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The Heart of the Father Newsletter - 2014

Updated on January 12, 2015

Labor to Enter His Rest.

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We must labor to enter His REST.
We must labor to enter His REST.
We must labor to enter His REST.

2014 - The Second Term of Rest


Greeting to the sons of the Household of Elijah and to all those that would share in our ministry as sons of God. The year 2014 has proved to be laden with challenges and shortcomings, miracles and opportunities that showcased the awesome season of the Father in dealing with His Household first, by creating the environment for growth in every area of our lives. The environment of growth is organic life within the ordered Spiritual Family. Spiritual fathers have removed from its arrangement frivolous activity that keeps the saints busy and occupies their time in religious practice and meeting without any personal interaction with the Holy Spirit and the spiritual father for accountability. As a loving God and Father that knows what He wants, He is not ignorant concerning our soulish limitation and our spiritual potential and graciously works with each one of us in our time and place in sonship. Repetition is the master of all learning, so don't be confused when you are faced with the same challenges time and time again at the same level. He does this because you have not learned the lesson in the struggle the first time and you had not a change of heart regarding that matter. He will not reveal a deeper measure of Himself to you in your Spirit until you have created capacity for the increase of all that He wants to show you. Immaturity is the inability to change to accommodate that increase.

Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. What you love you prioritize. There is a righteousness that He accounts as righteousness and then there is mans account of religious righteousness. Abraham sort for a City, whose builder and maker was God. Abraham was seeking the Kingdom and his seeking heart prioritized that search and therefore it was accounted to him as Godly righteousness. All spiritual communication from the Father to a son will follow that principle. Jesus said, "If you confess or give testimony of Me (the son) in your life before men, then I (the son) will confess and give testimony of you before my Father. There is a one to one correlation between the Father and the Son because the mature son is the exact representation of the Father in time.

The Year in Focus:

The Families within the Tribe of Soleyn take their lead from the overarching macro insight of the Patriarchal Father and of the Prophetic that are within that family. We were instructed in the beginning of 2012 to remain in our rooms as we must give attention to our personal development and maturity. For those that have heeded that instruction and were given wholeheartedly to that instruction, they will begin to see new avenues of ministry and life being opened up to them. To whom much is given, much will be required and if you have been faithful with a little then it is inevitable that more will be entrusted to you. Make no mistake more will mean a heavier load than the last one. Each load will stretch your capacity to change and see from an eternal point of view. Until you do not sweat from your brow in toil as an orphan but you bleed from your brow in pursuit of the Fathers will as His son. Don't just look at things from one dimension but rather be open to a dualistic approach to being used by the Father. For example, the Father will use other people and situations to prune you and shape your character, but He will also use you and your suffering situation as a catalyst to prune and shape the character of others associated to that situation, knowingly and unknowingly but in so doing He is always watching your heart in every matter.

The Household has gone through some significant changes that warranties a testimony of accurateness, because these things have directly impacted both mine and Jenn's life. Unfortunately much of the details are hid from you because the Father was dealing with us. It is the head that will always be moved so that the rest of body can move in that same direction. The body must be connected to the head. This is the governmental weight that is placed on the shoulders of the Fathers and it is his and his to bear. The grace that attends the one who is responsible for the entire family is really awesome. For when the enemy comes in, like a flood the Lord will raise up a standard that will disintegrate the previous standard. Our relevance as a Family among the Tribes of the Holy Nation must be measured and improved. Its the Holy Spirit that holds the plumb-line of accurate measurement over the Naos our Spirits in the Holies of Holies. He does not measure the Holy Place of our souls for accuracy but rather checks the pulse of the soul for self life.Once our souls have been rendered dead to the world, then its the Spirit that resurrects it back to the newness of Zoe life, bringing it into the "excellence of soul". The excellence of soul is a soul that blindly follows the leading of the Spirit without hesitation or question.

I believe that 2014 was a year where the emphasis was being placed on seeing the bigger picture and your part in the picture. Although very small and personal it is contributing to the grand master plan of the Father. Papa Sam uses the example of the Forest catching on fire from a lightening bolt, that strikes a section of the forest and so much is lost in the devastation for the Forest Owner and his Company. The Forest Owner cannot understand why God would allow such devastation where hundreds of forest animals die and millions of dollars of Forest is lost. He tries to make sense of all the destruction but is only focused on what He lost, never ever considering a deeper purpose that's unknown to him that there was a strain of bacteria that was developing in the undergrowth of the Forest that would decimate thousands if not millions of lives, had the bacteria become fully mature and became airborne. The Father had to destroy the bacteria with scorching heat of a forest fire to accomplish a far greater purpose than was known by the Forrest Owner. In order to preserve life something must die.

Just like the above situation, maturity is now coming to that understanding that our suffering has a greater, more further reaching consequences than we can perceive at the moment but that we trust our Heavenly Father even though we do not know what that is, we continue to trust in the outworking of the Fathers will to utilize our suffering to accomplish His greater purpose. We have to be able to say like the Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 4: 12-13 Beloved do not be surprised at your fiery ordeal among you that comes upon you for your testing as though some strange thing were happening to you, but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ keep on rejoicing, so that also at the revelation of His glory (to see the grand master plan) you may rejoice with exaltation.

