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The Haunted Brooklyn Bridge

Updated on September 5, 2014
The Haunted Brooklyn Bridge. So many tragic things have happened at the Brooklyn Bridge and paranormal activity is said to be high at the bridge.
The Haunted Brooklyn Bridge. So many tragic things have happened at the Brooklyn Bridge and paranormal activity is said to be high at the bridge. | Source

The Haunted Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was completed and opened on May 24th 1883. The bridge crosses the East river and it connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is said that if your standing or setting looking at the Brooklyn Bridge your looking at New York. However the bridge has been the scene of many strange and unusual encounters and several deaths.

John Augustus Roebling who was the designer of the bridge injured his foot while scouting the proposed location of the bridge on July 6th 1869 and he died on July 22 1869 from a severe tetanus infection. That was the first death associated with the bridge but it would not be the last during the thirteen years it took to build the bridge.

Many many people over the years since 1883 have reported all kinds of strange paranormal activity going on around and on the Brooklyn Bridge. People often report shadow people moving around just ahead of them as they are walking across the bridge. A headless man has quite often been reported standing on the bridge on the side of the bridge going into Brooklyn. It just may be the bridge worker who was killed when the cable snapped in 1883.

Roebling's son William took over construction of the bridge but he to would become a victim of the bridge. He came down with a mysterious illness that paralyzed him and he had to watch construction of the bridge from his bed in a house near by.

One of the most bizarre and strangest accidents occurred when a cable snapped during the bridge construction and decapitated a bridge construction worker and knocked another off the bridge and into the water below. It may be hard to believe but it is said that 27 men died building the bridge which took 13 years to build.

The bridge opened on May 24th 1883 and it was only a few days later on May 30th 1883  when a lot of people were on the bridge that a rumor spread through the crowd that the bridge was collapsing and the people panicked. Before order was restored 12 people had been trampled to death and another 37 people received serious injury.Screams and shouting on the bridge has been reported for many years. It just may be a residual haunting from the May 30th 1883 tragedy. It is widely known and accepted that when you have great tragedies happen you often have residual hauntings.

So its easy to see why the bridge is reported as being haunted. Anywhere you have great tragedy you will often have paranormal activity going on.

Here is a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge near the time it was completed in 1883.
Here is a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge near the time it was completed in 1883. | Source

The Haunted Brooklyn Bridge

People attempting stunt jumps from the Brooklyn Bridge has been a problem as long as the bridge has been there and suicide jumps from the bridge have also always been a problem. But please know that suicide is not a trivial manner. If you need to you can always contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. If you or a loved one is thinking about suicide please call that number.

But many people have jumped to their deaths from the Brooklyn Bridge in fact more people have jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge than all of the rest of the bridges in New York City. So it would really appear that the Brooklyn Bridge does indeed have a dark past.

Some of the people who have jumped from the bridge may explain the screams and unexplained splashes in the water below. Quite often police are called when someone is spotted acting strange on the bridge but most often the person or ghost is gone by the time police arrive.

A beautiful young blond girl in a white dress is often spotted on the bridge often up on the railing. People often think she is attempting suicide until they look closely and realize that they can see through the young woman. There are stories of her being spotted going back as far as 1951 and possibly before.

People on the Brooklyn side of the bridge often spot strange orbs of light on the bridge. The orbs of light often play along the bridge and dart about before disappearing just as they reach the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Some people have made the claim that when the lights are seen that you always hear loud banging sounds coming from the bridge.

Near night time in the 1880's near the recently completed Brooklyn Bridge.
Near night time in the 1880's near the recently completed Brooklyn Bridge. | Source

Was Linda Napolitano Abducted By Aliens From Outer Space.

Was Linda Napolitano Abducted By Aliens From Outer Space.
Was Linda Napolitano Abducted By Aliens From Outer Space. | Source

The Brooklyn Bridge Abductions

Several People Have Reported Being Abducted By Aliens Near The Brooklyn Bridge

There have even been reports by people that claim they were abducted at or near the Brooklyn Bridge by aliens. Linda Napolitano lived in an apartment right near the bridge and she claimed to have had a strange encounter on November 30 1989 at 3 A.M. She claimed she was abducted from her bed by five Grey type aliens and that they took her to their ship and later returned her to her bed back in her apartment.

The strange thing about this abduction story is that many people in the area told of seeing the woman and five Grey aliens floating in the air and then into a bright light in the sky and then they vanished.At least eleven people have came forward over the years including two security guards from the United Nations who all claimed to see the same thing. So this is truly the best documented case of alien abduction ever.

It is also said that the aliens floated her out through a closed window and then back in through the same closed window. The incident was said to have happened on November 30th, 1989 at 3 A.M.

As with most cases Linda at first was bothered by memory loss and it was not until later that she was able to remember exactly what had happened to her on the night of November 30th, 1989. At first she only remembered that she was floating in the air and that the five Grey Aliens were floating around her. Later on she remembered being taken into a room on the UFO and being examined and several medical procedures being done on her.

As strange as it may seem there are many people who have come forward down through the many years since the incident saying they saw Linda and the Grey Aliens floating in the air.

The Linda Napolitano event is one of the best documented alien abduction incidents in history. Many people say that something went on in the air over Linda's apartment near the Brooklyn Bridge they just don't know what.

There have been other people who have made the claim that they were abducted at , on or near the Brooklyn Bridge and these have come to be known as the Brooklyn Bridge Abductions. It is interesting to note that at least three times since the events of September 11th 2001 that the US Military has chased UFO's over or near New York City and on each occasion they have vanished completely even off radar just over the Brooklyn Bridge.

On several occasions people have reported seeing strange objects floating in the air at or near the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and on at least three occasions in the early 1990s people reported seeing dogs floating strangely up in the air over the bridge. Then suddenly all at once there was a flash of light and the dogs would vanish. What indeed is going on in the air up over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Just what is going on at the Brooklyn Bridge we may never know but something has to be going on for so many people to report it.

What do you think about the haunted Brooklyn Bridge. Please post your comments or questions below and thanks for taking the time to read my hub page about the Haunted Brooklyn Bridge.

Thanks for taking the time to read my hub page about the Haunted Brooklyn Bridge. Please post your comments or questions now.

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    • profile image

      chyna davis 

      7 years ago

      i never heard that the brooklyn bridge was haunted but some of my family have told me that they seen some shit up their so im kindve nuetral.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this is really interesting on the haunted bridge


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