

And this is where we are currently within our Story. This is as short; as I can, make it for you. But Father does so much better for those who can see and hear with the Parable of the Vineyard (the Wicked Husbandmen). Give this a good throttling to see the story in it shortest presentation. Saint Matthew Chapter 22 about verse 32 until verse 46; meditate upon it for a little while.

The Completion and the Reasoning Behind Our Story

So now we come to what the religions of today claim to be the Armageddon. The end of everything, destruction Bla, Bla, bla... Armageddon is only the revealing of the Mountain of Satan's lies. And this to; may or may not be out of order, as to when this happens some, believe. They believe it is after the Millennium when Satan is once again release to gather like minded souls once again, if there be any. I believe there should be none for him to regather.

But in fact; I believe, this battle of Gog and Magog. Is the battle between GOD and Satan and all his worldly follows. A onetime; one on one battle, with GOD. About the truth of It all. All that has taken placed since the Fall, and what did caused their turning away from GOD. And then Satan and his host of caricatures and devices or systems. Are bound for a thousand years; or one Day, with Christ. In a lake of fire, Hell? Maybe; No, I think Satan is held indention that is visible to everyone and there he is powerless and separated from the rest.

And after the Millennium he is reintroduced. Why? Satan he is still part of GOD's creation and our family, he is our brother. But then what? Judgment? Why yes! Will he (Satan) get the chance to repent again? Not from what I read. But I believe we will have to wait and see.

We must remember that all the evil and horrible things done here are done to our dust bodies (flesh) and for our souls conciseness or recollections. So what is the book of revelations revealing? Our very last chance to chose. And then to where in GOD's Heaven we will be placed or if you will be removed, forgotten, and separated from GOD forever.

The Imagery of the Book of Revelations

The Imagery of this book throws many a preacher and teacher off let alone the laymen who try to uncover this story. So we break down some of it here for you.

the sea= the greatest number of a people or the total number of a people (all Humans and all Angels).

the waters= a lesser number or a specific group of people. or a single race or sect of peoples

the Beast= a great power or political system.

the prophet or false prophet= a religious Leader

the Harlot = a worldly religious System; at this time would be the church formed by the ten Spiritual Kings that have power for one hour with the Beast.

the great whore= the one world church; which deceives the world, as to believing the anti-Christ as the real Christ.

the Churches= todays worldly religions.

the ten horns= power of men, earthly kings of; commerce, armies, or countries worldly leaders possibly religious leaders.

a cloud= a great great number of beings that move as one.

the little book= the book John would write; the book of Revelations, or uncovering.

the book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals= the Holy Bible which Jesus released the Seals from for those who accept the Comforter.

the four beast= living creatures which serve GOD only which protect the Throne of GOD

Anti-Christ= instead of Christ. which will be none other than Satan, the devil, that old Dragon, death, the fallen Lucifer, Abadon, Apollyon, etc. etc.

the Dragon= the devil, Satan, the fallen Lucifer.

the Candle Sticks= the Churches (the religions of the world which give light)

the Stars= the angles which maintain order here in the Earth.

the four winds= four angels which have power over the Earths elements wind, earth, fire, and water.

the Book of Life= the records of everyones doings; both good and evil that are not written in the Lambs Book of Life will be judged by.

the Lamb's Book of Life= the Book were all of those who accepted the Gift of Grace of Jesus the Christ are written.

the Flaming double edged sword= the words spewed by the Tongue of GOD; which is to say the truth, of the Story.

the Trumpets= calls to actions; for certain instructions; that are commanded, from GOD.

the Seals= events held for a certain period of time, that fall in a certain order that are sealed by GOD.

the vials= a commandment directed or porn out; completed by the angels, of heaven

the thunders= after the lighting strikes; that which happens is then heard, after the tribulation of Jesus Christ, after the seven trump, the end of Time occurs.

the fire of the alter= the Holy Spirit

Wormwood the star that falls= the spirit of bitterness of man against the men who believe not in the anti-Christ.

the locust or the army of Satan= GOD's army against those without the seal of GOD within their foreheads. With the power of scorpions; to turn you into mush, from within; to hurt men, for five months.