For when we suffer innocently we suffer for the Body of Christ. 1 Colossians 24: Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake and in my flesh. I do my share on behalf of His Body (which is the, Called Out) in filling up that which is lacking in Christs afflictions. It was the saints in the New Testament that prayed to be included in the fight of the Grand Master Plan of Heaven in the Book of Acts. (See Acts 4: 23 -31). We see a very clear presentation of the truth that we are a cog in the system in the Grand Master Plan of our Father, only because we are His sons and the Father wants all of His sons to share in the fellowship of the suffering of Christ so that we may equally share in His glorious resurrection as well. If you are a movie fan like myself, then A R Tolken's epic trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" so clearly shows how each character had to do his bit in destroying evil and that grace attended that ones special task. They each had to deal with their own personal demons and selfish evil hearts before they could ever add any value to the overall plan. In the end it was a team effort of the smallest to the greatest that saw evil vanquish and righteousness, peace, joy and love return again.

A Type and a Shadow - Natural Selection.

Historically since the discovery of natural selection which was made popular by Charles Darwin, mankind has been using this method to produce high quality fruit, vegetables and livestock. Here is the definition. Natural selection is the gradual process by which heritable biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of the effect of inherited traits, on the differential reproductive success of organisms interacting with their environment. It is a key mechanism of evolution. The term "natural selection" was popularized by Charles Darwin, who intended it to be compared with artificial selection, now more commonly referred to as selective breeding.

To produce a hybrid seed that produces a crop or harvest that can withstand extreme weather conditions, like drought, frost and pestilence, the Farmer first sows a field and at harvest time he selects the biggest most sweetest and most healthy produce, which he reserves for the seeds and the rest he send s off to market. He then takes the seed from the best produce and sows that as a crop. At harvest time he again selects the biggest, most sweetest and most healthiest produce and reserves that for his seed and sends the rest to market. He repeats this process for 5 more crops until at the seventh harvest he now has a seed quality that becomes his hybrid seed. Out of this hybrid seed he is guaranteed a superior product. This is also done in stock breeding and the most biggest male animals are used exclusively on Stud Farms.

I would like to make this principle part of your understanding, so consider the following. The trials and the suffering in the life of the Spirit son of God into maturity involves the natural selection process that will produce a spiritual remnant that will perfect the God nature and standard of love in us. This means that with each proceeding generation that has suffered unto righteousness for maturity and have pushed through more difficult situations than the previous one, these will be selected by Grace to become part of the foundation of the next generation. God the Father is obligated to make sure that those traits are carried through to the next generation. That transfer is only possible when a Father lays his hands on his sons for spiritual impartation of the birthright, therefore ensuring a far more resilient and tenacious individual that has a greater measures of the love of God in himself.

The Rise of the Remnant Sons of God - 2015

Zech 13:8-9 And it will come about in all the land, declares the Lord that two parts in it will be cut off and perish but a third will be left in it. And I will bring the third part through the fire. Refine them as silver is refined. And test them as gold is tested.They will call on My Name (Father) and I will answer them. And I will say,"they are my people" (my Family,my sons). And they will say, "The Lord is my God" (and Father). Emphasis in brackets are mine.

The more I study the scriptures the more I am brought back to the fact that a remnant few will make the grade. Noah and his Family, Abraham and his Household of 318, those that returned with Nehemiah from Babylonian captivity to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Gideon and his 300 men, Jesus and His 12 Disciples, parables of the wheat and the tares, the two sons, the Wise and foolish Virgins to name but a few, are all examples that emphasis this truth. Jesus said, "Narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it, but wide is the way that leads to destruction and there are many on that highway". The above scripture in Zechariah is eluding to just 1/3 of an entire Nation that become refined and tested for quality. This should come as no surprise to us that the journey will become too difficult for many in the days ahead, and many will wax cold and become hard of heart towards the things of God. Is it any wonder that the Father has chosen to tighten the structure of accountability and demand more self sacrifice?

Maturity is being comfortable with the fact that it is in the uncomfortable that we find God. When what we have been promised is in our prophetic future, and we think we are available in time immediately for those things to happen then we are not ready for manifestation but rather preparation. Because from the time of the promise to the manifestation of the promise the Father wants to work some things in you and one of them is patience. But patience is not the end result but rather patience produces perseverance and perseverance produces character. The end result is to forge the character of God in you, so that you are in His image and likeness, you are an exact representation of the Father in time.

I have routinely observed the Father work this in me, until I have absolutely no desire for the thing but still yearn for Him. It is only at that point that He gives me my desire and then He does what you never expect Him to do. He asks you to choose between the manifested thing or promise and Himself. He is a jealous Father and wants all of your desires to be just Him, because as a son, He is your inheritance. In this year we going to begin to see, more and more of the young and old men and women desiring more and they are prepared to count the cost of losing it all to gain Christ. Our greatest days of the Body of Christ are still ahead of us, but their will be a clear line drawn in the sand between holiness and religiousness.


In the House of God, growth is demanded and required. Be careful of the love of money which is the root of all evil, failure to live life from a place of generosity and cheerful giving will delay your inheritance and forfeit Grace in your life. The measure to which you are free from money and its grip on your soul will become the evidence of the measure of authority you will rule in the Kingdom of GOD. When you honor with your giving you will reap Grace in your life. Grace is the divine enablement of the Father to impact your life with the miraculous, signs and wonders without you trying to make things happen yourself. Learn to live free from the trapping of your soul and this world, learn to put your trust in your Heavenly Father for your provision and protection. For those of you that have been coasting along the current, hitching a free ride, be warned, all of that will stop this year. You will have to up your game and step into rest very quickly. I commend you to the Spirit of Truth that is already working within you and the blessed assurance of Christ the Son that you present your bodies, soul and Spirit as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable and worthy of the call to sonship in Christ. Remember the words of our Patriarchal Father, "Heaven is not Eternal, God is Eternal". Selah. I love you all very deeply.

Be Perfect in Love as your Heavenly Father is Perfect in Love.

Leon Elijah


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