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Hand Held Wooden Clinging Cross

Updated on March 3, 2018
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks writes for three different websites: HubPages, Blasting News, and Vocal. She loves sharing interesting things.

I discovered a hand-held wooden cross a few years ago and have given it as gifts to ministers and friends to hold and cling to while they are meditating, praying or preaching.

The 3" x 4" wooden cross handmade by Jane Davis with a dove in the middle of the cross is a reminder that God is present. When you order the cross, it comes in a beautiful gift box with a poem written by Jane. There is a special way to hold the clinging cross:, (See picture below.)

Hold cross upright in your right hand. Let the dove face your palm. Wrap pointer finger on the right side of the cross and over the crossbar. Wrap your third finger around the left side of the cross and over the crossbar. Wrap thumb, fourth and fifth fingers around the base of the cross. Then cling to the cross to feel God's presence as you meditate, preach or pray. There is nothing magical about that piece of wood. It is a reminder of how Jesus died on a cross for our sins. It is not the wood that gives us comfort. It is the symbol for which it stands.

Poem That Comes With the Cross

When my mind is fuzzy
And my eyes are dim with tears,
I need to feel Your presence, Lord,
And know that You are near.

When my heart is racing
And my thoughts have such a sting,
I tightly grasp this little cross
And prayerfully I cling.

It's not a magic piece -
This cross Your father planned,
But when I cling to it
I feel Your nail-scarred hand.©

Poem by Jane Davis
Original Cross, handmade by Jane


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