Abadon or Apollyon= the devil, Satan, the dragon of old

the two witnesses= the two that prophesies against the Anti-Christ and call the people to repentance. Satan shall overcome them kill them and display them for three days and half.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Reading this Book

One thing to remember above all else; is as it was in the beginning, it will be in the end. What happened in the beginning? A falling away from GOD and his Kingdom. Reading Revelations tells of the war that was, that is, and that will be removed or won; that is already won through Christ's virgin birth, His death and His resurrection.

That Satan is a fallen Angel; who is an accuser of Mankind, who accuses man; both day and night. Check out the book of Job to understand Satan's dislike of Mankind.

That Eve the Mother of all living, Mary the Virgin Mother, and the Church to come or the bride of Christ; are all this Woman that Satan is making a war against.

That when Satan fell; he, was belittle as a man. By those still in Heaven above. That his Numbers are all the numbers of the vials, the trumps, and the seals. Being the sixth of them these are his Numbers. All show his second coming or casting out of Heaven in his complete GOD given body or incarnate forever.

That the 3 1/2 years of Satan's tribulation has been shortened for the Elects sake. So that Flesh will remain until the seventh trump. When the true Christ cometh. To a period of about five or five and a half months.

Remember that the Anti-Christ who is Satan. Comes at the six trump and before the True Christ who comes at the seventh and that there is No one flying away with the True Christ before His coming in a rapture. There is no rapture in the book of revealings. Or in any of the stories of the Good Book. So this would be a new thing and there is nothing new under the sun or our Son.

Remember that after the two witnesses are slain that the seventh trump will sound, after three and a half days. This is the coming of the Lord's Day; when every Knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that Jesus is here.

Remember that you put your faith in not any Man of this world. Or of any Angel of Heaven. Save the Lord Jesus the Christ Emanuel our Saviour. Seek your own salvation; with Fear and Trembling. For you alone stand before GOD as the Judge If you have not accepted the Saviour The Christ the Lord Jesus. Seek out GOD's true nature and HIS love for His children and than you will be able to discern HIM from the false God and gods; of this our world.

Remember! Satan can appear; as can his angels, as Angels of LIGHT. That he always tries to mimic everything that the True Christ is and does. That he wishes to separate you from GOD the Father forever, that he is; the first Murder, the first thief, the Father of all lies, the accuser, the destroyer.

I hope you can get a better understanding; of this book and the complete Bible. With what I have shown you here. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be giving unto you. Knock or ask of GOD the meaning of the BOOK and Its books and it will be open unto you.

Happy Hunting. Don't be the one being hunted, but be the one, who is doing the hunting. Be forever watchful now; for you now know that you are a watchmen. Do not let the thief; break into your heart. May the Good Lord watch and Keep you from Death.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      6 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      I must of some how missed your posting eHealer sorry it took so long. I have had another busy month or two these last few months have got me all up in arms. I thank you for your read and comment.

      I am just about resettled and I have finally gotten a stable version of a window Operating system. So maybe I can do some better works and poems here soon. I will be doing less outside work; as the weather reeks havoc upon me, and my out dated Back.

      Which my Vemma supplement helps, but still winter is coming Brr! I don't care to brave the weather as when I was Young. So I stay inside and try to have fun. New stuff is on the way, I Hope. Thanks again. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • eHealer profile image


      7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hello Sinbad, very interesting take on the scriptures. I like your take on the "knowledge." Voted up! Thanks

    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      7 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Ann I did see that but none the less there are many uncoverings with in this book and it would take many hubs to explain it all if it were possible for any one man to do. It is easier to understand with the knowledge of the story than with what we use the legal document of today. It makes better sense when we start to understand the imagery used. Thanks for the read and comments Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      7 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Sinbad, a great hub with some really good notes on the scriptures. One minor think, though. It is the Book of Revelation not Revelations. Minor detail, but just thought I'd mention it.

      Revelation is a tough book to tackle, but you took it on pretty well. I believe when Christ returns, there will be many surprises and glorious wonders. I don't know that the devil will be surprised, though. He knows by now what must be going on. That's why he's trying so hard to win over souls to his way of thinking, wreaking havoc on the earth!

      Voted up and well done.


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